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  1. It's the end of the year - well 3 weeks into the new year. However, movies released in 2019 are just getting to some of your local theaters. The Oscars are about 3 weeks away, and I thought that I'd take the time to inquire on your favorite movies of 2019. I'm going to give you a top 10 list, but you can give us what ever you want - just your favorite to all your favorites. 1. Jojo Rabbit - this movie hits on all categories - wonderfully acted, great script, vivid and colorful cinematography, perfectly cast - authentic parody without being ridiculous and most of all - heartwarming. 2. 1917 - best technical achievement of the year - masterfully directed and acted. Roger Deakins is the best cinematographer on the planet - maybe ever. 3. Two Popes - masterfully acted 4. The Last Black Man in San Francisco - a heartbreaking, refreshing look at friendship - one of the best scripts of the year. 5. The Irishman - this feels like the most complete Scorsese film to date. 6. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood 7. Parasite 8. Ford vs. Ferrari 9. Marriage Story 10. Little Women
  2. Over the weekend I saw: In the theater: 1917 5/5* In the theater: Little Women 4/5* At home: Rough Night 3/5* (Kate McKinnon was phenomenal)
  3. It's just not good. Roles are miscast. Editing is choppy and takes away from the flow. The script is stop using inappropriate language. It's just not good outside of Phoenix's performance. For that, I give it 1/5*
  4. Tim Roth - memorizing the joke in Reservoir Dogs Sir Kenneth Branagh - Henry V’s St. Crispin’s Speech Brad Pitt - WILL have his Nazi Scalps in Inglourious Basterds Morgan Freeman misses his friend in Shawshank Redemption Meryl Streep’s confession in Sophie’s Choice Gregory Peck’s closing argument in To Kill a Mockingbird
  5. My personal favorite is Midnight Run. Awakenings is my 2. The Irishman 3 Raging Bull 4 Godfather II 5 others not mentioned that are worth mentioning: Meet the Parents The Irishman Silver Lining Playbook Wag the Dog Marvin’s Room A Bronx Tale Angel Heart
  6. Yikes - this thread is not an easy one to pull up while at work...
  7. Mine were sent via Amazon UK and Amazon US to Canada last weekend. Both packages should arrive by 12/20.
  8. Here is more of shelf 1 - rows 3, 4 and 5: Zavvi Steelbook Alice Through the Looking Glass Zavvi Steelbook Alien Zavvi Steelbook Aliens Zavvi Steelbook Alien3 Zavvi Steelbook Alien Resurrection Zavvi Steelbook Alien vs Predator: Requium Mantalab Lenticular Steelbook Alien Covenant Amaray Bootleg Cut Almost Famous HDZeta Steelbook Amadeus Zavvi Steelbook Amazing Spider-man Zavvi Steelbook Amazing Spider-man 2 Zavvi Steelbook American Gods season 1 UK Steelbook American History X HDZeta Amaray Full Slip American Hustle Zavvi Steelbook American Hustle (x2) Black Barons 4K Steelbook American Made US Steelbook An American Werewolf in London Amaray Criterion Collection Anatomy of a Murder Amaray Korean Limited Edition Angel Heart UK Steelbook Angels and Demons Blufans Lenticular Steelbook Ant-Man Zavvi Steelbook Ant-Man and Wasp US Steelbook Apocalypse Now Zavvi Steelbook Apocalypto Zavvi Steelbook Argo Zavvi Steelbook Army of Darkness MantaLab Lenticular Steelbook Aquaman
  9. Here we go with shelf #1 (rows 1 & 2): Metal Pack (500) Days of Summer FAC 10 Cloverfield Lane Criterion Collection 12 Angry Men Zavvi Steelbook 2 Guns Zavvi Steelbook 21 Jump Street Zavvi Steelbook 22 Jump Street Zavvi Steelbook 28 Days Later Zavvi Steelbook 28 Weeks Later Zavvi Steelbook 30 Days of Night Amaray 42 Amaray 50/50 Amaray 61* Zavvi Steelbook 101 Dalmatians (1961) Zavvi Steelbook 2012 Zavvi Steelbook 3:10 to Yuma Best Buy SteelBook Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter HDZeta The Accountant Steelbook After Earth Zavvi Steelbook Agent Carter Season 1 Zavvi Steelbook Agent Carter Season 2 Zavvi Steelbook Agents of SHIELD Season 1 Zavvi Steelbook Agents of SHIELD Season 2 Zavvi Steelbook Agents of SHIELD Season 3 Steelbook Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa Zavvi Steelbook Aladdin (1992) Zavvi Steelbook Alice in Wonderland (1951) Zavvi Steelbook Alice in Wonderland (2010)
  10. I’m the same way!!! Though if I were to get the German Steelbooks of TNG - I’d part with them.
  11. Here are my top shelf collections. What you’ll see is as follows: Pic 1: FAC Logan Maniac’s Box Amaray Fringe - Complete series Manta Lab Seven 1-Click Manta Lab Fight Club 1-Click HDZeta The Dark Knight Rises 1-Click Amaray Slipcases Supernatural seasons 1-14 German Steelbook Justified complete series HDZeta Sucker Punch 1-Click DVD Star Trek: TNG KimChiDVD Steelbook Snowpiercer Collector’s Box Pic 2 DVD Monty Python’s Flying Circus complete series box set DVD Saturday Night Live season 1-5 collector’s box set Blu-ray Scrubs seasons 1-8 DVD Beatles Anthology box set DVD Carnivále complete series Pic 3 DVD Gilmore Girls complete collection Everythingblu Hot Fuzz 1-Click Everythingblu The World’s End 1-Click DVD Star Trek: Enterprise complete series Blufans Star Wars: The Last Jedi 1-Click DVD Six Feet Under complete series Blufans Forrest Gump OST Collector’s Box DVD The West Wing complete series box set DVD The Daily Show Indecision 2004
  12. Thought that I’d throw some screenshots of my collection out there for all to see. I’m sure it’s modest compared to others here, but I’m happy with it. I’ll post pics over the next couple of days. Enjoy!

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