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  1. Is this an instant purchase or do we have time before invoices?
  2. Just a question I thought I'd post here. Whats up with novamedia? No news or info on upcoming releases.
  3. Theres no pre order for parasite on plain archive?
  4. Wolf on wall street filmarena is one and currently goin for 3000 on ebay. I would also say 2001 a space odyssey by wcl is rare and hard to find currently no one is selling it but I dont think it's a steelbook but still a premium edition.
  5. Lol definitely not the one I'm waiting for her character is lame even in the comics. I'm waiting for a better fantastic 4 and to reintroduce x men.
  6. Yes 27$ was for shipping to the hub and another 10$ for shipping to you. But yes the shipping is outrageous.
  7. Wow this is probably the most artistic and creative release I've seen. Theres so much influence and care put into this. I think it would be cool if this release came with a small booklet or paper with all the information about the creation of this edition. Because it would be a definite conversation piece and when some one asks you about it you can whip out the booklet and show them all the inspiration behind it. Now knowing what inspired the artwork its gonna kind of creep me out owning it lol which makes it awesome💯😁
  8. Definitely have my vote @ksosk This would be an awesome item to recieve With the edition.💯
  9. @Robertm89 Yes of course it's all opinion and yea makes sense if you havnt seen them all. I'm still waiting to see 1917 which is technically a 2019 movie because of early screenings but gets a bigger release on Jan 10th 2020.
  10. You dont think 2019 has been amazing for movies? This year has been incredible. Here is a few that you should see if you haven't. 1.the lighthouse 2.parasite 3.jo jo rabbit 4.Once upon a time in hollywood 5.Ad Astra 6.Ford v Ferrari 7.Uncut Gems 8.John wick 3 9.The irishman 10.El Camino/if your a breaking bad fan 11.Midsommar 12.Joker 13.Godzilla KOTM/if your a godzilla fan 14.Ready or not 15.Alitta battle angel And theres lots more this year has given us. But the movies I'm looking forward to in 2020 are. 1.godzilla vs kong 2.tenet 3.bloodshot
  11. Seen a dark knight mother box for 500$ But just the box and I just thought that was crazy
  12. Recently watched two films one was doctor sleep I thought it was great I didnt expect it to be what it was but it ties in perfectly with the shinning and I really enjoyed it. Also watched punch drunk love, which I never fully watched and I was surprised how funny the movie was. Probably my fave adam sandler movie, it got me pumped to see uncut gems.
  13. Is mp gonna do a gb for this? I know we normally dont do cine museum.
  14. Watched Analyze This last night good movie, funny, and a classic. I Enjoy Deniro in this, though towards the end it feels like a parody, where the title should be "not another gangster movie" but overall love it. Also watched The King on netflix and I loved it. It definantly does something different for this genre. Great acting, good action, and story was simple and predictable but good it's my 3rd fave netflix film since Beast Of No Nation and First They Killed My Father.

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