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  1. Agree absolutely horrendous. Such a let down, humor is ruining film.
  2. Why not just redo the GB and let people pick the one they like. Idk?
  3. Man I feel bad for the people who bought this on ebay for 100 dollars or more when it first came out.😬
  4. @Fortis93 Well I'm not talking about terminator that is already announced. were talking about the releases they've chosen, sure black hawk down and district 9 are solid but for a non steelbook premium at there price point, no thanks lol.
  5. Ryan


    Looks good. So excited!
  6. Just give me memento and tenet. I enjoyed tenet but even if I didnt I still need it completed lol. And I used to not care for cinemuseum but they killed it with the shining and joker, the exorcist looks awesome to. Idk if you own anything from them but there releases lately are beating everyone else, only problem is delays and no wea steels. If they had wea they would be at the top. all the other premiums use art from the movie but cinemuseum use artist for there art work, making them unique and special. Look at mantas tenet release and then look at hd zeta tenet release, there practically the
  7. I'd love to see cinemuseum take them on. There artwork would be awesome for these films, but prolly wont happen unless they all get wwa 4k steels. And I'm just hoping UHD club finishes nolan's filmography.
  8. These movies deserve much more than three discs stuffed in a steel book with artwork from one film.
  9. Jeez could they pick a crappier set of movies to do? Lol

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