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  1. Man I wish I could afford It I literally just bought black barons the exorcist off ebay for 160 today. I also have this issue with jumping on one clicks I try hard to see the value but I never can justify it lol. For the price of that one click I could buy two maybe 3 editions of different films. For example I just bought novamedia john wick 1 and 2 4k lenticular. Together they cost me 170 with shipping I'm in a GB for the third and that puts me at about 250 and that's still 15 shy of this beauty. But in all fairness this one click does come with a whole lot of goodies😁
  2. Yea I understand why but I've never known any premium release to not sell out regardless of the title. I bet you hd zeta will be the best because they took there time. If it still happens lol.
  3. It hasn't even been a year and theres already like 5 editions and multiple wwa steels. Meanwhile there is nothing for parasite,the gentlemen, jo jo rabbit, ad astra, and 1917 besides a couple wwa steels and finally a couple of announcements for ad astra and 1917 but no artwork. Umania edition was posted like 10 days after the movie released lol.
  4. For sure cinemuseum was the best but I ended up skipping it I'm getting the fac one click since it comes with 3 different steels and I quite like the one click box but other than that its average.
  5. Honestly no one has impressed me with any of the joker editions they all rushed it out wanting money since it was so popular but nothing feels special about this or mantas,umania,cinemuseum, or filmarena hopefully hd zeta can pull a clutch.
  6. I would never buy a system when it first releases good luck to those that do. I hope you get a good one.
  7. Just watched The Devil All The Time. And I was underwhelmed the acting and cinematography was solid but theres hardly any character development or just not enough time spent on characters. This film was about 20 min to long and has a dark tone but could have used some humor. Even though dark films dont have to have humor it would have helped this film. The film feels like it should have an awesome score to go along with it but what we get is a overly used narration that sounds like a southern version of a narrator from a tim burton movie. Overall it's not a horrible watch but its painfully average. 6/10
  8. Yes but it's scary opening those flaps they seem flimsy but I still love the concept even though I will never fold them again after the first time.
  9. Here is another update of some editions I picked up the last few weeks
  10. U are welcome 😁 @SilentasKnight
  11. U are very welcome😁
  12. Hello psychos I have a few digital codes to give away if your interested just PM me I'm to lazy to sell them and to lazy to use them lol. I usually put them on my vudu account but I just dont care to anymore so I thought I'd give back to the community. So here is the list. 1.The Gentlemen 2.The Invisible Man 3.47 Ronin 4.AD Astra 5.JoJo Rabbit 6.Parasite 7.Both sherlock Holmes with robert Downey 8.Bad Times at the El Royale

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