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  1. @xTxBagZx Mmmm I've never seen any for sale in the US I've only seen them online like ebay and a couple other places but theres a site called steelbookcentral.com you could buy 100 for like 35 dollars not including shipping. And not buying protectors cuzz u take care of your stuff is like saying you dont buckle your child up cuzz your a safe driver lol. But the reason I bring it up is because alot of collectors especially starting out dont know there is such a thing as protectors, I know I didnt till like a year ago.
  2. U gotta get some protectors on them steels ASAP lol. Welcome 😁
  3. So this is basically my new favorite film lol. What an amazing movie this was. The acting and soundtrack just draws you in to this dark place with so many feelings and emotions I felt like I would need therapy after seeing it lol it's a perfect 10 theres not a bad thing I have to say about it cannot wait for a premium on this😬😬😁
  4. @Veum The big price comes from that figure SH monster arts is expensive I only own one figure from them and it was 140.00 alone so that's why the price is high. They make really awesome and detailed figures though so it's worth it 😁
  5. @ksosk Can I request it I cant get the site to switch over to english.
  6. Had to snag one as well. To bad I bought the same steel from best buy, Didnt know this was coming until 2 hours before the pre order 😝
  7. If any platinum member would be willing to ask for a extra collectors edition I would purchase it and pay for it today If it's possible? lol idk
  8. And now for the women. By the way cant believe Denzel is on no ones lists. 1.Uma in kill bill 2. Sandra Bullock in gravity 3.Viola Davis in fences 4.Charlize Theron in monster 5.Julia Robert's in pretty woman 6.Sig Weaver in alien 7.Linda Hamilton in terminator 1&2 8.Michelle Rodriguez in just about everything 9.Taraji Henson in hidden figures/hustle and flow 10.Sheri Moon in house of 1000 corpse and devils rejects
  9. 1.Heath ledger in dark knight 2.leo in django/wolf on wall street 3.mcavoy in split 4.Denzel in fences/training day 5.Brad pitt in fight club/fury 6.Deniro in casino 7.Tom Hanks in forest gump 8.J Depp in black mass/pirates 9.Al Pacino in scarface 10.Oscar isaac in ex machina
  10. 1. A bronx tale 2. Scarface 3.goodfellas 4.resevoir dogs 5.american gangster

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