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  1. This does not classify as anime but is anyone else getting this amazing release?🤩
  2. Unfortunately Target doesn't ship to mail forwarding companies like MYUS where my suite is located, nor do they ship internationally. So I am left to order stuff on ebay or if it pops up somewhere else. I am a Swiftie💋 and I can't even order the Exclusive red vinyl from Target that came out today😭 Also I wish that all the steelbooks for DBZ came inside of a nice boxset with booklet, but the price tag on that would be insane!!🤗
  3. I always go for American releases🤩 I foolishly did not bid on an ebay auction I could have gotten it for around 235$ This is the grail I am after, but I think I might settle for the ATA release instead I already spend enough this month anyways.
  4. Most of the big box sets yes. I definitely enjoy Sentai releases the most at the moment.🤩 Saw a youtuber showing his favorite box sets on youtube and thats how I became aware of sentai, funimation, rightstuffanime, aniplex etc. Amagi brilliant park looks like alot of fun, I saw a ''funny moments'' clip on youtube. Still havent watched any episode yet, I need alot of time to delve into this haul.😊 New anime I want to add to my collection that peaked my interest are : Bofuri I don't want to get hurt so I'll max out my defense Demon slayer King of P
  5. 20211010_142654.mp4 20211010_142813.mp4 20211010_142813.mp4 Love, Chunibiyo and other delusions K-ON premium box set, includes cd soundtrack,pins, cards,key chain, guitar picks and 3 booklets with lots of info Umaru-Chan premium box set 20211010_145732.mp4 20211010_150009.mp4 20211010_144351.mp4
  6. No game No Life, some character cards are very risque was not expecting that so I didn't show all cards.
  7. Yes I opened most of them except for Re:zero and school Live and a few others. I received this package yesterday from the US, and opened most of them with my cousin who is very much into anime. Can you guys see the images? For some reason they do not show up on pc for me, only on mobile I can see them.
  8. Been into anime only very recently. Saw a guy unboxing anime box sets so I basically wanted everything he had so after alot of ebay searches and very exciting ebay auctions ......I finally got what I wanted. K-on was the most expensive one 225$ I still need that Violet evergarden limited box set which goes for insane prices. I havent watched any of these releases except for YOUR NAME. What you guys think, is this a good start?😇
  9. Only opened the Planet Terror lenti so far. This whole release is a gem, my 2nd Nova release. The first being Kick Ass OC by nova
  10. This is a grail much better in person!🥰 Pics dont do it justice and unlike some other retailers (I wont mention), NOVA uses real images made by the still photographer and not random screenshots! I made some pics for you ladies enjoy! 😇 (I posted a bunch of pics but Idk if you guys can see them)
  11. No, although my dad always told me I was a big fat joke, until this day I don't know if that was a compliment or an insult🤔 I corrected your post, you are most welcome!😇

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