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  1. following the thread now! Also I managed to get Doc strange FAC E1+E2 and cap america CW E1+E2 btw 😉
  2. AAAAAAHH yes! that is so satisfying to hear! Someone tag me please when its available
  3. When was the GB open? I am still missing out on releases, is there page for every single GB or by company only?
  4. you forgot to add the ''IMO" in that sentence.😉 I do want a Motherbox for LOTR and THE MATRIX
  5. Another GB I have to join, I'm on a roll now. Don't ask me where I get my money from, and don't report my account to the feds!.........im serious don't😐. ......What would MP do without their newest little ray of sunshine 🤗 Waiting on them beauty shots...........any day now EDIT: GB is paused......did I miss out?
  6. I heard something about 560$ give or take total for all three including motherbox.
  7. OP stated the following : ''All 3 Movies in a Hardbox, each with its own Slip (like the Batman Boxset). 4K UHD Disc Only with Extended Cut. No single sale.'' So unfortunately no OC for each movie. Basically a hardbox with all three movies (most likely lenti's and or fullslips)
  8. I gotta be honest I never seen it! Why don't you explain the plot to me.
  9. When I read "Like the Batman boxset" I assumed 3 OC's and a mother box Would be cool if the Gold Label that is still planned will be exactly like the Batman trilogy 3 OC's plus motherbox That would be amazing!😮
  10. I have the Manta Lab edition OC, I did not like the movie at all I even cringed at certain parts where we saw the Joker. Hoping the sequel will be better!
  11. One day........oh yes one day.....the dark knight trilogy +motherbox will be mine.
  12. YES!!! finally someone who watches it. I am obsessed with this show I have watched every damn youtube explanation video. The best show I have seen in years! Hope someday they gonna release this on physical media, perhaps a nice necromancer gold box set including a necromancer figurine T POSE and everything 🤗
  13. RAISED BY WOLVES, I love this show! Couple of episodes directed by RIDLEY SCOTT, finished watching the season finale! I can't wait for season 2!

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