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  1. Absolutely stunning 😍 , I ordered the double lenti. But at some point I'm going to have to jump in on my first OC. 😃
  2. Hi, Gold membership for me if possible please.
  3. This looks fantastic! Will definitely be getting it , to go with the UHD bumblebee wooden box.
  4. @Benoit46 Hi , I'm number one on the GB list. I'm pretty sure I chose the full lenti type b, but I can't see the update? Thanks.
  5. Oh wow 😍 , that's looks great. I'm really looking forward to this release, the first wooden case I've ordered as well.
  6. @extantsrevenge @Benoit46 Thank you 😀 really looking forward to this release.
  7. Does the DL come with a 3d disc? Sorry if this question has previously been answered 🙈
  8. Oh this is a no brainer for me! Love this film! I remember the first time I watched it , I fell asleep about 20 mins in ( Definitely no reflection on the film!) I woke up right near the end and wondered what the hell was going on 😂
  9. I like all of them , but I think I'd pick type 1 design A. How about you @ksosk ?

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