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  1. I've registered, this'll be fun! I'll finish near the bottom probably, I'm pretty out of touch with football these days. @RileyLadare you getting in on this?
  2. I love this movie, still by far the best transformers movie, and the soundtrack is amazing
  3. @Corrigan @drudwell @Daniel 88_cave
  4. Evening all, how is everyone? I'm watching The Sopranos, again....not sure how many times I've watched this show through now So who else is bracing their bank account for HD Zeta LOTR and The Hobbit?
  5. My most expensive collectable so far would be my Hot Toys 1/6 Delorean, it cost me £550 back in 2016. I think nowadays it sells for around £1k on ebay. It terms of media I've got the HD zeta Batman Anthology set, that is my most expensive so far. But I'm betting the upcoming HD Zeta Lord Of The Rings and Hobbit sets are soon to become my most expensive.
  6. Invoice paid, I haven't seen this movie in years, but this set looked unmissable The shipping cost made me do a double take I must admit 😂😂 But can't wait for this to turn up
  7. @Gremlins @ThereIsNoooSpoon Thank you! I've renewed my gold membership 😀
  8. @Masterblaster Perhaps I'm just being thick but I can't find the link I'm ment to be clicking to renew my membership, maybe I need glasses?
  9. @extantsrevenge Thank you for sharing these pics, what a beautiful edition! My bank balance is bracing itself, but I can't wait to have this in hand 😍😍
  10. I've just watched the movie, it's fantastic quite frankly. Bring on the OC!!

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