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  1. Thanks @Scary Hair Also I've been charged $23 X2 for shipping so $46 in total I'm not trying to be a pain 🙈🙈 honest But obviously I wanted to bring this up before I pay the invoice
  2. I've just received my invoice, I've been billed for 2 copies I only wanted 1. I may of made an error on my GB request. I wanted 1 copy and 2 protective sleeves.
  3. My latest delivery 😀 A huge thank you to all the MP guys & Girls, it's a pleasure being part of this community, and I now have so many awesome edition's that I definitely wouldn't have without MP. HD Zeta Shazam DL Manta lab once upon a time in Hollywood DL World Cinema Club The conjuring collection.
  4. It looks good @RileyLad certainly the fact that it's G1 transformers has my attention! I'd prefer it was old school animation like the original film, but still looking forward to seeing what they've done with it
  5. This looks amazing! I won't get anywhere near one. But glad for people that will be Fortunate enough to able to buy one.
  6. @Guiltybyproxy I've shared a link from Amazon just so you know what you're looking for, but ignore the price I paid less than half of that for it on Groupon https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B084GX3RY5/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_q1W9Eb9QMWFRG
  7. @RileyLad brilliant news! This film is deserving of a premium release
  8. I love the cover art on these! Definitely has my interest
  9. Oh this is so accurate! 😂

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