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  1. Very sorry to hear you've been ill, hope you feel better soon. Health comes first so stuff gets posted out, whenever is good for you
  2. Wow! What a stunning collection & a beautiful display
  3. Today's arrivals, it's like Christmas! 😃 The U'mania joker OC is amazing! It's a beautiful set And I'm hugely impressed with the HD Zeta set as well. A huge thank you to @blu.steel33 for boxing them up so carefully for postage, I can't imagine how much of your time this takes up. But it really is appreciated.
  4. Don't even need to think about this , I'm in 100%! The Queen of DC 😍😍
  5. Beautiful release , it was an absolute no brainer to get in on this GB. I love the cover art on both editions but especially part 2 .
  6. @RileyLad Oh I'm 100% in on this , I don't even need to think about! I'll be like a fat kid in a candy store when this goes up for order!
  7. I'm in on this , stunning work on this one I just couldn't pass it up
  8. I eagerly await news updates on these two releases
  9. Yes beautiful set! Unfortunately it was beyond my price range when it came out & now the price on it has gone crazy
  10. I want them both if that's what happens 😃😍

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