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  1. Morning Psychos!! Hope everyone is having a good week @RileyLad these DiCaprio memes are killing me 😂🤣 There's no way we can share some of the others we've seen! 😂😂
  2. Good morning Psychos It's Monday again already! 😳 Back to the grindstone @RileyLad I hope everyone has a good week
  3. @RileyLad there was no game today , it was an illusion a bad dream On a brighter note my Dolphins are giving the Seahawks a pretty good game Laces out!
  4. I best not start on memes....you should the ones I don't post 😂😂
  5. @RileyLad that was beautiful mate A random gif here to bring back happy memories.... All jokes aside you're a top lad, we got talking just before Christmas last year of course, and have since become friends. Your 1000 post inspires me a little bit, as I really need to invest more time on MP myself.
  6. @Luxury Bluray This looks absolutely beautiful! And being one of my all time favourite movies, this will be a must buy, consider me in!
  7. Absolutely love it @Pbsw23 Everything is so organized and neat, my OCD is very happy looking at these pics
  8. Thank you everyone, I'm feeling the love This community is awesome @RileyLad your gif got a raised eyebrow from my Mrs 🙈😆 the one time she happens to glance as I'm scrolling on my phone 😂😂
  9. My latest delivery 😀 A huge thank you to all the MP guys & Girls, it's a pleasure being part of this community, and I now have so many awesome edition's that I definitely wouldn't have without MP. HD Zeta Shazam DL Manta lab once upon a time in Hollywood DL World Cinema Club The conjuring collection.
  10. It looks good @RileyLad certainly the fact that it's G1 transformers has my attention! I'd prefer it was old school animation like the original film, but still looking forward to seeing what they've done with it

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