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  1. Loving the commitment! We’re going to need you for the “Stage 2” award Nils is teasing. They’re getting worried, looking over their shoulders. They know we’re coming… @MM3 Get in here and tie it up for us!
  2. @CryoSteel answering the call!! Someone follow this man!! C’mon USA!!
  3. Rear Window might be my favorite of his. I also think that release is better than Vertigo.. @MM3 While you're here, I see you don't have the Fullslip award. If you have 25 fullslips, please post a pic in the award thread. Team USA needs some help as the Germans are getting cocky 😂
  4. Agreed. I almost didn't go for it, but ultimately decided to if only to get a little more variety in my collection. There's a bit of a Star Wars/superhero overload right now...
  5. Getting some more cheaters skipping out on the country. I say those copies go to the Marianas Trench 😁
  6. Team USA we need to talk… Get off your butts!!! Take some pics or buy some full slips, do something!
  7. Not a bad alternative for anyone who missed out on the 4k edition. Will the 4k list be finalized prior to this GB going live?
  8. Gotta love organizing. I have a nice stack of papers in need of shredding/scanning/recycling that will take quite a while to get through. As a result, I keep putting it off and it keeps growing. The struggle is real with wanting to spend more. Recently decided to rid myself of my Funko collection because it was just getting to be too much. The steelbooks and occasional Hot Toy/lightsaber replica remain though 😁. But, it sure is hard to contain myself sometimes.
  9. Wow, I feel that. Did you get it mapped? 😁 I've also been wanting to start reading Dune. Never really got around to reading Hunger Games, Ready Player One, etc. So I actually wanted to attempt to more fully participate this go around.
  10. Good morning, all. What's goin' on?
  11. A few recent pickups. Interstellar and Cruella arrived, switching out Avengers B1 with A2, and chasing down some older releases. My daughter also gifted me a Star Wars "steelbook" - going to need to find a special protector for that one 😂.
  12. How can something be simultaneously so terrifying…yet adorable?

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