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  1. I wish someone would photoshop mcconaughey's face into the art on the FS. It looks like Colin Farrell.
  2. It is a confusing image. I see it as Thor being on the front and the box is open opposite the image of the Hulk.
  3. I didn't think actually think it was personal, was just joking 🙂. I thought it had something to do with the site. I guess I'm just choosing all the wrong words as of late 🤣. Thanks for the help!
  4. Ok, random question that I have no idea where to ask... About half of my recent posts have been "hidden" and need to be "approved by a moderator" as of late. Anyone else getting this? What did I do and who did I wrong? 🙃
  5. So, I found myself browsing HBO max's catalog last night since I will be canceling our sub (signed up for that 6-month HBO max special at the beginning of the year and find it too expensive). Came across Meatballs and thought I'd give it a go. Didn't realize until afterward that it was Bill Murray's big screen debut. Not the most exciting film, but it was good for a laugh or two and was endearing at parts. It mostly made me miss childhood 😆
  6. This is the edition I currently have. I'm REALLY trying to keep one edition for most films, but I have a feeling Weet is going to make it difficult
  7. Same. I’m disappointed by these announcements. I might go for this and Rear Window, but only if the slips are really good. I don’t like the WWA for Vertigo though. But, like you said, at least I’ll save some money.
  8. @Squeegie McGee That movie is definitely a comfort movie for me - love it. I had no idea there was a trailer. Whoever cut that thing had his work cut out for him 😆 Anyway, I was able to venture to the nearest Dolby theater for the first time in a long, long time. Saw Cruella. Went in with moderate expectations, but was pleasantly surprised. Excellent acting all around and a nice addition to the classic 101 Dalmatians film. If you choose to go, stick around as there is a mid-credits scene.
  9. Just want to say thank you for all of the work you put into getting these out. I always want to respond with a "thank you" when you send a DM with a tracking number, but don't want to be 1/100+ people doing so and thus contribute to the flooding of your inbox 🙃
  10. Ventured back to the theater late last week to catch A Quiet Place Part 2. I personally found the first to be slightly better than this current installment, but I still loved it. The first film is in my top 5 theater experiences and the second did nothing to change my opinion that these films are definitely best experienced in a theater. Go check it out if you have the opportunity!
  11. Agreed. Hard pass for me if it’s anything like the image you posted.
  12. Is it possible to put a post in a GB’s GB Info & Questions thread alerting participants that all invoices have been sent (once they have)? I would personally find this helpful and I think it would benefit those invoicing as well as those in charge of the GB. It directs people to check their PayPal accounts, theoretically will reduce questions about invoices, and also will have the added benefit of calming the nerves of those wondering if they missed an invoice. I recognize and appreciate the work put into GBs/invoicing, so thanks to all involved. Thought

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