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  1. In 20 minutes the group buy will move to gold....be prepared!
  2. Pretty sure about this, same for Vertigo. As for Vertigo 35 Minutes to go for platinum, group buy will move to Gold then.
  3. Only 26 members made it in the steelbook section, unfortunately you may have missed the cut on page 2, when the group buy closed. Didn´t you go for the amaray edtion later on to secure this one? I did, will swap in the German steelbook and get rid of the amaray. No problem for me, as I´m not a *sealed* collector.
  4. Can´t check either, the group buy link doesn´t work for me. I don´t think that it´s still open just for Gold members, because there were only a few left.
  5. Not so much interest of the remaining plats for the amaray edition as I expected, the gold members should be in the starting blocks right now....good luck!
  6. As for now 26 members registered for the steel edition, the amaray edition will also sell out in a flash....
  7. No, unfortunately. Even a lot of the platinum members won´t have a chance to secure one, either steel or amaray due to a very low allocation. 🙁
  8. Here´s my Disney collection.....not all....but most of them!
  9. Update for Batman+Batman Returns Release on Cinemuseum Facebook: BATMAN DAY CMA Update Good morning to all collectors and supporters of CM! On this particular day dedicated to Batman, I couldn't avoid giving an update on the title that has accumulated the most delay in the history of premium editions! I am mortified by this wait that does not admit excuses or justifications, but unfortunately a series of truly incredible adverse events have occurred on this title, including the recent need to find a new company for the printing of lenticular cards. However, there is also good

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