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  1. Group A decisions today! Italy already qualified. Which team will get 2nd place, Wales or Switzerland? My guess is:
  2. Just back from work, had no time to watch a single minute of today´s matches, but obviously none of the teams playing today had any clue about my predictions.☹️ 0 points....it can´t get worse. Hope I see a ray of light tomorrow, otherwise I end up at the bottom of the table. Congrats to those who collected a whole bunch of points today, especially with these surprising results!
  3. As for the steelbook the movie should get a new title: The Pale Rider and his Faceless Horse. The cropped off horse spoils the whole artwork!
  4. @GANTZCongrats for being at the top for now...DEN vs FIN predicted exactly, wow 👍👍👍.... a long way to go though!
  5. Same here! Belgium might save me, hopefully; 2:0 for now!
  6. This^^ Expected more from Turkey. That´s why I predicted a draw. Excellent game from Italy with the opportunity to play at home in front of their Tifosi.
  7. postponed due to covid, same with Olympic Games.......
  8. On the left click on "Tippabgabe", then put in the results that you predict (games from 06/11 to 06/13). Then choose your bonus predictions: 1. The player with the most goals belongs to which team? 2. Which 4 teams reach the semi-finals? 3. Which team wins the group (A-F)? 4. Which team will be European Champion? Very important: Don´t forget to click on "Tipps speichern" in the end to save your predictions!
  9. Predictions of game day 1 placed. Good luck everybody!
  10. Your good at Belgium, Netherlands and maybe Switzerland. I assume the others will not play a leading role........but who knows......as I said there might be some surprise!
  11. Thank you MP for putting this up, will definitely join. I´m not good at predictions, but hey it´s a game and it´s fun.....
  12. As expected.....another delay! CM promised shipping late May/first half of June. Now it will be in July .....at the earliest!
  13. The OC and the singles still available on HDzeta website. Maybe some of the 123 members who did not update the group buy decided to go the direct way, I hope not, honestly!
  14. I assume the print run will be higher here as it was for Wonder Woman blufans. It´s a Gold Label release, usually between 500-1000 units for OC, but also depends on the print run of the single edition(s) available. Chances to secure an OC should be much better here.

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