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  1. Extra problem to add to the confusion: we don’t know if any of the summer or fall releases involve Steelbooks or not.
  2. Which would mean that these 4K HDR editions are, indeed, remasters. And the later release are the same remasters for the 1080p Blu ray crowd. (it would just make ZERO sense for them to go through this entire process without remastering them. That would mean a batch of 4K discs that were scanned and HDR-ed (but NOT remastered) followed 6 months later by another batch of 4K HDR discs that ARE remastered. Makes no sense.) So, I find your theory the most plausible. A batch of remasters for the 4K crowd, followed by a batch of remasters for the 1080p crowd.
  3. RE: BB versions Why would they take the time to scan all the films in 4K and give them the HDR AND Dolby Vision treatment without remastering? that seems unlikely, or just a heinous waste.
  4. Yes - apparently they have forgotten about seamless branching. No need for separate editions of movies
  5. It is no secret that the Mid Majors have disappeared. the studios no longer make mid budget films for adults. All of their money goes to tentpoles for teens and China. (China makes Hollywood more money than the U.S. audience). we no longer see mid majors like The Fugitive, Hunt for Red October, The Silence of the Lambs, etc. Try this: go look at a list of upcoming movies - count how many do NOT have SFX or superheroes. You’ll be shocked.
  6. I prefer watching films to watching 90 minute CGI Disneyland rides. Most stuff in theaters today are more akin to Theme Park rides than movies. Nothing wrong with spectacle....but now that is all there is. All desserts without actual meals. nutrition free.
  7. Great films are great films no matter when they were made. Art does not become obsolete. Art is fluid and timeless.
  8. Sure. the market dictates what they will and will not do. And that is logical and fair. limited editions would be ideal and make sense from their end.
  9. Seriously- NAPOLEON, or DR. JECKYL deserves the treatment 1000x more than garbage like ALITA or MIDWAY.
  10. I was lucky enough to see a Nitrate print of Edwin Carewe’s 1928 film Ramona at the 2016 Nitrate film festival. wish Flicker would get that one out (as you know, shrunken nitrate prints get “x” amount of runs through a projector before it’s too far gone).
  11. Thanks @Grendel! I was late on that one and had to track it down. you should look into getting this bad boy....👍

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