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  1. @cypheria078 Your hub packages are epic. How could so many build up before shipping?
  2. Anything would be an improvement on WCL's choice of art for this title. WCL chooses too many titles I would never buy. A booklet is significantly more premium than cards.
  3. Those are some beautiful quarter slips. You are lucky to add them. That feeling you're feeling is a good feeling. Listen to it.
  4. I'd love to get that non steel slip as well. The holofoil on the sword is epic.
  5. What are the odds the box is textured and the dragon embossed/shiny?
  6. SM Life SteelBook is 1 disc 1080p full slipcase. Sorry for multiple posts. I cannot edit after a couple of minutes.
  7. ^ Because it releases in 2 weeks. I have some lovely SM Life Design releases. They are releasing 4 versions if you look around. Link It won't let me delete a duplicate picture so I made it really small
  8. Hopefully they use something more like the second movie poster with 5 faces. The trailer is great. The movie has a big scale in the public scenes.
  9. @RAKIn looking for the art online I saw it in an eBay auction. It came out in a 2nd edition! https://www.ebay.com/itm/Let-Me-In-Blu-ray-Full-Slip-Case-Chloe-Moretz-Region-FREE/264657208229 Sorry for hijacking the thread.
  10. @RAK it reminds me of another winter white slip box never materialized and still hurts to not have.
  11. Is there a thread if someone outside Europe wants one (they only ship to Europe)? Also are their mediabooks G1 (blu-ray) or G2 (dvd) size?
  12. I received my GB copy around the same time as @ryanbsmith. The USA was about 30% of the 89 GB members. Real thread stitching.
  13. @RafGeusens Lighthouse was $64 USD total. Prices are not normally posted before the group buy closes, so you should ask if you are not familiar with prices for a particular line of blu-rays, and the members here will be glad to help. There are normally 3 threads associated with each group buy: it starts with a release thread, then a group buy thread, then a thread for group buy info and questions. You should also tag the particular members who are running the group buy, so they are alerted when you have a question. I tagged you at the beginning of this post.

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