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  1. Any updates on this release? Release date? Is this scheduled before DK trilogy?
  2. One f'n shock at a time plz!!! The gash from the invoice has me still dripping......
  3. This is probably me just wiping the coke off my nose but........ Anyone receive there's yet? Anyone in Canada? DAT ITCH!!!!!!!!
  4. Lucky me..... When I found out about this place, they were just announcing memberships going on sale within X hours or so 😃
  5. Ya. I was told that that people that already joined will retain the spot they already had.
  6. I was told by one of the mods that it's currently paused due to "more info from retailers" and that should come back up. I was worried as well since i joined and paid deposit on it lol.
  7. Me as well. I joined GB and it looks like there's also 2 info threads for this release. What the heck's going on!?
  8. GUHGUHGUHGUHGUHGUHGUH GOLD UUUUUNIT!! Snab'd me some of that yellow! Thnx to everyone who chimed in with helpful info for these confusing two days for new bloods such as myself!
  9. I assume your answer to that is "yes". Because like i said, I saw it, then it was gone later in the day. But you're telling me that I shouldn't have been able to see it; that's where i'm lost.
  10. Im just basing my assumption that i no longer see gold as an option in the store, but see silver. So are you saying that will renew once it's available to me as a current regular member? That gold will pop back up?
  11. Can i reasonably expect an opportunity to grab a silver today as a new member? Looks like gold is gone.

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