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  1. @Hollywood E Rock Man you are a popular individual. Scrolling through posts to get to the bottom and the further down i got i started to get that scroll wheel moving like a bat out of hell 😅 NSFW while at the office that's for sure. Happy Birthday, thanks so much for being such a integral part to the foundation that we have here at MP's. Enjoy your birthday!!!
  2. Just to play devils advocate here, aren't most retailers given artwork from the studio to choose from? If the artwork they gave didn't include the image of Cap and his shield facing the other way, so he could be on the front and the same for Iron Man, nothing they can really do about it right? I agree though I would much rather have the images flipped for the hardbox. Guess this isn't an issue for those who open their editions anyway 🤷‍♂️
  3. 早上好 你好,我叫布罗迪 。很高兴认识你! Welcome to the community! Deckard99 couldnt have said it any better, any friend of @ksosk is a friend to us. You have come to the perfect place to learn more about Steelbooks, not to mention you have a great friend in KS who is extremely knowledgeable. Don't hesitate to reach out if you need anything
  4. Welcome to the party my friend! We have quite a few members from the UK who share this hobby, you'll get to know them in no time i'm sure. Guaranteed to find people who share this psychotic passion thats for sure. Only advice is brace yourself and make sure you budget things get out of hand really quick lol
  5. Not sure he has shared what the plan is yet, i don't even have any guesses as to what the plan is. He is a busy man though so i'm sure it will be a little while before we have it back. He's in the middle of Invoicing everything from the before and after the Holidays, also invoicing from the sale that was just conducted, and Enjoying some family time. I know that Classifieds and the store are on that list somewhere
  6. @Pbsw23 You're a damn wizard and its becoming an issue Paul... Expect a flight ticket in the mail after the pandemic. You'll have a daily Stipend for essentials, food will be provided. Your stay in Canada will be a week or 2 until the job has been finished. You will be recreating the outline of this masterpiece in my home. Its been decided for you. Payment will be when the job is finished. Cheers 🤣🤣🤣 But in all seriousness this is gorgeous and you've done an amazing job. WOW
  7. About time I stop working and take a few photos to share some of my most recent editions. Deadpool 2 is one that I got about a month ago. All the other editions are from the fantastic Secret Santa program. For those who want to read about how amazing @Grendel is, you can go read it in the secret santa thread that I posted :) Needless to say he is a legend and way too kind for his own good. Couldn't appreciate more what he sent my way! Enjoy
  8. Dave Said this yesterday remember, he is just letting us know that he sent the shipping info to them for the DL. Then he will send the box set info. I'm guessing it goes something like this 1. We send them shipping info for our groupbuy 2. They have to prepare 240+ packages for us... while still preparing all other orders they received. So it wont be done the minute they receive info from us. 3. Send all the packages to the post office and get tracking numbers. 4. put a list of tracking for us 5. Dave Receives and reviews 6. Sends it to me. I'm g
  9. 👀 Never got any of these posters...I'm definitely in. Always willing to help @R1s1ngs0n as well 👌
  10. Hey Mike, as Ken said there are to many variables when it comes to shipping. Im in Canada as well and ill shoot you a PM so we can keep this thread about Endgame itself

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