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  1. @icewire we are going to have a chat my friend, i'm pretty sure you sent this package ⬆️ to the wrong address and i'm not happy about it 🤬 also if memory serves right this might be the second package that has been sent to the wrong address, the first one might of have a certain edition that Mr Squirrel already had, in 3D...
  2. @thomue1987 everyday ... "I'm too lazy to work today"
  3. Good Morning Everyone, I was going to say hope everyone has a good day. Looks like @Hollywood E Rock has done that after looking at all the posts and comments after his 😁. Finally just received my Manta Joker OC today. Only took 3 weeks to get it here
  4. You signed up for HUB Shipping, i sent out all the orders for Direct shipping from MANTA. Once yours arrives at the HUB, Masterblaster will let you know and he will take care of you
  5. Looks gorgeous doesn't it? All of these retailers have been just pumping out premiums left right and center in the last couple months and its absolutely killing me. Id be on board for so many FAC's editions if shipping wasn't so expensive. I jumped on this one but the budget is getting spooky low right now with all these invoices in the last 2-3 months.
  6. Remember the post office has been and is currently shut down for a week Basil 🙃, which probably includes sorting centers. Yours was shipping through hong kong post so it wont be moving anywhere until they open back up is my guess With the pandemic i make zero guesses because i don't want to set myself up for disappointment haha.
  7. Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening Everyone I have sent out all the Tracking Numbers that have been sent to us so far. If you haven't received your tracking number, that means you fall under one of the following reasons below 1. Your Country isnt available to ship to currently 2. Your order will be shipped once the post office re-opens in a week or so. Thanks for your patience everyone and can't wait for photos of members showing off their edition(s)
  8. @romeroland does awesome unboxing videos. Those who haven't received it yet or who are just interesting in what everything looks like his video quality is so nice you can see everything very clearly. Support this man and his channel and go take a peak!
  9. 100% from a curiosity stand point, plus i know that you are passionate and do a great job at explaining why; what about IB makes it one of your favorites? I dont have it, missed out but im curious because i've heard tons of people say its one of their favorites.
  10. noooooopppppeeeeee Great hell, that collection is absolutely beautiful. Pick 2 to at least show off we want to see them 😁😉.
  11. This is going to be another stunning OC Edition from WeET! The amount of detail that they put in is amazing 😍
  12. Completely agree with RAK, love the retro comic book look that they have. Good luck to any who are able to secure a copy of this beautiful edition. Remember, those of us who do not get a copy its not personal and its not MP's choice who does and does not get one. HDZeta has obviously set their requirements and John has to honor those. We are so lucky that @Masterblaster has this type of relationship established with HDZeta, that they are willing to even supply us with a few editions!
  13. Like Dave said I’m sure John will get to it. He’s been absolutely swamped lately so anything we can do to be patient and make it a little easier on him would probably be appreciated. ive been doing the same, trying to create a budget for all these upcoming releases and it’s spooking me 😳😂

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