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  1. You're telling me. NSFW at all 😂 @Veum& @Hollywood E Rock are out of control ill tell you that much 😁😆
  2. 💯% agree with that right there. Have they relayed over why T2 hasn’t happened? Rights issue? feel free to send any of those “crappy Blufans Lentis” over anytime 😁 That row of DC’s are gorgeous though no one can argue that.
  3. Joseph Wiseman? He was a French Canadian... a "Quebecois" 😬😣
  4. First of all i had to read this a couple times to make sure i understood the question. My head hurts, just finished a meeting and a presentation at work. If im understanding correctly, i presume you're looking for The Social Network? Jesse and Andrew are best friends in the film and lead roles. Its the only one that comes to mind. Mainly because i just happened to watch that last week with the boss. @R1s1ngs0n @deckard99 I could be wrong 🤷‍♂️
  5. For those who do have a specific way of displaying their Steels, you should post some picutres on this thread: I hope im not the only one who finds it not only interesting but helpful to see how others have done it. I can be a little OCD (im sure everyone is here 🤣) But please share how you store your Steels. Whether its your regular Steels, premiums etc. Also i know many on here use steelbook central as their protectors but if anyone uses different ones that they swear by why not share! Hope everyone is getting ready to finish of the year and follow that momentum into 2020. Glad we have a community that understands each other and this psychotic habit lol.
  6. I was prepared to stay up all night if I had to and go to work a Zombie. thanks for keeping us up to date and being up front about the process @extantsrevenge 😴😴
  7. I think it said 3-5 day express day shipping, but it’s my first experience with amazon Japan. If it comes early next week that would be amazing. Can’t wait. @ksosk had to pour a little salt in the would with the 1 day shipping comment 😅. Can’t wait!
  8. Just got a shipping confirmation for mine. @deckard99 I sent mine to Canada just in case it’s not here in time. But I checked DHL and it says mine will be here Monday. Don’t quite believe that haha. I’m guessing the week of the 16th.
  9. I couldn’t resist waiting any longer so I 100% left work early today! But before I start packing I thought I would take a picture of my growing collection. Considering I just got into this psychotic habit in March I’m not mad. most of my OCs are in my glass display minus my John Wick 3 and my Manta Fantastic Beasts which are in my Billy Bookself with my other Steels.
  10. I finally got around to taking a picture of my growing collection. It’s starting to grow, considering I’ve only been with this beautiful community since March!
  11. Sitting here at work, just received a text message that my Man Of Steel One Click has been Delivered... Im actually dying, i want to leave so bad 🤣

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