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  1. 💯 on the same page here. No idea why they decided to include it on a movie that’s so popular. No way it could be a requirement from the studio? Either way it’s depressing but it might force me to open this one.
  2. No need to apologize for asking questions, it’s sometimes a good thing because other members might be wondering the same when it comes to invoicing there is no set date when they will be sent out. A really good rule of thumb and Masterblaster and his team has said; when signing up for a gb you should make sure you have the funds available for an invoice that could go out right away. Sorry we can’t give exact dates but hope that helps
  3. Hey @DodgyDave When you have been chatting with Blufans, have you heard any update or news about this at all? thanks!
  4. @Pbsw23 damn...that’s literally all I can say.
  5. "The final price has not been set yet our current estimate is between $40 - $50. Premium members will receive the special discount associated to their tier rank"
  6. Hey @RJMacReady Great Question, you will have to purchase the TARS mini figure separate at the link below https://mediapsychos.com/topic/13396-purchase-open-interstellar-tars-robot-media-psychos-exclusive-product/
  7. @extantsrevenge and @ksosk can correct me if im wrong. When i spoke with John it sounded like this was dropped because of how hard it was to try and get approvals for art work. The process is pretty insane, you have to pick out the art work; submit it to the appropriate individuals in the USA. That alone takes months between sending it and waiting for them to reply. Then if they reject it, which it sounds like the studio has done multiple times for shazam; its back to the drawing board. They went back and forth and nothing was getting approved
  8. Is this not the box set itself? No Yellow so you should be good
  9. I’ll have him reach out. He’s doing good 😀
  10. What’s the answer to your own question then @R1s1ngs0n
  11. That is a long list...😅 most likely the amount of time I’ve wasted on my phone
  12. SOOOOOOO JEALOUS, but happy that you were able to snag one. Thats been on my list for quite some time but havent found one im comfortable with, in terms of price.
  13. This pains me to say...I dont think there is such a thing as best Canadian movie 🤣 not a single one i could recommend

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