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  1. @ksosk Kind of hoping this will Fit the new Spider-man into the spider-verse 🙌 Thanks so much for making these available to us!
  2. Appreciate the quick response/feedback Dave! @Masterblaster @extantsrevenge Any Information you'd have as to potential shipping cost through HUB would be awesome for either edition and maybe a ballpark if they decide to do a box set. Would really appreciate it Really trying to budget out the rest of the year and BF's editions of Both Spider-man movies isn't helping, nor is John Wick 3 from Novamedia 🤣
  3. @Hollywood E Rock @ksosk Any one have a general idea of a ball park price we would be looking at for shipping to the US if we were to get the Maniacs edition of this? I've never bought from their website because shipping is a zoo when it comes to the pricinng. Any ball park of price for the box and the separate price for the shipping... @DodgyDave you've done a few FAC from what it looks like. Maybe you'd have an idea?
  4. I'm already giddy as hell so this isnt helping seeing them pop up. The drive home from work ill barely be able to contain myself...100% going to shedding tears when i see nothing on my front step 😰😭 haha. Seriously, so excited and cant wait for this to show up!
  5. Saw these posted yesterday on Facebook. pretty excited for this! Can’t wait!
  6. Typically @airwins will PM Tracking numbers when available. I Could be completely off base with that. @extantsrevenge Might have more information for Direct Shipping
  7. It wont even let me login to my Amazon account after i add it to my account. 😓😓😓
  8. So Manta Is actually a really small business out of Hong Kong so i dont have all the information... sorry! But they are doing the best they can with how small they are and its actually impressive how far they've come. The dispatch question, if im understanding right; would have to be answered by @deckard99. Also another thought is that for those that chose HUB, customs might take a little longer because the amount of editions that are getting sent to the HUB. But they very well could be at the HUB at this point and we are just waiting on distribution. The loads of people who have their editions already are most likely those who chose direct shipping. Thats just a guess! Im in the same boat, im a terribly impatient person but MP's is teaching me how to be more patient 😂
  9. @deckard99 @extantsrevenge @ksosk Correct me if i'm wrong but i know its been mentioned shipping was delayed already. Keep in mind it can take an extra couple weeks when it gets shipped to the HUB because they have to organize all the packages, some members get multiple orders from the HUB once big GB's show up so at this point its just a waiting game. I know it isn't fun but the HUB is busy and we have to be patient!
  10. absolute 🔥 @goose_3387! Someone pay the man!!! Ha, but seriously incredible work as always thanks so much!
  11. Thanks Dave, I agree I was really hesitant but the guy who did it was a true pro. $10.00 to engrave it so I got a steal of a deal in my opinion It's not haha I just love The Count of Monte Cristo, one of my favorite books and movies. Love everything about it!
  12. Afternoon, Gotta agree with Mr. Hollywood, John and his staff are top notch and its crazy to think about the time they put into this when over 1/2 are probably working their primary jobs during the day as well. The diversity across the world is crazy. I was explaining how MP works to a close cousin at a funeral this weekend and he couldn't believe how many of us are connected all across the world! @extantsrevenge & @ksosk working with our companies out of China and Hong Kong using their Mandarin and Cantonese, so 谢谢你, I know we have many others who work closely with Retailers so sorry I didn't mention them. @DodgyDave doing work as well making sure we are all in line and organized for Blufans GB's 😂 "Retired" But still doing as much work as most haha. So thanks to all of you! Also just got my MP Card that I purchased since there was an extra. It didn't have any name engravings because I just recently got my membership upgraded. So I took it to an engraving place, I was ridiculously nervous as to how they were going to do with matching it to everyone who had theirs engraved previously. I think they did an amazing job. Straight 🔥
  13. @Veum in the same boat my friend. The boss lady is starting to realize not everything I buy is “on sale” or “a great price”. Lol. You should ask @Masterblaster his opinion on how to deal with, what my line of work would call; a “spousal objection” it’s rather blunt lol 🤣 😂
  14. @Xeneixe If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me, i'm available to help throughout the day and always willing to answer questions!

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