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  1. @Veum in the same boat my friend. The boss lady is starting to realize not everything I buy is “on sale” or “a great price”. Lol. You should ask @Masterblaster his opinion on how to deal with, what my line of work would call; a “spousal objection” it’s rather blunt lol 🤣 😂
  2. @Xeneixe If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me, i'm available to help throughout the day and always willing to answer questions!
  3. Mail was a little out of control the past week... My poor wife lol, starting to appreciate them more and more Huge shout out to MP for doing what you guys to do make this happen, all the mods, etc! Massive shoutout to the man who works round the clock for us; @Masterblaster. Thanks for putting up with me and my high maintenance self. Thanks for all you do for us John! My collection is rapidly growing which isn't healthy for the bank account lol. The Aquaman and First Man OC are gorgeous. Manta has really stepped up to the plate lately with the Boxsets. HDZeta killing it as usual though.
  4. @Sheikah Absolutely loving the set up. I currently have a KS8000 in one of the rooms in our house and havent regretted buying that a couple years ago. I really need to get some surround sound running but i have no idea about speakers, the research needs to begin! I recently upgraded my other room to an LG OLED, I would HIGHLY Recommend upgraded when its feasible, not that you were hesitant lol. @LMT0286 I might need some lessons on speakers and that atmos set up. One day ill achieve that. Still a newly wed and the boss lady isnt the happiest about the steels 😂 She most certainly doesnt complain about the TV when a movie is on though haha.
  5. @ksosk just dropping bombs on us!!! Lets goooo. Can’t wait to see these beauty shots 😍
  6. This is Money In The Bank, straight 🔥. Thanks so much @goose_3387
  7. Hey @goose_3387 new member who finally got Platinum membership. I would love that beautiful platinum banner along with one of you're shagadelic custom made banners. I'm going to PM you though about mine!
  8. Got Platinum, very excited to help support John and the rest of the great staff here at MP!
  9. @Masterblaster I dont mean to be that person, but i presume you mean 9pm CST (Central Standard Time). The same as the previous two nights you've opened up for Premium and Gold members? Cant wait!
  10. Platinum if available for me if not, gold then. Can’t wait @Masterblaster
  11. Second invoice paid 😍 to say I’m giddy is an understatement. Can’t wait for this to arrive! If this one doesn’t convince the boss lady of the value of these I don’t know what will lol. Best community out there. P.S. this is an expensive hobby but so worth it 🤣.
  12. Got my OC today and wow just gorgeous 😍. For those who opened theirs, Has anyone found a sleeve that would fit over this as a protector?!

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