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  1. I just looked through your collection and its gorgeous. I know for a fact if i tried to get one and one only it would be a bad addiction, i have an addictive personality and my wife would kill me! 😂 Keep posting i think its awesome to look at others collections!
  2. Wow this is actually awesome Ben. Although i just looked this up because i have never bought a hot toy before... I really wanted one, probably doesnt help that you cant buy them direct because they're sold out. I do love the display though 👏
  3. Future Shop was glorious in its day when it came to steels. Unfortunately Best Buy took them to the cleaners and the steels in Canada have never been the same. 😕
  4. I've been waiting for Nils to post some of his favorites, i can only imagine how hard it was to chose. Cant wait for more of your posts! by the way not sure if i tagged @Benoit46... Ben i know you have one hell of a collection, lets see some of those favorites and why.
  5. I hate both of you right now 😂 but actually both those steels are gorgeous. Kills me on how many WEAs I’ve missed out on. @Pbsw23 is slowly converting me on opening my slips. I’m going to take my time doing it. Look at how good those look while displaying them.
  6. I respect your opinion because of that, i know you are a huge collector of FA. The real question here is does that mean you are not getting the maniacs edition and sticking to the ones that you believe are "ok"?
  7. I agree with @Tonic24k, i'm just excited to see some screenshots of whats coming our way. I wonder if the Maniacs box is going to be textured at all or something interesting like that. @DodgyDave at this point its a waiting game with blufans...i hate waiting and i'm impatient haha. I'm sure they'll do a good job though.
  8. This actually made me chuckle out loud... Nils is a hot topic of conversation right now haha. Dave took a shot by posting the Homecoming Blufans edition, which i love. @extantsrevenge what say ye...still waiting for your posts
  9. keeping the J cards on there is facetious, but absolutely nothing wrong with that!
  10. I love the photo, All still sealed at the moment as well, make them all look sharp together! Im a huge marvel fan as well, its the one thing that my wife and i actually enjoy together so it makes it a little easier when i purchased my Marvel steels 😂
  11. @DodgyDave I'm literally shocked when i saw these...wow. First of all i love the continued jab at Nils @extantsrevenge, i'm sure you chuckle everytime you post something like this. Im sure it doesnt make Nils upset or anything 😏i do love some friendly banter though. Im just surprised you didnt include the other item that gets Nils a little jealous haha. I got that HDZeta from @Masterblaster after shortly joining the community a year ago, i asked him out of his stock which steels he would recommend, one of the first ones was the DL 2049 which i love now that i have it in hand. That Hobbit and world war Z Steel are getting added to my list of hopefuls one day. I tried looking for that WWZ Steel with the Lenti magnet that Media Markt included and that is a rare collectors item right there but absolutely gorgeous. I wont talk about that Spiderman Homecoming release, another one i missed out on before i joined the community and it just hurts the heart every time i see it
  12. @R1s1ngs0n Thats actually a gorgeous Steel right there. Young Sean connery himself. I love the sentimental value of having your first Custom Steelbook. OK!!!!! Wow, @ukade2327 im not going to lie that is absolutely stunning with it being laquered up. I swear i joined this community about a year late because soooo many stunning collectibles came out the year before i joined and there is no way my wallet can make up for it. I dont blame you for having this one stored away. I have to think at some point you might display is some way? No? @Scary Hair The passion behind that description...i could feel it from here. Love it! Way to be on not settling on the edition until you found the right one. @Pbsw23 im 100% in the guilty party of not opening my WeET Slips yet....🙈 I do have an excuse, are renting until our house is being built, it looks like she'll be ready to go late summer; which means late fall haha. I have a GOTG 2 WeET LS that i need to open and enjoy the steel, i cant even remember what the steel looks like which is sad. I also have the WeET IW coming my way and im going to have to open that up now and display it on the new shelves, lights are done and ready to go! @cypheria078 I am 100% on the same page with you on this. This is the very first premium steel that i opened up when i received it. Ill share why when i post mine! @Ryve This is GOALS right here, wow! I would love for people to hire me to design their theater rooms along side a collection like this, or like @Pbsw23. I find it therapeutic and relaxing when im organizing my collection in different ways. Weather its by Retailer, or by Theme, or just alphabetical!. That Lion King steelbook has incredible debossing, like holy Sh** its actually gorgeous!
  13. @Veum 😂 I love TDK Mother box, lets be honest its "money in the bank" They are actually the very first premiums ive ever bought, they are what sucked me into collecting. So needless to say my wife hates those 3 OC's 😂
  14. Basil, This is what i like to see! Some in-depth pictures and the reason why its special to you! Thats a fantastic Edition
  15. Opened or sealed Veum, haha come on help a brother out here. You have editions i know you love. IT can be an opened OC for all i care. Lets just get the ball rolling on which editions you have are your favorites and why. Post some pictures! I've seen your mail call, you have a plethora of steels to chose from 😋

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