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  1. Thanks Dave i appreciate that. Just finished sending out HUB boxes for Canadian Members so if I have a little time tonight I will get them out, if not tomorrow morning for sure. Thanks Everyone
  2. @thomue1987 its as if guys like Jonathan David, and Alphonso Davies dont exists and have zero influence on Canadians... Come on @icewire i will forgive you once. The Americans you can joke about all you want
  3. Lets all move on from this and keep things positive, i apologize for not doing that myself. If anyone has any issues please do not hesitate to send me a PM and i will gladly answer any questions they have. Thanks Everyone!
  4. Veum, I'm not trying to be a jerk here but you are as consistent as it gets when it comes to asking me questions about tracking a couple of days after i send it to you. I know you are clearly looking to get a good reaction out of someone, including me. So lets go ahead and have an adult conversation. You asked for an update when you were given as clear direction as possible from Dave, to wait 3-4 days for tracking to update. I do not work for Blufans so i obviously can not give you any more information than that. Like I said, if there is an update that is important the
  5. Most of the 3D tracking numbers are saying this @Veum Give it some time man. If there is an important update Dave will let us know
  6. https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/patient#h1
  7. @serg50 i answered your PM already as you know. Everyone else these have obviously been sent out, please read what Dave said above. Give it to this weekend to update please. REMINDER: I do appreciate the "thank-you" messages but when i sent out tracking for Blade Runner, 100+ for Manta Tenet, MAG Last Action Hero and what not, it makes my inbox a part of 200+ messages of just "Thank-You" 🤣
  8. Yours will be in your inbox where it normally is once i have it.
  9. I will be sending these out tonight, i had to send out over 100+ tracking numbers for Tenet today as well (no i haven't received them all yet either, so if you did not get one yet do not panic) Thank-You for your patience everyone.
  10. Sent it out. Please let me know if you have any Questions Way past my bedtime. 💤🛏️ Goodnight Everyone
  11. We will just have to wait for @ksosk to provide an update for us. Thanks for understanding.
  12. “This is a lenti with led from the sides. meant to give the feel of the vision of terminator” IMG_0515.mp4

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