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  1. My Dear MODS: Okay, for some reason, that's TWO posts I've written that need approval (one above, plus my last "Grendel's Deeper Dungeon" post. If you would be so kind? Ta! 🙂
  2. So, I've only tossed a few titles on a short list you may have interest in my friend. Some, unfortunately are out of stock (OOS) but I don't think that has slowed you down in the past! heh. Manta: - Inglorious Bastds (OOS) Black Barons: - Braveheart (OOS) BluFans: - Wall-E (OOS) Kimchi: - Sicario 2 (note- the lenti currently avail on-site is NOT a Kimchi Exclusive, gotta read the fine print 🙂) - Pan's Labyrinth (OOS) - Snowpiercer (OOS) P.A. - Tinker, Tailer (in stock) - Logan Lucky (in stock) funny! - Imitation game (in stock) Also worth time investigating; * WeET (we sometimes have GBs here) Cheers my friend! 😀
  3. Oh, my goodness. What a beautiful picture that makes. There's more than a couple of mortgage payments in that collection my buddy!!! 🤩 Quite excellent, thank-you for sharing! 🙂
  4. heh, I was just making a 'short list' of suggestions (since you asked 🙂 ) but perhaps I'll hold off on that! 😉 Oh, I LOVE your 1-clicks!!! Cheers My Good Friend!
  5. Sorry for being late to the party buddy. WOW! What an incredible collection! Just amazing! Well done!
  6. Hi Folks! Well, before we delve into Universal's vault of horrors ('cause there's a LOT and my back is killin' me) I thought I'd lighten the mood up a bit by first showing something a bit more unique. So, without further ado... Send In The Clowns! 🤡 - It (orig, 1990, Zavvi, Steel) - It (orig, 1990, FYE, Steel) - It (2017, amaray, FS) - It (2017, Target, Lenti) - It (2017, CineMuseum, Lenti, Steel) - It (2017, HDZeta, FS, Steel, * no discs issued.) - It (2017, HMV, Steel) - Beetlejuice (1988, Zavvi, Steel) - Beetlejuice (1988, MLife, Scanovo) - Beetlejuice (1988, FYE, Steel) - Killer Klowns From Outer Space (1988, Arrow, Steel) - Killer Klowns From Outer Space (1988, Arrow, FS, amaray) - Rob Zombie Collection (with Capt Spaulding cvr, Tiberius.de , Metalpack) - Krampus ( 2015, Film Arena, FS, Steel) sorry for the glare! - Alice In Wonderland (2010, Tim Burton ver, Disney, Lenti, amaray, 3D) note - Well, Depp looks like a clown to me in this! - Suicide Squad (2016, HDZeta Gold, Lenti front, Steel) with the Clown Prince of Crime, The Joker! - The Dark Knight (2008, HDZeta Gold, Lenti front, Steel) - The Dark Knight (2008, amaray) - The Game (1997, Zavvi, Steel) note: missing from pic, 'cause I hurts and I can't search anymore; (Mind, the Jameson whiskey is starting to kick in...) - Krampus (2015 Blue cover Steel) - Batman (1989, Tim Burton, Nicholson Joker, Future Shop, Steel) - Batman (1966, TV series, Deluxe Boxed ed. Cesar Romero Joker cover on set 2) - Beetlejuice (1989, TV series, Geffen/Burton, slipbox dvd) - probably a couple of others... sorry, 🙂 Pic Time!
  7. ^^ I've been meaning to pick up this series but I've yet to. I've heard only good things regarding it so, it's on my list... heh. 🙂 A movie would be good, it will be interesting to see the cast selected.
  8. ^^ Thanks folks. I'm of a thought they might be waiting for Avengers End Game to reach Blu but that's gonna be a LOT of films to cram in a box if that's the case...😉 They'll also need to shoe-horn Captain Marvel in there as well. Perhaps they might even do a Part 1 and Part 2 for it?
  9. I wish to ask, while I'm here; 🙂 Has anyone heard any word of Disney releasing a Special Edition MCU Phase 3 yet? It seems long overdue and I'd prefer to wait but if it's not coming, I'll pick up the U.K. 'bare-bones' edition. I have the spec Eds for Phase 1 and Phase 2. It would be a shame to not see a Phase 3 ! 🙁 Ta!
  10. Well, I gotta start off by wishing everyone a Happy Easter of course! 🤗 I entertained a crowd of 5 yesterday and cooked a Monster of a ham, with scalloped potatoes , broccoli with cheese sauce, buttered peas, fresh buns and a cornucopia of other delights. Pistachio Gilato, Apple crisp and chocolate eggs for desert. Wine, beer, Jameson "Crested" and Chambord (black raspberry liqueur) to wash it all down, heh. Cheers! 🐇
  11. Dang, this is gonna be harder than I thought. I'm only up to 35 eds so far...🙁 Still working on it though!
  12. I neglected to include the GitS: Mondo Steel, which is absolutely gorgeous, so adding it here. 🙂
  13. Next up... Univerals's Monsters Collection! (oooh, this one could be, um, large.....) 😉
  14. Hi @Veum ! Wow! Those are great pics of some of your collection already! Awesome Bats treasures! 🤩 Heh, don't need to be fancy my friend. In fact, if the weather turns nice, some of the greatest pics I've seen of folks collections, were taken outside in the green stuff! Cheers!

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