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  1. Oh also folks, ALL 4K are Region Free. 🙂 So you can play them on any 4K player, no matter where purchased. Mind, Kabaneri is not 4K so. apples - oranges.
  2. Well @Unai Usabiaga, you can also purchase the Manga Entertainment release from Amazon Spain which is same release as Amazon UK and Amazon,com so I would be confident it has English subs. Link: https://www.amazon.es/Kabaneri-Iron-Fortress-Season-Combo/dp/B07JYQNJ5M/ref=sr_1_1?__mk_es_ES=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&crid=369CK9Y66HVPR&keywords=kabaneri&qid=1566332171&s=dvd&sprefix=Kabaneri%2Cdvd%2C231&sr=1-1 Art:
  3. Good Afternoon @Unai Usabiaga; I'm not sure where you live of course but this edition is available at Amazon.com (USA) - Japanese with Eng subs. Link: https://www.amazon.com/Kabaneri-Iron-Fortress-Season-Blu-ray/dp/B076LW35NP/ref=sr_1_2?crid=1WSJL475W3GRE&keywords=kabaneri+of+the+iron+fortress&qid=1566326528&s=movies-tv&sprefix=Kabaneri+of+the+Iron+Fortress%2Cmovies-tv-intl-ship%2C201&sr=1-2 Art:
  4. Great call @Scary Hair for The Abyss !!! I have no idea what the issue with that film is but we still don't even (to my knowledge) have a dang BLU-RAY (physical copy) yet? If anyone knows why, I'd be anxious to find out.
  5. Thanks @Pbsw23 for the info. I'm not a He-Man aficionado myself but do certainly acknowledge the impact the original series had on kids (of all ages!). 🙂
  6. Curiously, I was just about to order this and The Illusionist (which I consider just as good) a couple days ago (have both on dvd). Glad I held off, on this one at least, heh.
  7. So, have they decided which edition this will be yet? The 1-clk and Full Slip refer to it as OAB #38 and the Dble lenti advert sheet refers to it as OAB #45. I believe #38 is accurate but found it a bit of a giggle as they've made a FEW mistakes on promo sheets before... 🤨
  8. Hey buddy @ksosk ; I was curious if D'ailly has mentioned what they are doing with this? As in; SteelBook - check Slip - ? Multi-Slips - ? (i.e. FS, Lenti, 1/4) One-click/Hardbox - ? Special Edition Merch: - ? (i.e. Sticker, Booklet, leaflet, poster, art cards etc...) Ta, my friend. 🙂
  9. ^^ Awesome! Just in time for the DC Collector's Award! 😀 Right? By then I should be able to put forth a submission using just Aquaman sets. 😉
  10. ^^ To my knowledge (admittedly limited) WCL has only released 1 film in 4K, 2001. There have been some upscales of other films, Unforgiven comes to mind but not released in that medium. As for Goodfellas, not a premium but the WB release of the slip-cased ed with accompanying hardcover book and a remastered 4K scan (released in 2K) is very nice indeed.
  11. I thought, since we do not as yet, have an Asian Films thread...😴 I'd mention a new film Nova has on offer. It's called "Rampant" a film about medieval Chinese warriors battling Zombies. Yeah, just when you thought "Pride and Prejudice and..." couldn't take the Zombie craze any further... I've had the Wellgo NA amaray for a while now and I LOVE THIS FILM! Heh, it's just the right kind of crazy. So, here's a link to the lovely; NOVA slip-cased edition (Scanovo case). http://novamnm.com/product/blu-ray-rampant/1809/?cate_no=83&display_group=1 Art:
  12. ^^ I do hope your hype for Vinland Saga is met, my friend. I've seen mixed reviews (wrt pacing) but I've seen mixed reviews on Citizen Kane also...😉 I personally, am looking very much forward to it.
  13. I meant to ask, did the FAC Venom figure come inside the Maniac Box? I have not opened my box yet as I already have um, a few, Venom editions already...🙂

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