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  1. A little bit of trivia for those unaware; This awesome badass; Is same sweetie that played "Diamondback" in "Near Dark"; and the "Irish Mommy" in "Titanic"; Jenette Goldstein: (also John's foster Mom in T2) 🙂 🥰
  2. Heh, sorry about that @Intentcoin ; No, I was referring to the character "Joker" in the film Full Metal Jacket. I didn't explain myself well. 🙂 edit c/o.
  3. Heh, I can relate @Intentcoin. I have more than few eds on my shelf (including a few Premiums), that when I stare at them I mumble "what the hell was I thinking?" 🙂 Fortunately I'm slowly starting to tame my 'crow' instincts and no longer hit the buy button because "ooohh! shiny!"... I'd suggest giving it a spin some dull day though, it could give ya a few laughs.
  4. Woot! More B-Days ! 🥳 Hey there @Stefanb1982 and @BobaFett1974 ; But best of wishes regardless! Happiest of Birthdays to ya both my friends. 😀
  5. Dang that's a pretty small number of editions for such an iconic flik. 🤯 This movie prints money every time it plays, why on earth would they limit themselves so? Licences are weird.... On another note, I'll respond to a couple questions that were asked here; @KubricksYarbles ; - The printed text for the slips, steels, etc will be in the language of film's origin but will always contain English dialogue OST as an option. - CM is a pretty decent company. In the past they stirred a bit of bad blood in the market but things are much better at present. - Their slips and artwork are drop dead gorgeous, as they have some very reputed artists to contact. - @Mdk14092; - CM does frequently include special "treats" with their creations. The last in fact was a complete Art Book to accompany my Alita purchase. - I've received pins, art cards, a "Blood Sample tray" with "The Thing", a cut out doll and clothes for the "Joker" soldier character in "Full Metal Jacket" and a variety of other nick ' naks. Okay, sounds perfect, what's the other side of the coin? Well, their getting product to customers scheduling, could use some work. And that was before crazy cousin covid dropped by. 🙂
  6. ^^ Well @Intentcoin, I find if you don't pay attention to the script (because they didn't) then the action is pretty cool and the critters are kinda weird/cute. You can have fun with this flik, just treat it as a slapstick comedy and not a deep thinking comedy (because they did). 🙂
  7. Just thought I'd drop by here and see if there's been any news. Thanks for the trailer upload @R1s1ngs0n, reminded me why I've got a warm spot in my heart for this cool little flik. 🙂
  8. ^^ Yeah, it's cool I guess. If ya know, ya like movies or sumpthin'......
  9. Hello again @Bones ; First just a heads up, I only noticed this latest post of yours because I was cruising the "Activity" thread. Best way to get attention is to flag someone ( hell, even me, I'm fine with that) and so someone will know you've asked a question. Bottom RH corner of every page has the Staff Members listed, so you can choose your victim! heh. Anyway; - the new Membership cycle is just beginning anew for 2020 ( done every August) so keep frequent on the board and you will soon hear when the renewals go live. 🙂 - As for older orders, we do have our own "Classifieds" section for Buying/Selling/Trading our treasures. Here's a link to the Title Page; https://mediapsychos.com/classifieds/category/1-media/ - As for Ebay, I'm certainly no stranger to it. Prices for Premium Blus are usually quite a roller coaster though. Obviously following initial launch of a title, there's a feeding frenzy. But if you wait too long, a title gets rarer and rarer. I've found in the past, using the 6 Months after launch mark as a good time to search, works out pretty good. - 1-clks from retailer can go from ~ $120Usd for a two pak up to $220Usd for a 3+ pack. So on after market, might as well double it.... 🙄 I think if you take a walk through our current classifieds listings you may find some noteworthy items to consider. I would suggest ALWAYS checking it before searching EBAY! heh. Cheers!
  10. Welcome @Bones 🙂 Oh, I think you are gonna like it here. Nice to hear you've been in the Arrow and Shout/Scream camps for a while but you are going to be amazed at some of the cool goodies out in the wild we track down here. If you ever have any questions, just hit up a Staff Member or essentially anyone really and ask away! We all started here new at some point, heh. To flag someone, just use the "@" key and type their monicker, it will bring up a similar named list and just choose your person. Such as you see it displayed with your name at beginning of this post. 🙂 Oh, a good place to start is; Select the "Activity" button along title bar above. From there, you'll see all the latest posts throughout the Forum and you can just select one to read further on topic. That Thread auto-updates as well. Cheers!
  11. ^^ Great new additions to your library @Casiusco 🤩 Hopefully in the near future, those will also be sitting on my shelf as well. 🙂
  12. Hi @TAC ; 🙂 I'd suggest making a request to @thomue1987 in the following thread; He is our German HUB and may be able to place an order for you. 🙂 Be sure to post all stats for your request and a link to the purchasing retailer so he can quickly find it. Good luck!
  13. List; - Mary Poppins Steel: (Best Buy) (One of my fave Disney. I bought the "MP Returns" Steel but haven't watched yet. Time to fix that) - Badlands: (Crit) (1973, Martin Sheen and Sissy Spacek as teen killers on murder spree in the '50s. Stone later re-used the plotline for "Natural Born Killers") - Caltiki The Immortal Monster: (Arrow) (1959, more '50s spooky/sci-fi weirdness, my pet love) - Crime and Punishment: (Arrow) (I think this story has been done about a dozen times but none can compare to the original by Sternberg, Starring Peter Lorre) - Invention For Destruction: (Second Run) (1958, Karel Zeman (Munchaussen fame) gives us one of the best Jules Verne adaptations. Done later with variations in Vincent Price's "Master of the World" and Disney's "20K Leagues Under The Sea") - Godzilla: (FYE Steel) (2014 version. I thought this had got lost long ago and bought it again. I guess my kids get this one) - The Big Clock: (Arrow) (1948, Miland vs Laughton in a very tense 'whodunit' later used a few times as plotline for "The Wrong Man" fliks. A classic) - Witchhammer: (Second Run) (1970, witch hunting in the middle ages, Eastern Europe style. Considered one of the better versions of this sordid tale. has a slightly more documentary feel similar to "Haxan" than fliks such as say "The Conqueror Worm" (Price) or "Mark Of The Devil" (Lom) ) - RHH Special Effects Titan: (Arrow) (2011, chronicles the incredible achievements of Ray Harryhausen) (DVD but I also have the Blu). - Invasion Of The Body Snatchers: (Arrow) (1978 version. I already had this but wanted the extras on the Arrow ed.)

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