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  1. Hi @Sheikah; Yeah, Aniplex of America prices are ALWAYS high. The one consolation is, they are guaranteed to be of the best quality possible and equivalent to the Japanese releases (which are also always exorbitantly priced unless on sale). You can sometimes luck in to a sale on RightStuf and occasionally Amazon but with Aniplex titles it's rare, because folk will usually pay the higher cost to get that level of quality. unfortunately, to get the shows they licence on Blu, you either have to pay their price or seek out the show from another country (i.e. Manga in UK, Dybex in France, Dynit in Italy, etc...). Hence the reason I have a region free player. 🙂 Here's Right Stuf's link so you can keep tabs on American releases; https://www.rightstufanime.com/ 🙂
  2. I received a few lovely treasures today I thought worth mentioning; - Room 1408 (CE) (gorgeous window box!, from amz.de) - Sin City Ultimate CE box (A Dame to Kill for in 3D, lots of goodies inside, including 2 beautiful posters!) - Venom (Amazon.ca excl little red book edition) - Farewell My Concubine (Nova SE ed) - Black Robe (amz.de, VERY hard to find in NA!) - Piranha (Steel, Joe Dante's original) - Suspiria (Nova, orig. I already have 3 releases but LOVE this cover!) 🤗
  3. One of the fortunate things of having a region-free Blu player is of course, being able to track down deals offered by other companies outside North America. The Blue Exorcist editions are a good example. Anniplex direct editions for sale via RightStuf, Tokyo Otaku Mode or Amazon, are exorbitantly priced in my mind and the English Manga titles, that bear the "Anniplex" moniker on their products, are of equivalent quality but usually far cheaper. I've had a region free player for many years now (2 players actually) and never regretted the purchase price for in the long run, I've managed to both save money and also (more importantly) been able to purchase titles that just are not available in NA. Winning! 😀 p.s. Blue Exorcist is Highly Recommended, excellent show!
  4. Hey @Sheikah I think a "Zelda" sig would be AWESOME for you! It would be unique, distinct and totally gorgeous! (as all Goose's sigs are!). Ya got my vote for it at least my friend! 🙂
  5. Yeah, I noticed that when I opened the box. 😀 On the cover of the Mediabook it is also misspelled. Alas, It is what it is and I'm over it, heh. At least it wasn't as expensive as the UHD "Forest Gum" I purchased! 😉 I did at least luck in to a low number, 81/666.
  6. ^^ Oh, and I LOVE Sean Bean, very solid actor and usually has great roles (and ALWAYS dies at the end! heh heh), BUT, his version, while not bad ( in fact he's pretty good, the script, not so much), can't hold a candle to Hauer's performance, imho...😉
  7. Hi there @Scary Hair ! I have this Blu, (Mediabook) from Amz.de and yes it has English! One of my fave Hauer films and I love (and have) almost ALL his films! Hitcher, for it's time was as gruesome as it gets and his co-star Jennifer Jason Leigh also stars with him in another fave Hauer film of mine, "Flesh and Blood" (which recently had a lovely edition put out in the UK). Strangely, a LOT of Hauer's films are hard to track down (i.e. Split Second and Blood of Heroes) but I found 'em all! 🤗 In fact, I think I'll post a pic of all my Hauer films in my "Deeper Dungeons" soon!
  8. ^^ Thanks my friend @deckard99! It's a fair size actually and more impressive in hand than pics will show (as are most treasures, of course...). It's not quite as large as my "Gingersnaps" leather trilogy set but still quite lovely! Some folks were dismayed that the 'booklets' contained in each film's mediabook replicate each other and cover the same info (all 3 films) but I care not about little things like that. I've always loved the first film and though some were disappointed by the sequels, I accepted them on their own over-the-top cheesy goodness and they do make for good popcorn fare! 🤗
  9. Grendel

    Anime Collection

    ^^ When you get a chance @Sheikah, cruise through some of the older pics in this thread and the other Anime thread (New Anime Blu-ray Releases). There's some pretty nice editions in them that you may want to consider...😉 Cheers Buddy!
  10. Grendel

    Anime Collection

    Good Evening @Sheikah and welcome to the Anime forums! You've started off with some GREAT pics of your treasures, love the "Your Name" set especially! 🤩 We hope to see many more pics of your wonderful collection as it grows my friend! Cheers! 🤗
  11. I have the Kimchi 1-clk of From Dusk Till Dawn ordered but when I saw Amazon.de put this up, I had to have it. 🤗 - From Dusk Till Dawn, Mediabook Trilogy (Leather case).
  12. Received a few new editions today my friends; 🤩 - Blue Exorcist, S-1 box set - Blue Exorcist S-2 Pt-1 Kyoto Saga ( Pt-2 still in the mail) - Blood Lad, (CE) set
  13. I'll let you know when I play it how long it turns out to be. 🙂 Thanks for the heads-up!
  14. Hmm, how did you figure out the play length buddy @extantsrevenge? From the music titles on the CD? I could not see a play time listed. Well, regardless, I bought it principally for the art, which is gorgeous imho and I'll be framing it after I copy it. The Vamp D OST is a dble gatefold and with the amount of songs on it, I suspect it will be full length. Here's hoping! 🙂

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