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  1. Hi Folks; I'm LONG overdue for posting some pics in here so I thought I'd start with one of the nicest new editions in my entire collection; Game Of Thrones: Complete Series, Premium Edition. To give you an idea of the huge size to this set, 1st pic shows a normal slipped Blu (a great one at that!) beside the closed box. In the 2nd pic (opened) I've included 2 of the 3 famous Dragons from the show, the 3rd, Rhaegal, I'm still waiting for them to release.
  2. ^^ This is up at both Nova's site under "Coming Soon" and Kimchi's site under "Blu-rays". ($29usd). 🙂 Some other new/coming releases folks may find interest in include; - The Sixth Finger (both sites) - The Thieves (both sites, HIGHLY recommended!) - The Great Battle (both sites, HIGHLY recommended) - The Secret In Their Eyes (both sites) Also; - One Cut of The Dead (Plain Archive #058) (HIGHLY recommended!)
  3. Okay; I found it listed under "Fanatic Selection" vice Blufans. I'll remember for next time...😉
  4. I guess I'm easily confused as yesterday I could not find the proper link for Platinum members. Not a worry, I managed to get in on Kevin's GB (#11 so pretty sure I'm good) but still unsure where i went wrong here. I checked the Blufans category under GBs and I checked the Platinum Member section and though I saw an advert for BF Infinity War, not for Endgame. Again, I'm good, but, where should I have been looking?
  5. Curious if they are using the Studio Canal cut from 2011 or if they have found/made a new master? 🤔
  6. Gratz! @Gubbel ! So very happy to have you on the team and certainly appreciate your contributions to discussions buddy! Cheers!
  7. Grendel

    Anime Collection

    Good Evening my Anime loving friends; Well, it's been a while since I put anything up here so thought I'd share my latest purchases. These 3 are for me; 🙂 These are for my girls and I should manage to get them mailed off in time Christmas; 🤗
  8. If available; - x1: Nova: Drive Lenti (8 copies available) ($33) (#27 on list) - x1 Plain Archive: Zero Dark Thirty PET GREEN (12 copies available) ($27) (#1 on list) Thanks very much for the opportunity! 😀
  9. ^^ Figures, just recently tracked down a sealed copy of the Nova release; I most certainly will need to order the Steel, great film. 🙂 Thanks for the heads-up @airwins !
  10. I guess Finney's "A Christmas Carol " will always be my must watch but there's a few others I assuredly make time for as well; - A Charlie Brown Christmas - National Lampoon's A Christmas Vacation - A Nightmare Before Christmas, and more recently; - Krampus and Rare Exports 😀 I'm sure I'm forgetting a couple but these immediately spring to mind. Oh, also a shout out to "Santa's Slay" with the wrestler Goldberg in the titular role. Too funny by half! Unfortunately only on dvd so far but the quality of it is surprisingly good. edit: almost forgot the original "How The Grinch Stole Christmas" animated. It's not a Christmas (for me) without watching that!
  11. There will always be collectors so I suspect there will always be collectors of SteelBooks and Premium Releases. Perhaps in 10 years it won't be as diverse a market as it is currently but there will be retailers who will offer unique items. As for priciest digital video disc retailer item (without counting Ebay or other similar markets, since they fluctuate so much) that I have purchased, so far I think the combined HDZ Bats trilogy tops my list. Purchased 2nd hand, I guess my Blood+ dvd box-set collection (so of course, there's now word of a Blu-ray set coming in 2020, heh). My most expensive movie related item I've purchased, I suppose would be the original Kenner Alien 18" 'Big Chap' figure (MIB) I paid $350usd for. Doubt you'll find one for less than $2k now in similar condition.
  12. I honestly did not anticipate a selection of slips. Great to see of course. I too am looking forward to seeing the lenti and the 1-click box (if there is one, I suspect there will be for 4 editions!). It's going to be harder to decide on what to get than I thought! 🤔 So far leaning toward the top one (white- DeNiro front / Irons back) but that 3rd one with Irons playing the (oboe?) is pretty ominous and nice.
  13. ^^ Indeed my friend, and for my neck 'o the woods, winter is already here. Just wanted to toss this out there as I meant to do so before. If anyone at times is unsure if they are, or are not already listed in a GB, the "Ctrl-F" search feature does work on the respective page; - open up the GB listing - left click on a blank space on the page listing of names ( this enables the search feature to figure out what 'page' you are looking on) - hold down the "Ctrl" key and hit the "F" key - type your avatar name into the box that opens ( mine opens on bottom of screen, some may get a small window) - hit the "Enter" key If you are on the list, it will highlight your name If you are not, well it won't and will usually default to top of page. Hope this little trick helps and if need be Mods, you can paste this tip to wherever... 🙂
  14. My backlog of film purchases to watch is beginning to get a bit overwhelming so trying to put effort into whittling that stack down. As I was still in a bit of a spooky mood following Hallow e'en, watched lately;
  15. The only one I missed out on from the original releases (that I'm happy to order) is "Red Sorghum". Very much looking forward to viewing that! Greatly appreciate the new releases forthcoming. 🙂

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