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  1. Definitely excited for this but it's HDZ, so we might not see it until the Zombie Apocalypse is in full swing.
  2. Some great games listed by everyone! I can relate to a LOT of your choices @extantsrevenge as after playing Baldur's Gate so much I had to buy new discs, heh I sought out games in a similar vein. I also like the spookies, like the Resident Evil series and have fond memories of playing an old classic many may not have heard of called "Realms Of The Haunting" which I believe was one of the 1st games to have live-action video cut-scenes in it! It was also incredibly difficult, as the further in the game you progressed, the less health rejuvenating items you would find! Also enjoyed the game "Clive Barker's Undying" which had a very similar theme to RotH. Tried to get into "American McGee's Alice" but though I adored the Alice In Wonderland with a very bent twist setting, was more frustrating than normal for me, as it has a LOT of puzzles in it and puzzle games are not my fortè. When "Dark Souls" finally came to PC, I missed the launch but now see Steam has the Dark Souls Re-mastered ed. avail for PC and it's gotten rave reviews so need to grab it. I don't have any consoles anymore. When my daughter lived with me we had everything, including the 1st launch of the Sega Game Gear, then Sega Genesis, Playstation(s), X-Box etc. When she got married and started her own family, those went with her and now my 11 year old Grand-daughter loves to play them! I have not played many games in quite some time now, though I have got back into World Of Warcraft online, with the launch of the original Classic (Vanilla) version for the nostalgia kick but only as a "filthy casual" this time, heh. Cheers my friends 😀
  3. Though I think Crowe was miscast, I think the rest gave outstanding performances. I think I have almost every iteration of Hugo's novel put to film and though this one isn't my absolute fave, I still very much enjoyed it. Definitely worth a purchase to me, to supplement my Steelbook. 😀 Oh, just did a second read on @ksosk post. Now I'm really excited to get this copy!!! Thanks for all your hard efforts my friend! 🤗
  4. While I personally wish there was a Blu-ray disc included, it's not a deal breaker. I already have the film in an amaray case to watch and I'm purchasing this one for the package so, yeah, rock-on. 😀
  5. @Ltd.Steel.Junky74 @Favarrak @Minui
  6. @3rasus / @MovieHead Congratulations on such an achievement! We assuredly appreciate your contributions to this Forum!
  7. Happy Birthday good Buddy! @Veum 🤗
  8. Just an FYI folks but Amazon Japan has a very nice edition of Django for sale as well' It does have an English soundtrack. Sorry for de-railing the thread... 😉
  9. Hi Folks; Well, to be frank. it was a VERY limited edition issued and available for purchase, at a competitive Blu-ray forum, to Premium members. Only 50 were made, sorry to say. 🙁 It's quite gorgeous (as is evident) and holds a place of pride in my collection.
  10. Hi Folks; I have not been as active as usual (or as I'd prefer) as of late because a certain company here in Canada has decided they wish to employ my skill-sets. As soon as I discover what those skills are, I hope to put them to use. Anyway, it's been chaos central getting up and running with them so, yeah. I do hope to dedicate at least SOME time to visiting this, my fave site, in the forthcoming days. Not like anyone missed me, heh. 😉 Cheers!
  11. Hi Buddy; Don't get me wrong, it was a good release I just thought there was room for improvement with the newer tech available today. If the new one wasn't coming out, I'd be happy with what I have... it ain't the 2016/17 ver at least!
  12. And here's 3 more (of Kurumi Tokisaki) in the pipe that should arrive over the next few months...; 🤗
  13. Thanks for posting this @extantsrevenge. I've been watching the release news on this one closely. I love the fact they are releasing a Steel finally for this iconic series but it's MVM once more, so I don't know if they are doing an upgrade on the Blu-ray. I'll buy it regardless just for the Steel but as I already have their previous release, which is pretty good, I'd also love to see an upgrade. 🙂 p.s. my YU YU S-1 Steel, Date A Live S-1 and LGH: DNT S-1 arrived! 🙂

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