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  1. ^^ I'm very happy your copy of the gorgeous Steel came in @psychoscot ! 😀 Indeed, it looks great. I elected to go with the CE 'Book' style for the film, with the Scanavo Blu case, book, 'naff etc. as I very much like the original cover art and pulp novel styled hard-case it came in. Couldn't really justify getting both though (well, I could have but...) so picked the one I did. I'll be posting some new arrival pics this eve or tomorrow, so can display it then. It too is very lovely indeed though. 🙂
  2. ^^ Hmm, well depending on your ability to reach the affected corner @Neil21Harris, you may be able to punch it out again. I've used a chopstick and with firm directed pressure, you can (sometimes) push the corner back flush. It will no doubt show a touch of wear at the site but it will look better than a pushed in corner. 🙂
  3. My Dear Friend Nils @extantsrevenge ; And wishing you the very best, now and always! 🥰
  4. Hi @LeGonze; There are no OVAs for Attack On Titan. All episodes went direct to series. There is an LA Film but not recommended. There's also an anime Chibi style 'spoof' of the series, that was made after S-2 of the real series. It's called "Attack On Titan; Junior High" and it's pretty funny and cute. I wouldn't suggest a watch of it before having consumed S-1 & 2 of the Series, or it loses a lot of context but anytime after doing so is fine. If you don't mind watching folks having fun at their own expense, it's a fun little trip. 😉
  5. Also Buddy @LeGonze, the OADs (aka OVAs) are still available at RS ($13.50) and a few secondary sellers at Amazon.com. I would have wrote that above but wanted to post the link asap when I saw only one left at Amz.com. Hope ya score them all eventually. The standard amaray eds will probably be around for a while yet but the LEs are no longer produced. Cheers Buddy.
  6. Hi @LeGonze; Ajin S-2 LE: Amazon.com: Link. https://www.amazon.com/Ajin-Demi-human-Season-2-Blu-ray/dp/B0788XQ5YH/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=ajin+season+2&qid=1626571497&s=movies-tv&sr=1-1-catcorr
  7. Thanks for the shout-out my Buddy @Fortis93 👍 I managed to scoot in on the GB shortly after open. I do hope you manage to log in soon and jump on the list. I think we'll fill it pretty quick. Best to ya my guy.
  8. I thought twice about this, but I needed to voice my disappointment with the front cover selected art. I have zero issue with a company doing their best to be unique and print something that is completely different from the norm. I have a big issue with taking historical artwork and changing it with an image that a photoshop gif could improve upon. It's not even an alternate cut of anything, it's a mashing of the perfect and the perverse. Naw, I can't sit silent and let this pass. I'm glad I requested an order for this, as one picture does not a set make but the dark
  9. Good Evening @Hecko, @LeGonze and my other Anime watching friends; 🙂 I can understand the reluctance for some folk to collect physical media, it's not a cheap hobby and when one gets into collecting Premium Eds of films, well, it can down right spooky how much we invest. Fortunately we've got a media-site for commiserating with like minded Psychos. 😉 And, Anime is probably the most expensive standard amaray cased Blu-rays you can buy in their own right, so taking advantage of streaming services or the like can substantially save on coin. That said, conside
  10. I was initially on the fence for this MAG release as I already am fortunate enough to own some very lovely Premiums of the films in this set. Including of course, that monster brick FAC provided us for T-2. Seeing the art on display now, I'm very happy indeed, that instinct took over and I clicked the GB join button asap. 🥳 I'm almost at the point where I need to dedicate a display case, just for Terminator films & 'naff. I suspect I could have worse 1st world problems...
  11. Just thought I'd mention my friends, that I do have a few new anime releases snuggled safely here at home but waiting for a couple more to appear before I toss up a pic. Also, I went a bit Mad Lad on the Sentai sale and have two large orders in the pipe. As it takes a threshold of $200Usd to get free shipping, well, I'll let you do the math, as it scares the hell outta me. When they arrive, I'll be sure to post a pic pronto. 🙂 I've since made a list for the RightStuf sale ongoing and will probably place an order tomorrow. Oh gods, why did I have to discov
  12. Good Evening @Pbsw23 and @Hecko; 🙂 I feel very confident you will enjoy Attack On Titan, Pbsw23 as it is certainly a roller-coaster of thrills. I'd suggest you are quite lucky to discover it this late, as you are now able to watch almost the entire show in succession, without the agonizing wait most of us went thru, heh. 😉 I think you will also appreciate "Ajin" as the whole sci-fi premise it provides is familiar, yet quite new in presentation. Some hard-cores snort at the CG used but I stopped paying attention to those attitudes a LONG time ago. See my post ab
  13. Hi Folks; 😀 Thanks for posting the notice on Ajin @LeGonze. I've been fortunate enough to own both S-1 + 2 spec eds (ya don't want to know what I paid) and about a month ago, purchased the OADs (Original Anime on Digital, i.e. never streamed). I very much enjoyed the show. It's been on and off sale a number of times and since they are no longer printing it (until/unless we get a 3rd season, heh) I'm so glad you scored it on a sale Buddy. I think you'll like it, so I'd suggest tracking down S-2 and the OADs (both avail at RightStuf) pronto, while you still can. 😉
  14. ^^ Well then, I actually envy you, as both films are outstanding (imho). I do hope you enjoy them. 😀

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