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  1. I think you know what the issue was with those FAC releases. I won't labour the point here, this is a happy thread. 🙂
  2. The Big-G looks superb @Catgirl 🤩 Really wish I had made the cut for all (any) of the Kaiju fliks.
  3. Good Afternoon My Friends; 😀 Well now, I received a very lovely parcel in the mail today from RightStuf. Aniplex: Kaguya-Sama S-1 (I've got Chika's dance on loop...😉) Aniplex: Madoka, orig series (I'll send my MVM set to my Girls) Funi: SSSS Gridman, CE, series (was just waiting for the price drop) 🥰
  4. Good Evening My Friends; 🙂 I suspect many of you are familiar with the Anime sensation "Violet Evergarden" which finally saw a North American release on Blu-ray, of both the series and the accompanying film, by Funimation. The LE they released was snapped up in a flash and now going for silly money on EBay. Both the standard ed and the film, are still relatively easy to acquire and for a damn good price ($40Usd + $20Usd respectively). Well, the long anticipated (well, by many) AllThe Anime (UK) LE is now given a release date of 26 Apr '21 (~ 5
  5. Hi Folks; It's been a while since I've actually put strong thought into picking up a new statue. That is, until GoodSmile just dropped this nuke bombshell; Ghost In The Shell: Major Motoko Kusanagi Link: https://www.goodsmile.info/en/product/10986/Motoko+Kusanagi.html Pic: Approx 11inches (275 mm) in height, considering Motoko is kneeling, that is an impressive dimension. At ~ $1K Usd, this is very doable for me. The facial features, the intricate tubing and the amazing body sculpt make this one of the nicest Figs I
  6. And Finally, The Big Guns; - Blade Runner; UHD Perfect Edition - Blade Runner 2049; UHD Perfect Edition 🥰 🥳 😍
  7. Also; - Dunkirk; UHD Wood Box Lenti Slip (incredible!) - The Shining; CM 1-clk (nicest release of this film I've yet seen) 🥰
  8. Next we have; - Pitch Black; FAC FS Slip Steel - The Lighthouse; MLIFE FS Scanavo - Back To Back, Face To Face; WCL FS Slip - 47 Ronin; FAC Lenti Slip Steel (absolutely incredible 3D Lenticular effect, just gorgeous!) [Glad I have the 3D disc already] - Knives Out; Kimchi FS Slip Steel - Midway; Kimchi, Lenti Slip Steel 🥰
  9. Good Evening My Friends; 😀 I know I haven't been around much, not for lack of desire, to be sure heh. I'm still "in the game" though and very pleased to relate that a wonderful parcel arrived from our esteemed @Masterblaster, with some incredible treasures inside. Also, a few direct purchases. I've divided the spoils into a few pics. Of note; - Pacific Rim; ToC - Batman; ToC (Burton) - Greenland; via Nova - Terrorizers; via Nova - Sheep Without a Shepherd; Discino ( worth mentioning, this Chinese film is a remake of the Indian film "Drishyam"
  10. Good evening my friend @Fortis93; 🙂 Indeed, if James even created a film of that subject material that served as a faux documentary, about one hour long, I think that would be well received. I think at this point however, it may be a considerable time before we see a return to the Terminator franchise, in any respect. And, I'm fine with that. Perhaps a totally new sci-fi film that elicits the same draw and appeal? Wow, what a concept... 😉
  11. ^^ I'm happy to hear you've enjoyed previous experience with them @ejm69; 🙂 I've been with Nova since...well, since they've been Nova, I guess and just of note, as you purchase direct, you will accumulate "Points" with them if your purchase is over a dictated amount (last I recall was $50 Usd?). At this point, I could probably grab a couple 1-clicks for free, as it can build up quickly if you find they carry titles that meet your interest. Best of Luck buddy.
  12. I mentioned in a different Thread I have plans on grabbing one of the Premium eds for Dark Waters but since Nova is accessible to most folk direct, not sure what the consideration is for a GB. Here's a link to their site @ejm69 if you do not have previous experience with them. They are VERY pain-free to deal with. Link: http://novamnm.com/index.html 🙂
  13. I feel "Dark Waters" is an important film. Perhaps not "1-click" worthy but one I will definitely pick up in one of the Premium eds.
  14. Hi @LeGonze ; 🙂 I know you usually frequent the "New Anime Releases" Thread but thought you might have interest to view some of the shows I've posted pics of here as well. Any questions, gimme a shout my friend. Any friends that you feel may also have interest, toss 'em a clue as well, heh. Cheers.
  15. Just reading through the comments above and some great points raised wrt the different Terminator films. Whilst I consider the 1st two as bona fide classics that fully deserve the love they get, I was a bit disappointed in "Rise" simply by the way they handled the Terminator's mannerisms. It has flaws but it did not leave me angry. "Dark Fate", left me VERY angry. Spoilers: I could go on but I've made my impression known. I WILL buy a pretty box, if HDZ or FAC provide one, but I won't watch it again. Also, for what it's worth, I quite enj

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