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  1. I just dropped by their Facebook page and rather odd announcements for a number of generic slip-amaray-cased Blu-rays that are pretty much available anywhere. Not sure what is going on wrt their "transition" but couldn't find a decent answer on FB. Twitter was identical, with no info of value. I do wish them luck with whatever is going on as I very much enjoy the spec eds they've given us. 👍
  2. ^^ Now that we are in fact able to have MAG editions shipped directly to our homes, it makes the decision whether or not to purchase far easier, for me at least. 😀 And, since I'm in the process of renovating an entire room into a film library, size is not impacting me the way it once was. Of course...ymmv...😉
  3. ^^ TYVM my Buddy @CAYENNE-FAHRER, 😀 (oh, did you by chance left-mouse click on the pics themselves? Gives much nicer detail, imho...heh)
  4. And to close off; - 300: HDZ, Gold 1-clk - Age Of Innocence: MAG (via MP 🙂), Boxed spec ed. - Doctor Sleep: Black Barons, 1-clk - Cold War Creatures: Arrow, 4 Film box set + extras (including...The Giant Claw!!! OMFG! Finally!...ok, I'm calm...) - Grindhouse: Death Proof+Planet Terror: Nova, Lenti spec ed Steel. (Gorgeous!) - Children Of The Corn: Arrow, Trilogy box-set + many extras - The Invisible Man: EB, Boxed spec ed Steel - Peninsula: Panda (Injoingan), (via Nova), spec ed slip-cased Steel + 2 lenti artcards (so-so sequel to Train To Busan)
  5. Next Up, we have a few spec eds in the mix; - A Clockwork Orange: Zavvi, 50th Anniv spec ed+Steel. (One of my fave Kubrick Fliks). - A Quiet Place: 1 & 2, Best Buy, Steels - Scott Pilgrim: ToC, spec ed Steel - Elvira: Mistress Of The Dark, Arrow, Steel; and Elvira's Haunted Hillls, Shout, slip-case spec ed. (such a cutie!, gotta love her) - Space Jam: ToC, spec ed Steel (Lola still looks like Lola in this version!) - The Courier: Nova, slip-cased spec ed, #253 - The Collector: Indicator, amaray. (Stamp channels David Warner to create a nerve wracking old
  6. Good Evening My Friends; 🙂 I was fortunate enough to get a few new treasures in as of late. Thought a pic or two might be in order. First Up: - There Will Be Blood: Miramax, slip-amaray - Blomkamp Trilogy: Columbia, digibook, Incl; District 9, Chappie, Elysium, a host of extras - Wrath Of Man: Nova, spec ed slipcase, # 15. - The Green Knight: A24Pic, slip-amaray (1st grab, to actually watch the flik. Hope to see a Premium in the Crystal Ball). - A Dark Song: Shout/Scream, slip-amaray (dark, indeed. This flik gets into some serious stuff, with zero ch
  7. ^^ Wonderful new treasures @LeGonze! 🤩 Oh dear, you're a braver man then me getting in to tracking down all the Dragonball. 🥶 Though I watched a significant amount of it while my Daughter was growing up, by the time the dvds rolled out, they were a FLOOD, one coming out almost every week to make up for lost time it seemed and, so, I didn't even try to catch up, heh (especially with the price of dvds then). Great series(s) although I'm not caught up on the latest incarnations. Picture perfect pair of Steels ya got there as well Buddy! 🥰 Well done!
  8. ^^ Sigh, when opportunity permits, would a MOD be so kind as to unlock my post above? I used a "bad word". Ta. * sigh, I thought we had grown past this scenario? It seems totally unnecessary at this point.
  9. ^^ Some very lovely new editions to your Library my dear friend, well done! 🤩 It's a bit sad to see the way that particular Steel for Dune ('84) turned out. On close-up inspection, it even looks like they removed the teeth from the Worm's bumpy maw, whaaa? I have yet to remember to pick up the set for "V", thanks for the reminder, as I did truly enjoy watching that when it first aired. Thanks so much for sharing another pic of your treasures, Nils! Much appreciated! 😍
  10. ^^ That is a very beautiful collection all by itself @ShadowWarrior (though I know you have substantially more from other Houses). My sincere congrats my Buddy, on a 'Mission Accomplished" 🥳
  11. Not sure which Premium House(s) may pick this up but I should think one or more will, it's just too big an event to bypass. Quality of the film (which I have not seen) is usually irrelevant, it's the HYPE that matters and this puppy has that. Ideally; - Manta - WeET - HDZ (Gold) - other? Hoping so at any rate...🙂
  12. ^^ Some truly wonderful new additions yourself @Veum ! 😍 I see that as well as picking up the new Shout "Halloween" eds, you've selected some of the new 4K "Universal Monsters" Steels . Your collection of these classics must have their own shelving unit by now Buddy! heh heh. Good on ya! So very pleased to see the new release from Shout of "Elvira's Haunted Hills". 🥰 I grabbed it as well and love the slip-case it came with. Though not quite as fun as her "Mistress Of The Dark" feature, I still enjoy the homage it provides to the classic Corman/Poe/Price fliks that I k
  13. ^^ Truly gorgeous @Magnifly ! 😍 Thanks much for the tag my friend. This is one of the most touching and impactful Anime that I've watched in quite some time. Shoko manages to say more with her inflections and actions in a single film than most shonen type anime characters can get across in an entire season. In many ways, I enjoyed it even more than Your Name and Weathering With You and that I would consider, high praise indeed. I realize that particular edition is not Eng friendly but the artwork makes up for it and I know you have other editions anyway. W
  14. Grendel


    ^^ Absolutely gorgeous @waxenol!!! 🤩 😍 McIntosh are top shelf to be sure, so I think this set-up should last you, your kids, your grand-kids...😉 Very happy indeed to see your arrangement my Canuck Buddy. Lovely collection of slabs to boot! Though I posted a pic of my TT a couple pages back, I suppose I should toss up a pic of the rest of my system. I've got KEFs all round, for sound (and an Axiom sub and centre) so yeah, they sound pretty sweet, heh. Cheers my friends.
  15. ^^ That is truly a work of art @ukade2327! My very sincere GRATZ for completing such a labour of love, it truly looks exceptional! 😍

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