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  1. ^^ @Trianna; Hey kids, I ain't playin' here all day ya know! 🤡 But in response, I guess the way the angels already tried twice to take me out; in a mach dive without engine power in a fighter jet (yeah, obviously got it re-lit both times...🙂)
  2. ^^ @Hollywood E Rock Heh, I'm sure you mean tangible item so I'll go with; My digital camera. - it has an enourmous collection of great memories stored on it I can peruse and who knows, could get some great shots of the current location as well! hmm, what's the melting temp for a camera?
  3. So, in addition to catching up on my "to watch" pile of fliks, to give the eyes something different to focus on, pulled some books off the shelf to delve through again. 🥰 Right now I'm hyped on Fantasy fare so; - World of Warcraft Chronicles (V - 1>3) - WoW Atlas to go with while reading - Warcraft Film, to watch again (I liked it) - Diablo: Book of Adria (Bestiary) [covers all critters from all 3 games) - Diablo: Artbook (absolutely stunning artistry in this tome! One of the nicest art books I have ever seen) - Curse of Strahd (D&D module) reads as an excellent novel as well - Descent Into Avernus (D&D module) again, reads great as a novel too. note: if you left click on this pic, it makes the covers easier to discern. 🙂
  4. ^^ Heh, didn't know MB was gimped up but fo' shore! Please send 🤗 and 🤭 to Claudia for us Boss!
  5. Hi @Veum ; I don't watch television, haven't for over 20 years. I can count the tv series I own on disc using my fingers and I wouldn't need to use all of them...🙂 edit: oh and neither Breaking Bad nor BCS are in the count, heh.
  6. Wow! really sweet HDZ haul there @khivansan ! LOVE that set of Sucker Punch! It's an odd-ball film for sure but I very much enjoyed the action sequences and I could look at the gal cast members all...day...long...! 😛
  7. Ya know, I actually liked the 1st AvP flik. Yeah, it went weird a few times and little rational sense pervaded the script but for bringing the two classic icons together, it was watchable. I in no way, shape, or form can say the same wrt AvP2 which seemed to go out of it's way to frustrate and anger fans. I own both but watched AvP2 only once, ever. Two hours of life i would have been better off dedicating to mowing my lawn with hand scissors....🥴
  8. ^^ I agree. 🙂 Predator 2 gets a lot of flak from some folks but they rarely can give me a good explanation as to why they didn't like it. Personally, I really enjoyed the film, a lot! Great actors (and acting), great action sequences, good story-line and the whole chase scene was a hoot! Yeah, bring it, please! Oh and yes, I enjoyed "Predators" as well, perhaps not as much but it was fun. note: ask the same folks that dissed P-2, their thoughts on Shane's "The Predator". They don't whine about P-2 quite as much anymore...😉
  9. So like, @Jigsaw & @Whoisjfox 🤗
  10. ^^ Hmm, that's a really sweet deal, thanks for the heads-up folks...😀 Mind I already have the Zavvi spec ed which is a bit similar and the FAC LE so, I'll need to flip a coin on this. 🤔 edit: Tails...ordered. 🙂
  11. ^^ Some REALLY nice titles in your last couple of hauls I dare say @Veum ! Me so jelly! 😉 Well done!

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