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  1. Hi my friend @FlanInTheFace; Before @extantsrevenge drops by, ya might want to toss a piece of paper in the pic showing your name and "Media Psychos". Otherwise, you'll be doing this again buddy... 🙂 Gorgeous collection BTW ! GRATZ! edit: forget last.... I just saw it up in RH corner. Man it was hard to spot my friend but IT'S There! 🤡
  2. Hi @pygospa 🙂 So as I mentioned above, since SS is a UK label, all the Brit sites should have it when it opens up. I'd start to check now. Amz.de could potentially get it. I know that .uk and .de share many similar titles. As for contents, I like most others, am still in the dark. SS has done a variety of styles in the past, Scanavo, Digi-books and digi-paks so not sure what we'll get. I anticipate a hefty book of some sort as well. Not sure what the hell of, mind you. 😀
  3. @xSNAKExPLISSKENx ; Hi Snake, glad ya found us, sorry I neglected to tag ya. Second Sight sells direct but Zavvi always carries SS titles and will this as well. I think it's already up there. I suspect Amazon.uk will as well, they also always carry SS. States-side, I think you'll need to look to "Diabolik" as the seller. Don't know if they are taking orders for it yet. Can't think of any other NA sellers I'm afraid. I'd give Zavvi a go. I use them all the time. 🙂
  4. Addendum: One of the issues with many films practical monster effects, imho, is the camera holding on the critter too long AND the critter moving damn near in ssslllooowww motion as it approaches a victim. I blame the Director (of course) and the SpecFx Team Lead for this faux-pas. I understand they want to show off this cool and horrifying make-up/suit/prosthetics but beasties do not operate like that. If one was real and attacking a fool, it would be moving at break-neck speed for the attack and close that distance pronto. Okay, maybe not Penny-Wise, as he feeds on the fear but all the rest would! heh. If they wanna have a long drawn out reveal, do it after the kill, have it scream at the ceiling or howl or some such thing, "Mr DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up..." If we see too much too soon and it's even at all goofy, oops, mission failed folks. Fortunately, Dog Soldiers only does this once, pretty close to the end. M2c 🙂
  5. Good Evening @RAK; (and friends) 🙂 Yes, I've watched "Dog Soldiers" a number of times and own 3 copies of it (DVD, Scream Blu, and Koch (German) MediaBook Blu). I think it is absolutely excellent and certainly one of the better Werewolf films out there. I'll be picking up this 'Second Sight' edition as well and send my Scream! copy to the kids. One of the issues that was raised wrt the 'Scream!' release was the PQ was off. The Director, Neil Marshall, confirmed that the Scream copy was authored from a Cinema Print because the OCN had been lost. When the Koch MediaBook was released, including a 4K authoring, it was later revealed it came from the same source. It has been revealed, by Neil Marshall himself, that they have since "found" the OCN (oh, that's "Original Camera Negative" btw, heh) and this Second Sight release will be a brand new authoring. They anticipate both 4K and Blu-ray discs will be produced. I think the Koch release looked pretty darn good but as you know, I'm old and senile. I suspect this release from SS will be jaw dropping. I'm sure you've researched the plot-line so won't labour that here. Suffice it to say that I believe the centre focus of the film, the interaction of the soldiers facing an unknown and terrifying threat, is almost a carbon copy of the tense drama faced by the team members in both "Predator" and "The Thing". and that is a good thing! I'd say the special effects and the 'practical' effects werewolf costumes were incredibly advanced for their time and still hold up to this day. They were also wise enough to keep most of the wolfies hidden, giving only brief glances at times, until the end pretty much. Similar in theme to I'd say both "Ginger Snaps" and "The Howling". So yeah, on my "highly recommended" list buddy. 🥰 Cheers. Tag: @Bones, @Veum, @pygospa, @Casiusco, @cypheria078, @Scary Hair, @Hollywood E Rock, @Fortis93, @Mad-martigan, @Mrs.Robinson and many others...heh. 😀
  6. Hi Folks; First, thanks very much @RAK for the heads-up on the disc swap program. Kudos to Shout! for moving on this so quickly. 🥳 I will order the replacement discs (of course) but I would also suggest that the issues of concern are paltry in significance and I can't really see these issues denigrating any viewing experience with any of the films to the point I would even really care; (a 'credit' mis-queue, a blink and you'll miss it gore scene and a 5 second audio break?) OMG the outrage! (which believe it, on some forums has some folk frothing at the gums like the spoiled children they portray). Considering the incredible amount of work that had to be carried out to make this complete set happen, I am AMAZED that's the only issues discovered. I've seen 3 times that amount of problems on a single film for some Blu-ray releases. Okay, I'm cool. Got that off my chest. It was some of the other idiot Forum posts, not MP that spooled me up, heh. I am absolutely overjoyed to own this incredible collection and whole-heartedly recommend it. 🤩
  7. Good Evening Friends; 🙂 I just thought I'd take a quick moment and share a pic of a lovely delivery received today. Scream/Shout! Factory; Friday The 13th Box Set. The set is truly a beauty and I absolutely love the iconic artwork they used on each of the film amarays. So happy to see that Part 3 is in updated 3D that will work with my glasses, woot! (the old anaglyph dvd with accompanying paper glasses, left much to be desired, heh). This looks GREAT nestled beside my "Halloween" Box Set...😉 I realized, after laying them out, there's no way I'll have room for the Posters as well. I'll toss a separate pic of them in my "Lair" when I update that Thread. 😀 Cheers.
  8. What an exquisite collection of art treasures you have my friend! Absolutely beautiful! 🥰 Before I ramble on about BR though, I wanted to take a moment to congratulate you on picking up that prestigious "Columbo" set! I honestly wasn't aware that it had received such royal treatment. I don't know when exactly but that will need to adorn my shelf in the future. I first became aware of Peter Falk in the WWII war film "Anzio", also starring Robert Mitchum (highly recommended film!) where he portrayed a Canadian Corporal, a member of the "1st Special Service Force" (aka "Devil's Brigade). There are numerous other films I thoroughly enjoyed him in as well but the series Columbo was assuredly his greatest feat. The schmaltzy, forgetful detective scheme (a mannerism also played by Det. Kinderman in "The Exorcist") he had down to a fault. I'm quite pleased you enjoy this show as well and look forward to hearing a quick blurb from you, on the quality of presentation the discs provide. 🙂 I like to think I have a pretty darn nice collection of Blade Runner (1 & 2) editions within reach but you've topped me with a couple of lovelies my friend! 🤩 Some really big swingers there, to be sure! My heartfelt congratz on obtaining such a wonderful collection. That Japanese Steel is assuredly a "grail" item and I won't insult you by asking how much. I'm just very happy to see a copy outside the @deckard99 collection for a change! 🤡 It's on my "before I die" list.... Also, the "UK Ultimate Edition" I seem to have bizarrely overlooked! THAT ONE, I plan to hunt pronto (with luck, I can even find it at an affordable price!) The others, I'm extremely fortunate to own, (and perhaps a couple of others? heh). Now, I'm glad I managed to comment before the great @deckard99 descends here, since he'll chat yer ear off on these lovelies, heh heh. Cheers my friend. 🙂
  9. Good Evening @DarthEd my friend; As I suspect you have surmised, I haven't been on as frequently as of late due to a flurry of work efforts but I'm doing my best to keep current, heh. I personally am not currently set-up for 4K and sincerely hope I won't need to anytime soon, as my 3D Plasma (and associated equipment) is providing stellar performance currently and I would hate to lose my 3D capability anytime soon. I'm sure someone makes them but I have no knowledge if there's a 4k + 3D TV on the market. That said, by reading reviews from those that have purchased the 4K ed of Akira, I garner they are quite pleased with the results. The HDR tech used to enhance colour saturation is apparently, very successful with this film, so despite a few niggling comments wrt "slight black crush" in some scenes and an inkling of pixelization in a few fast motion captures, it's a pretty dang nice release. Mind, with the WCL release forthcoming, I think that will be an edition worthy of our coin! I understand that you have no doubt, a very wonderful collection of GitS editions my buddy but honestly, do yourself a favour and grab that 4K slip-cased amaray ed while you can! The artwork used is iconic and a cult fave in the GitS community (which is why it got used) and if anyone in the know was to peruse your gorgeous GitS collection down the road and not see it...well... they just might have words to say....🤡 Also, if I recall, you queried a while back as to why I would recommend the "Dynit" release of "Cowboy Bebop Film" ? It basically comes down to the encoding process used. Now, I am not an expert by any means on this topic but I forum chat with a couple of folks that are. Dynit is fortunate enough to have in their stable, some of the best graphic encoders in the anime world outside Japan. Justin Suvakis to name one. They consistently produce some of the nicest Blu-ray editions of Anime on the market. Most of us would think..."well, it's a cartoon, so bit-rate and gamma correction don't matter as much as in Live Action" but apparently it's the opposite. Most anime today is created by about 85% computer rendering and 15% hand artistry. However when some of our older beloved titles were released, such as CBB and the forthcoming Evangelion it was predominantly hand drawn cell work, so getting it right is a bit trickier even than Live Action. Anyway, these tired old eyes of mine are not exactly 20/20 (another reason I'm in no panic for 4K) so after purchasing the Funi disc I ordered the Dynit disc and played bits of both. Yeah, even a caveman like me could notice an improvement. Funimation is at this time, an anime mass production facility, if we can hardly believe that such a things even exists yet! So, their quality, while not essentially BAD, is not their principal concern either, quantity is. Houses like Dynit, Eastern Star, Discotech, KAZE and a host of others are following a different strategy, quality first. Then we have Aniplex, which is a whole other kettle of fish and best left until I'm intoxicated enough to discuss. Cheers my friend! 😀
  10. Good Evening @Parzival; 🙂 I wished to take a quick moment to thank-you very much for sharing your pics of your recent beloved items and also offer my thoughts on some. The films themselves, though I may not place all on the same level of grandeur as you have done, are most assuredly good films, imho and deserve quality presentations. So I'm very happy that we have been provided such gorgeous releases that are truly works of art in their own right. I'm pleased to see you were able to acquire these releases, as personally, I find great satisfaction knowing that I've got the best damn edition out there for a film I love... 😀 Ready Player One - I enjoyed, actually more than I thought I would, knowing the premise and plot-line going in. There were a few contrivances that I found oddly amusing to see but you're right, the nostalgia surges were heartwarming and served to alleviate minor contrivances. I liked it enough to also buy everyone's 1-click, so obviously it served me well. 🙂 Jaws - goes well with all film appetites I'd imagine and has been given the "Classic" moniker for good reason. I'm keenly interested to discover which release you display above, as I think it is very attractive. Titanic - Another film that has epitomized the term "Blockbuster" and for good reason. I very much enjoyed this film and though not perfect (none are) it gets far more right than wrong. I never did seek out the "Ultimate Edition" but I'm always pleased to see pics from those that do have it and I always feel a tad envious whilst viewing, heh. 🙂 Forest Gump - In truth, I couldn't really see the attraction for this film...until I watched it. I think in many aspects, it speaks to us on a sub-conscious level, implying that, we too can be far more than the sum of our parts, if we just exert the effort to do so. Another "Classic" in every sense of the word. I also have to agree with the sentiment that Blufans not only knocked it outta the park with that release but no one else even found the ball. The UHD 'Forest Gum' ed comes close but that's about it. 😀 Nolan Bats - Wow, what a set! HDZ won a LOT of brownie points for this rendition of 3 very beloved films ( on which they seem to be coasting...) but assuredly agree it is one of the nicest releases yet provided for our esteemed Super hero(es), so quite deservedly. I too am fortunate enough to have those wonderful works of art. I think the 1st film provided a much more in-depth character reveal of Bruce Wayne than we've been accustomed to and the emergence of 'The Batman' persona was excellently executed. Bale was fine as both caricatures, bringing both levity and pathos where needed. I felt the ending was rushed however but that's just my take. The 2nd film, I considered more as a character study than an action extravaganza and sheepish or not, I'm most definitely on the "We Love Ledger!!!" bandwagon. Other than the incongruities that would have had bats thrown in jail a dozen times, it was an extraordinary film that deserves the acclaim it receives. 😀 The 3rd film, I cannot provide the same accolades for. It certainly had some excellent moments in it but also far too many conflicting arrangements that cannot hold up to scrutiny. I won't labour them here, as they've been discussed ad nauseum in many locales. Suffice it to say, I think there were some critical plot-points that inadvertently were left on the cutting room floor. That's doing it a kindness. I don't feel its' shortcomings are sufficient enough to ostracize it from the set though! It looked and sounded spectacular and well, it's a super hero flik so there we are. 🙂 Again, thanks much for sharing with us Parzival, much appreciated! 🤩
  11. I thought I'd take a moment to toss up a pic of some recent arrivals; Listing; - GitS: Best Buy 4K Steel - GitS: new 4K slipcover - Jo Jo Golden Wind Pt-1: Viz, slipbox. (not even remotely impressed by their changing of the LE packaging) - Devilman: (1987-90 OVA series), Discotech (aka Eastern Star) Note: they are releasing "Devilman Lady" this Winter!) - Akira: Ive Ent. Blu in slipbox. ( I messed up, I thought I had selected the new 4K. Ah well, another one for my Girls!) 🥰
  12. Hi Folks; 🙂 Although I've been out of the hard-core figure collecting game for a while now, there's still a few that I keep an eye for. I managed to finally find this item at a realistic price I could deal with; I'm confident most, if not all of you, will recognize this beloved little guy as "Sam" from the modern classic: "Trick "R Treat". Purchased from a secondary seller via Amz.ca for $58Cdn, a dang sight better than the usual $85 + it goes for. It's a NECA product so you know the detail will be extraordinary. 🥰
  13. Good Evening @pygospa and other friends; 😀 Oohh! A tease indeed! I like your guesses so far as well. As you mentioned, I think "The Man Who Laughs" is a contender. I think they could do an admirable job with this classic as well. I purchased The Eureka edition just a short time ago but have yet to spin it up. It's an endearing film that assuredly deserves the moniker "Classic" and I was extremely pleased to see the gorgeous packaging that Eureka gave it. Some but not many may be aware, the Conrad Veidt character Gwynplaine, was the one on whom Bob Kane modeled the "Joker" character in the Batman comics! 🙂 I honestly can't think of what the others might be but I enjoy surprises. The one beginning with "Doct..." I would dearly love to be "Doctor Giggles" an incredibly entertaining film with the wonderful 'Larry Drake' as the lead but as the very last blacked out letter seems to be a "T" I suppose that's inaccurate, sigh. The previous MediaBook is going for silly money right now but there's always hope for a new release as it's been a few years. Thanks very much once more for your research my dear friend! Cheers! p.s. I did order the Capelight 3 Film spec ed of "The Woman" as you suggested, via thomue1987 🥳 Very eager to watch these.
  14. @Scary Hair my Luv; It's not a; They are safe to open. And once you have, you'll kick yourself for not doing so earlier. After all, you're never gonna sell 'em...right? 🙂

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