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  1. ^^ Why then not just make a slit in the side (or bottom) of the wrap so it still serves purpose as a protector but still allows you to Yank the Steaming Entrails out of it and toss them on a table for slow methodical consumption? Just a thought...
  2. Actually I own many editions of films that I consider true collector items that have no Steelbook involved. I like Steelbooks, especially for stand-alone editions where they are the dominant pictured presentation. But with Premium Editions, the slip covers are usually the collectable item more so than the Steel ( especially with 1-clks). I'd even say that many of my fave "collector's editions" do not have a Steelbook but a Scanovo or Amaray case. When I purchase a drop dead gorgeous Steel, I'd rather not have it hidden by a drop dead gorgeous Slip. So if the Steel is the lure, I'll sometimes dble dip and purchase the 1/4 slip or stand-alone Steel besides the Lenti/FS on offer. A good example is Krampus. One of the most beautiful Steels I own and bought it before I bought the FAC Premium. Very glad I have both but it's the Steel, I have on display. As for the Open/Sealed issue, I'm notorious for dble/triple dipping, so it doesn't overly concern me. I guess I'm currently sitting at 50/50 = open/sealed. 🙂 Oh, as for FAVE Slip and/or Steel? I don't think I can truly point to one. I have many from different categories that I would not feel comfortable trumping with but one, sorry, heh. 😉
  3. Am I over 60? Yeah. A LOT over 60? Well...
  4. Well, I've been around the web for a bit with this username so it just stuck. I chose it, as at the time of first use, I was in the midst of reading Matt Wagner's comics of "Grendel". Though I truly loved the Hunter Rose character, when I came across Grendel Prime in the "War Child" series, I was hooked. 🤗 In addition, I'm a huge fan of Beowulf ( the story, got a rather rare HC ed as well) and the Grendel character spoke to me loud enough to pay attention. 🤗 Now, my Avatar is unrelated (obviously) but it puts picture to mind-set, as The Exorcist is my fave film and this is after all, a film related Forum, heh. 🤗 Hmm, a 60's Club eh? Might need to check that out, heh. 😉 Cheers my friends...🙂
  5. ^^ Heh, I have yet to see a single episode, anywhere. It's "on the list" as is a number of wonderful shows. I'm trying to knock off some single shows, before getting too deep into a series. 🙂
  6. I don't know how the devil I managed to do it, but I just deleted my "Ghost In The Shell" display...🤪 So, I'll re-post that shortly, as I want it in here (as well as a few other things).
  7. Grendel

    Veum's 4K orders

    I'm quite impressed with Everything Blu and have a number of their releases; - The 3 Corenneto films - King Kong - Casino - The Mummy (Book of the Living) Quite like the look of both Gladiator and Boyz, so ordered both. 🙂 edit: The NA Steelbook (Best Buy) for Boyz is hideous, imho, so ordering the EB ed seemed prudent.
  8. Grendel

    Anime Collection

    HI My Friend @extantsrevenge 😀 Thanks very much for your well wishes. Indeed, I'd LOVE to get the listing of best watch 0rder from ya. I'll send you my email in a PM buddy. All the best!
  9. ^^ Good Evening @Berserk3429 ; Sentai, a well known Anime retailer in the USA now delivers to Canada (where I live), so took the opportunity to grab this set. Yes, it's pricey (shudder) and I doubt I would have dropped that coin on just any series but, well, this is LotGH which, shall we say, is a pretty significant show...😉 I was fortunate it arrived in immaculate condition. 🤗 Here's the link to Sentai if you wish to take a peek; https://www.sentaifilmworks.com/collections/limited-edition/products/legend-of-the-galactic-heroes-premium-box-set Cheers my friend! p.s. we have a couple Anime threads here btw buddy; Link;
  10. So, the wait (self imposed) is finally over. I received my incredible edition of Legend Of The Galactic Heroes 😀 It's bigger than I anticipated, though not complaining. It arrived in immaculate condition I'm happy to say. Very much looking forward to delving deep into this with the winter nights turning a bit chilly as of late...
  11. Grendel

    Anime Collection

    Oh, yeah, this also arrived...🙂
  12. Grendel

    Anime Collection

    Hi Folks; I received a few nice new treasures yesterday and today so thought I'd share.
  13. So, I need to ask, will there be a separate GB for Conjuring 2 or will it be combined with Conjuring 1 ? 🤔
  14. Hey my dear friend @ksosk; I don't think it's a matter of folks not appreciating the effort, it's more a matter of the fact there are 2 threads discussing the topic and I for one missed this one until now. Most assuredly I think we DEARLY LOVE what all you have planned, it's just a matter of discovering what all you have planned! heh. I for one am giddy with excitement over this forthcoming release! 🤗

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