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  1. It can be so very difficult to walk past treasures of this quality. Price is not the only factor, as footprint (space avail) and appropriate display location, also become a factor. Like many here, I am a strong and devoted fan to Tolkien's works and in fact have a HC of everything, yes everything, both the old man and Chris Tolkien have written. I had an opportunity to talk with Chris, many years ago, when he had just released the 7th Vol of the "History Of Middle Earth" set ("Treason Of Isengard"). A true Gentleman, in all respects and he was quite forthcoming with his fut
  2. ^^ Sometimes I can't decide if I'm aroused or intimidated....😃
  3. Next, a few lovely slipped eds and a couple Steels; - Mortdecai; Steel (it was a gift and have not seen it) - Crash; slipped - A Bittersweet Life; slipped - The Last Full Measure; slipped - American Psycho; slipped - Pain & Gain; Steel (it was a gift, have not seen it) 😍
  4. In addition to some new Anime (pics in the appropriate Thread), I received some other lovely eds, mostly from Korea; 🙂 First up, the gorgeous Luc Besson 8-Film set. Though I have many of these in CE eds, the one-stop grab for all these in one box, is very handy and they are all recent masters; - Subway - Le Grande Bleu (ext ed.) - Nikita - Atlantis - Leon (The Professional) - The Fifth Element - Joan Of Arc (aka The Messenger) - Valerian 🤩
  5. Next, a few for my own collection ( though some may end up with my Girls); - Chihayafuru; S-1, S-2 - Lupin III, The First; Steel - Psycho Pass; S-2 - Millenium Actress; amaray ( awaiting AoL CE) - Human Lost; film - Noir; FINALLY! - Panty & Stocking [with garter Belt]; FINALLY! 🤩
  6. Well now, my Sentai Christmas order finally landed! A fair sized box with lots inside, from a really good sale. First up, for my beautiful Girls; - K-On; set - Bang Dream - Mysteria Friends; (I'll watch 1st, if I like, I'll get the CE) - Wakaba Girl - Komugi R - Taisho Baseball - Food Wars; S-2 (I guess S-1 is awaiting restock) - Princess Principal; (I have the CE and LOVE it!) - Long Riders - Locodol 🥰
  7. ^^ That (HMV) is truly a hot looking Steel. I'd buy that in a heartbeat. I'm sad that the film did not meet my hopes, as I don't think there's many more chances for these iconic characters to make it to the big screen. Ah well...
  8. So many incredible new arrivals in this Thread lately! Looks like 2021 is off to a good start as far as Blu Treasures go at least! I was fortunate to have a few new ones come in myself, so thought I would take a moment to share; Listing: (clockwise) - Amazing Spiderman 1; WeET Lenti - Amazing Spiderman 2; WeET Lenti - Oblivion; E.B. FS - HellBoy 2; E.B. FS - Beetlejuice; Zavvi spec ed, slipped - Rashomon; Criterion, The incredible Pt-2 to my "Secret Santa" gift from @Count Dantes Thank-you so very very much my friend! - The Hindenbur
  9. So Here's hoping these pics stay up. Not sure what is going on with some of my earlier ones. They all come from the same source, my "C" drive so I would think either all or none would show. Anyway... I received the Weathering With You CE from Kimchi today. I purchased the Blue set that includes the OST on a separate disc. Not sure why the OST was packed outside the box, for room I guess but at least they put it in a nice plastic cd holder. Also received a gorgeous Poster with it, that I'll be sending to my Girls of course. I included the AtA 4 dis
  10. ^^ Ta, @extantsrevenge 😀 Funny enough, the pics that have disappeared all came directly from my home files (they are my pics, heh), so not sure why this has happened. I'll give it a day to see if it self corrects, as not ALL my pics have vanished. If some are still missing then, I'll re-load them buddy. Yeah, I was pretty excited to see that WWY dlxe ed from Zavvi come in. Like MOST anime CEs, they sold really fast. The Anime fan base may be small in comparison to other film/show types but it is certainly rabid when it comes to scoring spec eds.
  11. ^^ I don't know what happened to the pic I posted in the one just above but I re-instated it. Scrolling up, I see some of my other pics have disappeared. Um, @extantsrevenge, is this a site-issue lately or my load ups? I'd hate to need to re-post them all but I will. Ta. 🙂
  12. Oh,! while I've got ya on the page @Hollywood E Rock, I see below your Banner, you've added "VST to Nils". Is that 'cuz he let ya use his old "Batman Banner" pic? 😉
  13. ^^ Outstanding my Buddy @Hollywood E Rock ! Thanx! ( and belated Hippy BathDay Buddy 😉) - hmm ... is # 3 a young Selma Hayek?
  14. That Flora & Ulysses looks like a Must Own! Hey @ksosk! Get UHD on the phone! The trailer on IMDB crackles... go watch...now. 😉
  15. So, trying to decide where to place my 3K Post came down to a pretty easy choice. Taking the opportunity to share new treasures! I received some lovely new eds from both sides The Pond; - Weathering With You; AtA 4-disc spec ed (via Zavvi) [includes the OST on disc) [I also have the Korean ed forthcoming] - Konosuba; S-1; AtA spec ed (via AoL) [funniest Isekai I've seen, highly recommended] - BoogiePop and Others; Funi, slipped! [This one is a mind-bender, so hard to recommend but if you like mysteries and hard scifi/fantasy, it's glorious] - Vamp Hunter 😧 Bloodlust;

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