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  1. I'm only ONE edition away! - 2001 ! where are you when I need you! this was @ksosk plan to get me to buy "Little Miss Sunshine" all along!
  2. One-Clicks only?!! First Bats, now Fish dude. I wonder what HDZs game plan is? No panic here, I'm confident our MP Dads will look after us!
  3. Just thought of another potential award in the 'Anime' genre that would probably be obtainable by quite a few as the movies are much well loved; - Ghibli Award You have at least 10 Ghibli Editions. Congratulations you’re a true Ghibli Collector. - perhaps, add; [ steelbook only] or { CE only} I dunno, heh, thoughts? (or to be even more unique, a "Miyazaki" award and just HIS films at Ghibli? But, that would be 💀 perhaps....
  4. On another note, @extantsrevenge and other fine friends. I was exceptionally pleased to be awarded for all my lovely Premium Edition Blus this past week. It assuredly helps bring the community together having opportunity to share our treasures! On that note, I was wondering what your thoughts would be on an "Anime" award of some sort? I realize that it would be unique to perhaps only a few members but then, isn't that what awards are for? 😉 As to what type... well one idea I had was an "Aniplex" award. Their Collector Editions are pricey, unique, and gorgeous but... 10 of them might be tricky, not sure. Any other ideas? Cheers! 🤗
  5. Hello @extantsrevenge, @DarthEd, @stanleydobson, @Hatori and our many other Anime loving friends! I was wondering if you folk were aware, that "Dark Horse" is releasing the complete set of "BERSERK" Manga in Hardcover format this year and in continuance? Vol 1, 2 and 3 is available for pre-order now via Amz.com (and hopefully other Amazon sites). Price for Vol 1 is currently $27usd and will be shipping in March 2019 (I have it ordered, of course 🙂). Vol 2 will follow in July '19 and Vol 3 in Nov '19. Each volume will contain 3 volumes of the Manga, so at 39 Manga vols, I guess we can expect 13 HCs! What an awesome library that will make! As word of mouth gets around, you KNOW these are gonna sell out so best get your orders in soon I suggest. With the way the releases are spaced out, it won't seem that expensive (less than the cost of a Premium Blu-ray and just as cool!). Heres a link to the Amz.com site but I recommend also checking the Amazons in your respective countries. Link: https://www.amazon.com/Berserk-Deluxe-1-Kentaro-Miura/dp/1506711987/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1550864718&sr=1-1&keywords=berserk Artwork:
  6. Happened to come across a few Kimchis myself;😀 To prevent glare, looks like I sort of obscured Pan's Labyrinth (top left of photo). Sorry!!! 🙁
  7. Now time for some of my NOVAs I should think; (p.s. you're right, I am missing the one-click for KB-1 ! Still looking! 🙂 oh, I know "Valerian" is not a NOVA excl. I just wanted to show it 'cause the Lenti is gorgeous!
  8. Time for some FAs to feed the fans! 🙂
  9. Another dozen to add to the list...🙂 WHERE IS MY T2 HDZ!!! 🤨 (in my other collections...grrr)
  10. So, after PA and Manta, I of course HAD TO submit a photo for BF! Used some One-clicks this time, for, ahem, a good cause...😉
  11. Also, I think I read somewhere, that One-clicks count as 3 for the awards? Cool! 😀
  12. A nice even dozen from Manta. Almost had a heart attack, as I could NOT find my dble lenti "Fight Club". I arrange my fliks alphabetically but for some reason, I had it beside Resv Dogs? Found it, heh. One-clicks are so dang big, I've just been showing reg slips. Might do just a One-click photo at some time...🙂 Cheers!
  13. Heh heh, I actually forgot a couple (noticed after re-reviewing posts above) but no worries, I'll show 'em when we gotta have 20! 😉

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