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  1. @Veum hi and welcome to the group, it can be a little difficult to navigate any new site, but I'm confident you will get the hang of it. I believe this is closed because the period for preorders is now close. I know it can get frustrating but once you get the hang of it you will not be missing any more. Any questions feel free to ask me or any staff member named all the way at the bottom of each page. Hopefully I helped you out.
  2. @rtphoenix Wow that is impressive! thank you for sharing, I hope to have a collection like yours.
  3. @ukade2327 @Benoit46 hey guys I tried to update to a one click, somehow I added a new line. I just want one small and awesome one click please. I'm on the list twice. Thanks and sorry
  4. The same reason the Steelbook had issues, I was expecting it would affect this release, I guess the discs are the same. Thank you for the update.
  5. wow this is amazing, I have never seen something like this. WCL usually does this? I'm so glad I did the group buy.
  6. Oh man I just read everything!, wow great collection and great insight's, Thank you so much.
  7. Woah! I want to be like you when I grow up lol, awesome looking collection
  8. Very nice!, some cool collectibles, man can I recommend sleeves or bags for your steelbooks? mine scratched by having them like that.
  9. I thought there was a all purple steelbook with his face and glasses, or I am Imagining things again?
  10. I am used to it, I'm constantly checking on them, and with these One Clicks I have to be super vigilant. I can't wait to have them all and the mother box.

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