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  1. 1. Heath Ledger Joker, 2. Jack Nicholson Joker 3. Jared nope nope Al Pacino Scarface 4.Anthony Hopkins Silence of the lambs 5. Ryan Reynolds Deadpool, thank you for making Deadpool 6 Tom Hanks, forrest gump (everything he does) 7. leo dicaprio The revenant 8 Robert deniro Taxi driver 9. Marlon Brandon The Godfather 10. Malcolm Mcdowell A Clockwork Orange Top guy is Daniel day lewis, pretty much every character he has done is aweome, There will be blood awesome! Gangs of New York also great performance, guy is a beast. another really good actor I currently like a lot is Mahershala Ali, dude was so good a Cottonmouth in Luke cage, and back to back good performances in Green Book and Moonlight and now in True Detective, I hope he gets really big roles in the future
  2. I have mine in the open, no one is allowed to borrow them, I let them see the ones in the protective plastic and just those. I do open all of my editions regardless. I am planning on moving a long ways so this is going to be a nightmare to transport
  3. @45Caliber ah ok thank you for the great info, I will be looking forward to get this.
  4. Hey guys, I just read about this, anyone looking into getting this? Should this be made into a GB? I am in for one. https://www.dreadcentral.com/news/291737/well-go-usa-releasing-new-collectors-edition-of-phantasm-collection/
  5. Im scared, because I know I will want them all
  6. Oh wow never knew this even existed! great google-fu skills
  7. Just what the title says, which companies do you think will come out with Avengers Endgame? which one will win?
  8. Guillermo del Toro retweeted my video so this is my favorite one click
  9. I just opened it and boom! you have done a ton of work. looks amazing.
  10. Yeah ummm im going to need your spreadsheet lol, looks awesome btw

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