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  1. Looks amazing! Price+shipping took me by surprise, but I suppose it is quite a packed edition.
  2. haven't got mine. but have gotten ben button/exorcist/shining/lighthouse. but i know these dont all come at same time
  3. Looks incredible! Would've preferred the poster artworks on the fullslip instead but this looks impressive! I also love the pop up package, really unique! I am a bit confused though, are the circles holes in the slip with 4 different art cards behind it?
  4. Would love to see some classic artwork on this one. The the original posters or the artwork used in the title cards. Same with Roman Holiday! I know the BS were shown briefly and it looked like there wasn't much artwork on the front, more of a simple blue/gold textured design.
  5. Thanks for the notice in other thread @Masterblaster question about platinum. Gold always had the 5 group buy items without fees. Does platinum do the same or have more? Nothing listed for platinum about that on the shop
  6. Can’t really tell cause this is all it shows. But seems like it’d be for this.
  7. Saw that I was tagged yesterday by @extantsrevenge but it’s saying I don’t have permission?? I’d probably stick with Gold Like I currently have but did I miss it??
  8. I recently was charged for the membership card so not sure if I even need to post here still or not but would probably stay with gold.
  9. Would love to see Midsommar released alongside this
  10. Is there a new ETA on beauty shots for this? They were expected to be shown over a month ago, no?
  11. I'd love to join GB but i think i might want to wait to see what the fullslips look like for these first
  12. Getting a new error now. possibly because of the mixup this past week where we were getting invoiced and then MP cancelled those?

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