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  1. Is there a new ETA on beauty shots for this? They were expected to be shown over a month ago, no?
  2. I'd love to join GB but i think i might want to wait to see what the fullslips look like for these first
  3. Getting a new error now. possibly because of the mixup this past week where we were getting invoiced and then MP cancelled those?
  4. Ooh I love these! If it’s not much bother I would love a forest-y themed one with Jurassic Park with name in that font? Maybe with the raptors or dilophosaurus. Or really whatever you think would look best! Thanks @goose_3387! (You’d think I would just choose a Gremlins themed one but that’s too obvious lol)
  5. ooooooweee that looks amazing. Definitely gonna be grabbing this
  6. Couldn't agree more! @Tristan_Wang, these WCL editions just get better and better, can't wait to see what classics you do next
  7. Just got mine in the mail, and wow! What a stunning edition. Mine unfortunately has a dented corner and scuffs on front, not sure if it was shipped this way or got damaged in shipping, but still an amazing edition nonetheless. With it being so limited I doubt there’s any possibility for replacement outer case. The lenticulars included from mediapsycho are amazing too!
  8. @DodgyDave Possible to find out who has tracking numbers? USPS usually notifies me before i start seeing people post live pics when something has been scanned and tracking started but i haven't received anything, has me worried mine might not of shipped for some reason Thanks in advance
  9. That's what i was afraid of. Looks like I never got the shipping info on my SL or DL hopefully it still is on its way and someone just forgot to message me.
  10. DL and SL haven't shipped yet have they? I remember paying invoices but I don't recall any info on shipping yet. ive been a bit behind on keeping up, so apologies if this has been mentioned somewhere and i missed it
  11. Wow! That Duel looks amazing, cant wait to get this one in hand

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