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  1. Didn't know they did that movie😆 but i dont think se7en was done at least WEA or a movie like The secret world of walter mitty. Btw a star is born is a nice movie give it a try 😉
  2. 😅 I knew it. I like premiums for a regular movies what I mean by that. Movies that are not mainstream or superhero related cuz we have enough of that. I dont think anyone whould do a movie like Star is born( thats probably a good thing for you🤣) but I look forward to releases like that
  3. Wow amazing looking steelbooks. Also that inside art is Amazing. Will definitely try to order stuff from him when he gets back. Thank you for sharing
  4. A prime example of "just move on and do something else because a competitor just did a better job then we will ever do is Shazam" Hdzeta just released theirs. Why did they bother with releasing a wwa release? The problem is they aren't a big company just like all other retailers, so when they decide on a title it will take months just to get it out of the door. Which is a huge waste of time. But if a retailer knows that they will do a better job and offer something new to the table by all means. But releasing an inferior release to a very superb recent release just screms incompetence. Just my two cents. I LOVE Manta though 😁 mainly because of releases like shape of water and Se7ven and A star is born.
  5. Looks incredible 😍 👌 👏 🙌 😋 ❤ 😍 love it. This is turning out to be a truly spectacular release. Thank you for sharing
  6. You made the right choice my friend E1 is really nice and looks better then E2
  7. Great pick ups ! Any special reason why for picking up the German release of this movie? I do get German releases often sometimes for subtitles options
  8. This is an unboxing of it it looks flat and it us zero finish just like the one we got in the US

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