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  1. No new art but I'm sure the finished product will look great
  2. I think I saw the option a couple of times while paying invoices. But I never bothered to click on it. Because I know if something goes bad I won't be able to reach pp customer service and wait and email them
  3. Damn my friend🤣🤣 I would utilize the pay in 4 PayPal. If you have the option
  4. I predict my 6 edition OC of spiderman will sell for more than 1 Million in a few years 😁
  5. I didn't know you guys liked this movie. I remember at the time the reviews were complaining about how the plot was jumping back and forth and incoherent. I actually like all the X men movies. And there was a time when I thought Xmen Origins was a good movie😭😭 I remember really enjoying it and watching it multiple times. I miss my horrible taste in movies🤣
  6. I kept myself from joining this GB because Im afraid of the invoice lol but who am I kidding😭 its really hard not get the OC. This OC will be one of a kind I cant just pass it up for food or bills who cares about living 🤣🤣
  7. I find myself being more critical than entertained by movies lately lol idk why. I also wish if there is a complete collection in one package. I hate how many unfinished collections I have
  8. That looks 😍gorgeous. Props to Hdzeta, they really know how to make a premium release. Looking forward to what they bring to us
  9. I bought a lot of Everythingblu's releases all of them are superb quality I highly recommend getting more of their releases
  10. Great video keep up the great work 😍 the slip looks awesome

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