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  1. I’m so baffled by it! Now I have to wait for HDZeta just so I can cover up that weird steel with a nice slip.
  2. I’ve grown to really enjoy Civil War after disliking it on release, but it’s much more an event rather than a particularly orchestrated movie, whereas Winter Soldier feels like a tight spy action thriller, with fantastic relationships, twists, and some themes that really resonate throughout the MCU. Plus it still captures Cap in that early Fish out of Water stage.
  3. Isn’t there an HDZeta of this in the works? Or some premium. I can’t remember.
  4. Honestly I just want ya’ll to get these so I can see the lovely pics and live vicariously through everyone ❤️❤️❤️
  5. I think it’s Jesse James. That’s such a terrible stunt and the horse died after and it caused a government crack down on animal abuse. So I can’t imagine the scene being recreated after. So even if we haven’t seen the movie we might know that scene.
  6. Jesse James has that exact scene. I showed it to him. Says it feels wrong, though that’s exactly it. Now trying to think if this scene is recreated in a modern movie. Thank you!!! Also those poor horses
  7. The question is like it sounds. My friend described a scene from a movie where a man rides a horse off a cliff into a river to escape. But we can’t think of the movie at all. Can anyone help us out? (I’ll delete this after I just gotta know!)
  8. Film Arena #110 Terminator 2 Full Slip + Lenticular Magnet. First of all I’m not a Lenticular guy but good golly this Lenticular magnet is gorgeous. Could possibly be a convert. (Makes me pumped for the hopeful Predator release.) The Steelbook is incredibly well made. Such nice embossing. This might seem like an unglamorous release but the quality is so high. Very pumped to have this in my collection! And now I’m one Full Slip closer to my Full Slip award. Not sure I’ll get it before I leave for my 3 month trip at the end of July but maybe!
  9. I follow it. It’s fantastic and super helpful. I had just forgotten about the updating phase process. But I’m allllll updated
  10. The Best Buy will most likely be flat. For me I decided to just start keeping my eyes peeled for the Zavvi editions of the first three. Scored Raiders at an okay price and it looks great. I’ll add a 4k disc at some point.
  11. I’m so sad I’ll have to wait until October to see this in hand! When do we update our GB? I’m always tempted with the art of lentils but I’ll have to stick to my Full Slip guns. Unless it’s still available when they do a sale in the Winter...
  12. I mind end up owning three copies soon. I ditched my Scream Factory. But I want the Mondo, now this, and I believe a Zavvi 4k edition is on the horizon. PUMPED.
  13. I’m thinking this is a definite group buy - at least it will be for me!
  14. Tangerine Dream yessssss. I did that with video games. I’d find a level with a good soundtrack and record it on cassette. Never considered movies for whatever reason. Love this
  15. Oh that’s amazing! What other movies did you record and do you still have the cassettes? What’s something unique you noticed just listening to Blade Runner?

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