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  1. Any rumors if this is getting any other premium treatment? Or just HDZeta. Definitely already saving for next year!
  2. Anyone else always just have five tracking open? 😂😂😂
  3. Pulp Fiction continues to age the best for me. The acting is smoothest, while sometimes the acting down the line ends up a little wooden. Likewise, there’s so much hidden depth to this movie. I learn something new about it each time. Top ten movie! Basterds is honestly just one of the most watchable movies I’ve ever seen. If it comes on I can’t turn it off. I would watch this movie as a play. I want to rank Hollywood higher but it’s still new for me. It’s only been a year. But there’s a lot about this movie that I keep thinking about. It feels almost like a meditation movie - like a Tarantino version of a Terrence Malick movie - that just makes it feel so warm and optimistic. Hateful 8 as well. Though funny story: the son of the general, who Samuel L tells the story about, he actually shopped at the old grocery store I worked at in Silverlake. My friend/coworker to him: “Dude you’re the guy from Hateful 8! I’ve seen your junk.” Anyway, we had to kick him out of the store for exposing himself! I think I voted Reservoir Dogs as well. I’ve only seen Kill Bill once. My memory is disliking part one immensely, and liking part 2 thoroughly. I don’t know what to make of that. Jackie Brown I respect but I’m still bored by. And I want to like Django for the subject matter but I also find it rather boring. Although every one of his movies I like more than most
  4. That’s great advice, thanks! I’m already selling some older steels that’s aren’t up to snuff. Two Titans of Cult and a Japanese edition of Blade Runner that I’m not huge on. I only want to keep my Marie Kondo steels 😂 those that spark joy! @Masterblaster any Handmaiden plainarchive hanging around? 😬🤟😝 - Chris
  5. Soooo just finished Handmaiden. And 😍😍😍. That’s two excellent Korean movies in a row, and three good ones. Watched Believer and Train to Busan before this. So now the question...which Plain Archive do I pick up? The Handmaiden full slip B isn’t available ANYWHERE I can find. And Believer full slip just looks stunning and I loved the movie so much. How does one decide?!
  6. I canceled my Best Buy preorder with hopes Zavvi would get a better edition. Now I simply get to hold out hope for a premium 😂
  7. @Grendel I’ll definitely do that! That’s how I watched Busan and Believer. I’ll definitely be seeking out more movies like Believer. I’ll check out those retailers though too. It’s just nice also because they don’t quite make movies like this as often anymore in America. So it felt like a modern throwback to the 80’s/90’s. I really want to start Handmaiden tonight but it’s already late here. So I’ll be going to a book instead 😛 thank you for the advice !
  8. I’m at work so I can’t reply properly but Handmaiden isn’t for sale anywhere. Not even on eBay. But I haven’t watched it yet so that’s not to worry. I’ll respond later! Thanks!
  9. Thanks! Train to Busan was great but not quite premium worthy for me. After that I did Believer...and I’m still thinking about it. I really liked it! It was thrilling but also had me desperate for a rewatch. So I’m tempted to just scoop that PA release before it vanishes. Handmaiden I’ll probably have to wait a couple of days. My gf comes back into town so that may eat up some time ❤️❤️ Tinker Tailor...of movies that confuse me it’s probably at the top of the list. I still can’t explain exactly what is going on but I don’t care. I love the feeling of being lost in the mystery, even on repeat viewings.
  10. I received my first Plain Archive and boy is it a doozy 😍😍. So in response I watched. Train to Busan and Believer tonight - I’m tempted to snag the Believer full slip that is still available. Tomorrow is The Handmaiden which also looks like an insanely gorgeous edition. (Though it isn’t for sale anywhere!) Anyone get hooked to a seller and just watch all the movies they put out premiums for?
  11. I haven’t cut my hair since covid started 😬 Man Bun Movie Collector is me how ha. This is the longest my hair has been since my mid 20’s. I probably need a trip to at least get a trim.
  12. I LOVE the Mondos. I can totally see me sticking to them. I personally don’t want an unlimited library, just what I really love, in editions I absolutely marvel at. I understand getting the Titans since, generally, they’re at a reasonable price. The steel is quite nice even if the slip is lacking. But I think I’ll sell my copies of 2001and save up for the Cine Museum edition. To rip off Jerry a Maguire: fewer steelbooks, higher quality.
  13. This is my first time doing this so treat this like a confession: I ordered the 4k edition of 2001 on eBay. Very satisfied with it. Then the Titans of Cult edition showed up and I snagged a copy (it hasn’t arrived yet). I was starting to feel guilty about it though since my Mad Max Titans arrived and I was a little underwhelmed...and THEN I stumble across this Cine Museum edition this morning. Will I be going for my third purchase of the same movie? Yes. I think I will. (In reality if I can snag a copy I’ll sell my Titans and my 4k edition but still)

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