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  1. Ah ça c'est une bonne nouvelle ! Merci encore pour tout Benoit ! Et attention tu as 300 heures pour mettre dans le message privé, pas une de plus ou les immortels vont te faire ta fête ! J'ai failli dire bon week-end ce qui prouve que cette semaine pue du cul 🤣 Bonne soirée à toi ma poule !
  2. Oh damn now I know I missed out on Incredibles 2! Cruel world! I can't wait to see how Black Widow will turn out in hands!
  3. This movie is interesting to say the least. I will not buy it but if you wanna see Nicolas Cage getting one of his balls burst and jumping and shouting until he takes his detached bloody ball in hand and passing out, maybe that movie is for you! Yeah, it's nuts!
  4. Wow I think this is the best looking ToC since they started, it makes so much sense! I only have Mad Max and I didn't like the plastic looking set so much so I stopped there, but I think I'm gonna give this one a go
  5. I secretely (but not so secret as I put it here...) that WEET will do older titles like the first Thor when I see how well they are doing 🤩
  6. Here is my entry for this award, bit of a work in progress in the way it is setup, I only got everything out of boxes less than 2 months ago 😅
  7. Here is a part of my HDZeta collection, I count 33 there if I am not mistaken. There are more but I'd like to do the reverse treatment, I want to see a level 3 award first 🤣 (In reality I was lazy oops...)
  8. Hey @extantsrevenge I am bothering you once again as I would like to make an entry with this award I forgot to take a picture of John Wick and Terminator 2 OneClicks but anyway the bar of 25 is passed 🤣
  9. I can't afford that edition, just 100 000$ for the chip I'm already out of pocket by approximately 100 000$.
  10. Thank you @extantsrevenge!! A large portion of this is thanks to MP, so thank you for your neverending hardwork that helps me improve the collection!
  11. Hey there! Here's my humble Blufans collection, I own 73 if I am not mistaken. Cheers

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