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  1. Ah ouais la même j'ai bien mis le message, pas cool ce bug qui te rend les choses plus compliquées ! Ils ont croqué les messages les oufs !
  2. Oooooh yeah ! Douane réglée, ils ont chopé le gros poisson au bureau 😂
  3. Too bad they're not doing a Hellboy 1 and 2 boxset like the Burton's Batman from CineMuseum! I think I'll stay with my FAC of 1 and 2.
  4. To me the series ended in a way it was not needed to make a season 2, so it's alright like this. I like mini series, usually more than "biggy series" haha, 'cause they tend to focus on the story and not on extending all different aspects of characters, storyline and so on so they can earn as much money as possible with as little as possible ideas...
  5. It's nice, I still prefer the Nova one, but it's a nice one And for me they can stop there, the second one was forgettable unfortunately for me
  6. Damn this set is really looking great! Hope they'll release it over at Zavvis
  7. Was just about saying the same thing haha. Manageed to secure my copy, yay! This is the best looking boxset for this trilogy in my opinion to date, we'll see what will happen with premium(s) then, but can't pass on this!
  8. Well Zavvi really offered us a 90% perfect steelbook collection, even with the spin-offs! Too bad again they failed with the best movie in the whole saga. But hey, overall I'm happy with these
  9. I agree completely, they may be long but so does Blufans for instance. However their designs are special and I can't wait to see what they'll do with this title that I love!
  10. Thanos came by there and kicked the ass of almost half of the Captain Marvel!

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