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  1. Yeah apparently just the characters will be spot gloss. Same here, I hoped, given the colors, that it would be full gloss and that would go better with the previous steelbooks... Oh well, at least the artworks are great in my opinion!
  2. So it's the same one as the Zavvi (except the 4 art cards probably) but for 12€ cheaper? Interesting!
  3. Ooooooh... Interesting! I'm considering going with a "second hand" still wrapped for 150$ a piece, I don't remember how much I paid for the first one in the mini gb, do you have any rough idea of how much it will be with shipping to hub?
  4. Now it all depend on the finish, if glossy then it will be great, if matte it will be meh...
  5. Good things come to those who wait. Take the time you need, the important thing is that we'll get a great piece from you! Thanks again for this @Luxury Bluray!
  6. Damn, I thought of a mini GB to get Matrix 2 and 3 hahaha. The box looks great! But as I only have the first Matrix I would have a big hole in it A great piece or art for the lucky ones who do though!
  7. I prey to the Steelbook God that this will be approved!!!
  8. Oh wow good news! If only they could announce at least all of the Daniel Craig ones... that would be incredible!
  9. Well I guess we're gonna have to wait a while for this one as apparently release for Indiana Jones 4K has been postponed to 2021 😥
  10. Yeah I know they were all released with WWA, but I had a little hope that they would do something different this time. And I liked Dark Phoenix so I'm gonna be happy collecting this one to end the series with FA 😛
  11. I was excited but no so much anymore with the visuals... 😥 Hopefully the end product will look alright!
  12. I agree completely, and for an outstanding movie on top!

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