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  1. I much prefer the visuals here! But come on there's such a big space at the top to put the title!!!
  2. 1 & 2 from FA are more than enough, and they can just void the 3rd, in my opinion the movie wasn't that good, especially (wait for it) the bad guy... It was an alright action movie, but overall meh.
  3. Oh well, I preferred that one over the FA one and was thinking about selling the FA once I'd receive that one. Thank god I didn't sell the FA thinking this would go out for sure, never trust a premium will be released until it's in your hands haha.
  4. Amazing set, I really love this movie that I watched many times as a kid, so I'll cherish this one in my collection for sure
  5. Either that or surfing on the release of Space Jam 2 to increase their chances to sell this one. Then the issue with this collection is that it's taking titles here and there, and we'll never have a full collection. I doubt they'll do Space Jam 2, I doub't they'll do Batman Return or Wonder Woman 1984... Another collection that works only if you put the titles together but not per saga. The good thing at least is that they have exclusive steelbooks, which is getting pretty rare lately.
  6. If this is glossy this could be amazing! If matte finish, well I'll keep the first edition only.
  7. Is this a kid who decides which movies are "cult"? The movie is not bad, it's pretty amusing, but come on... Not a cult movie! They were getting better with V For Vendetta and Batman, but now... And in any case, I don't like their plastic slips, very fragile and not that good looking, on top my Pacific Rim arrived destroyed and still waiting on my refund, I'm not gonna go for TOC anymore!
  8. My goal is to finish the renovations of my house that started July last year and that put all my steelbooks in boxes... I still have a few months ahead before I can enjoy them but now when I'll watch those movies it'll be on my good notold Philips 65" OLED and as I became a fan of Ambilight, assisted with 4 hue lights on the wall for extended wow effect And it will be like Christmas as I will rediscover my collection 😂
  9. Well releases are so scarce that my steelbook collection is becoming A Quiet Place...
  10. That puts the "Holy" in "Holy crap"! I am extremely happy I didn't go for the easy getting faster standard boxsets as these are just incredible! They didn't use well known posters of the franchise so this makes this unique and I just love all of the art there! Can't wait to have these in hands!
  11. Well only chance I'm not going again on Platinum would be that there is a higher tier called Adamantium! I think it's been 3 times that I have joined the ranks of tiered membership, back where there was no Platinum I took the Gold one and as soon as Platinum started I jumped on it! There is so much done here that I can't not thank the great team here by trusting them and helping in this way. Thank you MP for helping me emptying my bank account with a smile!
  12. You're indeed gonna need lenses, they'll be smaller beautyshots as this is for hobbits...
  13. Finished the movie as well and well, it still not my up of tea. Not only I don't like the 4:3 ratio but I also still don't like a big portion of the visuals, looking too fake. I can't get into the universe as I feel there are toys moving in a fabricated world and so I don't get attached to characters. I'm glad that people like it as even though I find it too long, it got space to tell the story better than the first horrible version, but I'm gonna still pass on this.
  14. The inside artwork is great in my opinion. The outside artwork is not bad, but I think it tries to modernize too much the movie. It could be a brand new movie poster looking at it (or like a movie a few years back old, looking like Need For Speed for instance) and not a 1994 movie. In the end I think that out of the 3 steelbooks of this movie (if I didn't miss one), there's none that respects the movie in my opinion, and the best looking artwork is the Filmarena slip
  15. Well if any of us was holding his breath for any premium release, then this person could pretend a world record of holding his breath without dying

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