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  1. Ma poule si possible dans le colis j'aimerais prendre une assurance pour 700€, j'ai perdu 2 colis (heureusement non steelbook) récemment du coup j'ai peur ! Merci ❤
  2. C'est réglé l'ami ! Dès que ça sera dispo en attente je veux bien un envoi yeah
  3. Interesting artwork, representing pretty well the journey, like it!
  4. I really love this one, but I'm really unhappy about the title, why couldn't they keep Ford v Ferrari in Europe?
  5. C'est réglé l'ami ! Merci pour tout !!
  6. J'ai oublié de confirmer hier, mais je t'ai envoyé la thune ma poulette ! Et maintenant je vais wanderer ailleurs 😛
  7. Well thank god there's a WEA steelbook because I'm not a big fan of the fullslips, only the Lenti B1 is pretty nice, but I don't like the One Click as I think it really is below the Blufans one.
  8. I really like the fullslip! But I can't stand this steelbook... Even though it's far from perfect, I think there's no better than this one so far:
  9. If they do the lenti like that but without the musical part, I want a video from you doing the effect with your mouth instead!
  10. Oh yes I agree I'm never letting this one go!! And yeah it is on my agenda haha, but I'm in the process or re acquiring my house and doing some extensive works so barely have time for myself, but as soon as I can I'll be happy to grab those awards! But yeah I love my collection and I can't stop wanting it to grow bigger! I do have a kinda global photo of the collection from last year: It even makes the 65" TV looks small...
  11. I'm not a big fan of this steelbook, I much prefer other ones released around. But that is crazy how many different arts we're getting with this release 😮

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