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  1. Do you know what I hadn't actually considered that idea 🤯 I do have mostly Lenticulars so should go with that. I have selected the premium at the moment but will look at the possibility of switching to the lenti to keep it all a bit more uniform Annoying that they make so many nice versions...normally a much easier decision than this 😉 lol Yeah just something a bit nicer about a lenti, always has a bit more prestige for me Do wish it was an easier choice but as Akira is one of my favourite animated movies of all time I want to make sure I choose correctly I think if we knew costs up front for each version I might be able to see if I can afford the OC but better to just edge my bets & not overstretch by getting one version Nothing worse than going the whole hog & not being able to afford it & then miss out on all the options Thanks for the input guys I appreciate it 😁 Neil
  2. Damn...still trying to decide between Lenti & Prmium Probably the hardest choice I've had on any of the Group Buys I have been involved in lol Neil
  3. Thanks for the info :) I adore Akira & would love to get the OC but sadly it will be beyond my means cost wise (as OC's generally are) so it's just the one version for me...which means a much tougher choice between the Lenti & Premium lol Neil
  4. Holy hell these are beautiful Trying to decide between the Lenti & Premium version now Any idea when we can update our selections? Thank you Neil
  5. Wow that's crazy, glad I got on it now Definitely in for the Infinity War one as well Neil
  6. Beautiful arrival. Looking forward to seeing the pics one he's unboxed. Been a long time since I've had any new arrivals...I need to fix this 🤣
  7. No problems at all. Yeah as a large print it looks ok but agree it's all too much on one side & being shrunk down does it no favours...makes it too busy & too much in a limited space Such a shame as his work is pretty amazing for the most part. So pleased we have such a wide choice of slipcases to cover it up I think Blu Fans are actually offering WEA for theirs so might even surpass the Jpn release yet Neil
  8. An artist by the name of Sam Gibley has done the Zavvi Mutli Character version. He is generally a really solid & top quality artist, how he came up with this though is beyond me, it's really weak Not sure on the Mysterio fish bowl HMV one though Neil
  9. No problems :) From what I gather Zavvi are getting the multi character Steel & HMV are getting Fishbowl head Either way they are pretty poor lol
  10. Yeah sadly it's the same artwork, thank god we have these glorious slipcovers to hide the monstrosity It really is a weak design IMO I think Blufans are doing Exclusive artwork which will probably be better looking but I'm more than happy with the WeET Lenti It looks amazing in those beauty shots Neil
  11. Absolutely agree, I'm fairly new to the Premium steel market but I am definitely more excited about WEET releases than I am for BF these days It might well be but with WEET you are at least guaranteed an amazing slipcase, some extra goodies & more exclusivity than the Zavvi release. Personally I love the art & I'm hoping the full slips look amazing & add an extra dimension too Neil
  12. Thanks @ksosk Now I just need to decide if I really want this or get the Blufans Aaarrgh decisions lol Neil

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