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  1. Thanks @ksosk Now I just need to decide if I really want this or get the Blufans Aaarrgh decisions lol Neil
  2. Hi all, Do we know how soon payment will be required for any editions we order? Trying to be good & budget...for a change ;) lol Neil
  3. Thanks Ksok, I should be fine, just requested the Lenti on thread, but should I need help I will let you know I'll just put a bit aside between now & then. Thanks for the understanding though, really appreciate it Neil
  4. Thanks @ksosk much appreciated I get paid on the 15th so I might be ok but I might have to ask for a little extension on Waiting for payment lol Neil
  5. Hey guys, Sorry quick question but do we know roughly when payment would be required for this? Would love the Lenti but already a little overstretched this month so hoping it would be after payday in August Thanks Neil
  6. Took me by surprise when I got the invoice at the weekend...thought it was a bit further off yet lol Paid the first invoice Looking forward to that B1 Lenti, looks glorious. Shame the 3D & BD are looked bu then I already have those in the Zavvi version so it's the 4K I'm more interested in here 😍 Thanks again for organising guys...I love this site...my bank account however...not so happy 🤣🤣 Neil
  7. Sorry to ask a silly question but is this just a hardbox packaging that you would put your own Steelbook edition inside? Or does it come with it's on steelbook? Also the price you mention - CNY320 I can't seem to find that currency on XE.Com to figure out a rough GBP price...any ideas? lol Thanks & sorry for the dumb questions Neil
  8. That's too awesome Think I'll need this lol Neil
  9. Thanks buddy Probably going to be too rich for my blood...need to save some pennies for whenever Blu Fans get their Captain Marvel & Endgame sets ready thanks again for the help Neil
  10. Hi all, Daft question but do we know a rough cost for this yet & I assume it includes the 4K movie as well? Sorry to be a bit thick but never seen one of these before & would like to get one but with other Group Buys & my other collectible hobbies I don't want to overstretch myself & then not be able to afford it. Thanks Neil
  11. Oh crap @Benoit46 seriously jealous of that one Was looking at him last night on Ebay I missed out on the original release but sorely tempted to get the IW version...he just looks so good Can't wait to see your pics. Congrats on another fine addition Neil
  12. @Benoit46 wow they are arriving thick & fast at the mo Congrats on the new pick ups Collection is looking amazing Neil
  13. Ha ha yeah this is all new to me the world of imports. My collection is currently Zavvi with a few Best Buys thrown in for good measure but I definitely feel there will be more Far East editions added over the coming months Neil

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