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  1. Sorry to ask a silly question but is this just a hardbox packaging that you would put your own Steelbook edition inside? Or does it come with it's on steelbook? Also the price you mention - CNY320 I can't seem to find that currency on XE.Com to figure out a rough GBP price...any ideas? lol Thanks & sorry for the dumb questions Neil
  2. That's too awesome Think I'll need this lol Neil
  3. Thanks buddy Probably going to be too rich for my blood...need to save some pennies for whenever Blu Fans get their Captain Marvel & Endgame sets ready thanks again for the help Neil
  4. Hi all, Daft question but do we know a rough cost for this yet & I assume it includes the 4K movie as well? Sorry to be a bit thick but never seen one of these before & would like to get one but with other Group Buys & my other collectible hobbies I don't want to overstretch myself & then not be able to afford it. Thanks Neil
  5. Oh crap @Benoit46 seriously jealous of that one Was looking at him last night on Ebay I missed out on the original release but sorely tempted to get the IW version...he just looks so good Can't wait to see your pics. Congrats on another fine addition Neil
  6. @Benoit46 wow they are arriving thick & fast at the mo Congrats on the new pick ups Collection is looking amazing Neil
  7. Ha ha yeah this is all new to me the world of imports. My collection is currently Zavvi with a few Best Buys thrown in for good measure but I definitely feel there will be more Far East editions added over the coming months Neil
  8. Sadly I will just have to sit back & admire everyone else's lovely collections I actually don't own a single Novamedia release My collection of imports has only recently started & I'm currently only on 2 Blu-Fan releases so a long way behind many on here lol Thanks for including me though...I appreciate it Neil
  9. Hi all, Just a quick one in case anybody is interested but EBAY UK today have a 10% of everything code (Maximum discount - £50.00) Just use code - PICKANY Trying to decide if I need anything now Neil
  10. Thanks @extantsrevenge Yeah Bill has been an absolute favourite character of mine for a long time. I have always been a big Thor fan but when I found out about Bill a few years back & got into hi back story & character as a whole he soon escalated to my favourite Marvel character & I have long since wanted this statue for my collection, so finding it at the show & for such a good price meant I had to snap him up XM Studios are also doing a new statue of him but sadly their prices are too much for my poor wallet these days I actually had a comic artist do me a commission piece for Beta Ray Bill on a blank Thor comic which I will get a picture of & post up. If you haven't read any Beta Ray Bill before I do recommend looking him up & having a read, he's a great addition to the Marvel Cosmic universe Also look out in Thor Ragnarok for the Easter Egg of him Thanks @ukade2327 Yep no feeling like finally ticking off a most wanted item. Lol oh there are plenty more I'd like...just my bank balance (And the wife) have something to say about that ?? Thanks again for the comments guys Neil
  11. Beautiful new get @Benoit46 Looked at that myself lately but been good & stayed away from that particular Marvel sized Rabbit hole & I don't really want to fall down it now I actually picked up a new addition to my collection this weekend at the London Film & Comic Con & the great thing is this piece is something of a holy grail for me & a piece I had been hunting for for years & I am over the moon that I managed to find it & for a fantastic price too. So here it is my Bowen Studios Beta Ray Bill statue I am so utterly chuffed with it & it will forever be one of my most cherished pieces now Neil
  12. I think I am going totally against the internet at the moment with this & have to say it did nothing for me. I think I might be dead inside because everything everybody seems to be gushing over just didn't tug at any heartstrings or anything at all, I just felt a bit meh about it. I have given it multiple viewings to see if it would grow on me but it just hasn't, I honestly can't put my finger on any one thing about it but I just can't get into it all...even despite my total Transformers obsession Perhaps I was bitten one too many time by the horrific Bay movie bug & I just approach this with the same level of disdain I have for them, I don't know but currently I know I won't be going to see it. I will admit the Starscream bit was interesting, the transformation looked more in keeping with G1 Starscream so that was good but that's all Neil
  13. Damn that's beautiful Wish I'd got in on this GB but sadly wasn't a member back then ?
  14. Late to this topic but thought I would share my Tattoos I have Tribal junk on my arms (from before I knew better) but I have these on my legs... Left leg is adorned by Transformers Right leg is home to Batman Batman will eventually be joined by Joker round the front on my shin but money & time are against me at the moment Neil

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