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  1. What a Great idea for a thread. I love that Roughnecks collection, really enjoyed that cartoon & would love to have that set The Blind Dead Coffin set is beautiful too I do have that Evil Dead Necromonicon set, it's very cool All of my DVD's are in storage but I will try to get at some of mine for some pictures soon I love that @deckard99 Always wanted the Masters of Horror sets Now though I'd just be happy with the series on DVD full stop I remember recording them on VHS when they were shown on the telly but I would love to have them again Neil
  2. Not posted in here for what feels like forever & things have been a little quiet lately but just recently I have had a few nice deliveries which I thought I'd share with my good friends 😉 So firstly I'm quite a fan of a couple of big Anime shows that you may have heard of - Bleach & Full Metal Alchemist So my first new arrival was a small figure from a line called Nendoroids for a character from the Bleach Anime - Toushiro Hitsugaya This is my second figure from the Bleach Anime with the first being Ichigo Kurasaki which I've had for some time now & the collection is building My next delivery was from the same line of Nendoroid figures but this time the main Elric brothers from the frankly awesome Full Metal Alchemist Anime My next new goody was from my most loved toy line ever - Transformers It's from a 3rd party company called fans Hobby & is in scale with the larger Masterpeice figures from Takara It's a version of a character from the Headmaster line called Minerva Lastly my biggest arrival in some time & one I had been waiting for with baited breath for what seems like an eternity - Hot Toys Captain Marvel Deluxe 😍 Also being the Deluxe means I get the extra goodies...Her Flight Jacket, Extra effect parts & Goose the cat That's ya lot Not a bad couple of weeks if I do say so myself Neil
  3. It does have English Subtitles This is taken from the bottom of my box Hope that helps
  4. Soundwave

    Anime Collection

    Thank you @Veum appreciate the help Now to spend more money 😉😂 Neil
  5. Soundwave

    Anime Collection

    Oh my god what is that Vampire Hunter D steelbook & where can I get it?? I NEEEEEEED THAT Neil
  6. Same, he's my only Thor & is definitely the only one I need as well. He just screams bad ass. Definitely not a fan of the Endgame version lol
  7. Ha ha yeah just a bit longer...hopefully I did receive the Infinity War Thor re-issue recently though so I at least have something new to keep me occupied until she arrives Neil
  8. Wow man she looks amazing I have my one on order at the moment, just waiting for stock to arrive with the store I ordered from but with the current situation I'm not expecting to get her any time soon But thanks for the pics...I can live vicariously through you until she does arrive lol Neil
  9. Do you know what I hadn't actually considered that idea 🤯 I do have mostly Lenticulars so should go with that. I have selected the premium at the moment but will look at the possibility of switching to the lenti to keep it all a bit more uniform Annoying that they make so many nice versions...normally a much easier decision than this 😉 lol Yeah just something a bit nicer about a lenti, always has a bit more prestige for me Do wish it was an easier choice but as Akira is one of my favourite animated movies of all time I want to make sure I choose correctly I think if we knew costs up front for each version I might be able to see if I can afford the OC but better to just edge my bets & not overstretch by getting one version Nothing worse than going the whole hog & not being able to afford it & then miss out on all the options Thanks for the input guys I appreciate it 😁 Neil
  10. Damn...still trying to decide between Lenti & Prmium Probably the hardest choice I've had on any of the Group Buys I have been involved in lol Neil
  11. Thanks for the info :) I adore Akira & would love to get the OC but sadly it will be beyond my means cost wise (as OC's generally are) so it's just the one version for me...which means a much tougher choice between the Lenti & Premium lol Neil
  12. Holy hell these are beautiful Trying to decide between the Lenti & Premium version now Any idea when we can update our selections? Thank you Neil
  13. Wow that's crazy, glad I got on it now Definitely in for the Infinity War one as well Neil

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