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  1. Invoice paid ! These look FANTASTIC, @Masterblaster!!!
  2. Hi @Masterblaster - I have to say these look AWESOME!!! (So much so, I'm actually going to get one of each!). Anywhoo - I just wanted to confirm that I am getting one of each (in case I screwed that up in the actual Group Buy request); and also that I would like the text, like yours, to read (for Both): RcKt0pus (1st line: Large txt, like yours; exactly as appears to Left; (no quotes - I think I put quotes in the Group Buy request); then PLATINUM (2nd line at Bottom; Small txt; all Caps (like yours); without the quotes, if I put those in the request)
  3. I can't explain all the technical details, but... I've paid.
  4. Ahhhh... ye ol' Midnight Special"!!!! AWESOME CLIP and SHARE!!! KISS RULES!!!! I have seen them many times (though not as many as PRINCE or BILLY IDOL). Probably the best was Madison Square Garden after they brought back the PYRO & MAKEUP!!! (I was very close to the left Fire Column and Tower - which will NEVER be forgotten!!!). Very first concert was QUEEN w/ the Original VOICE Mercury (one of the best voices ever!) which, of course, set the standard for everything to come - lots of Dry Ice and SFX at that one as well!!! ROCK ON!!!
  5. yes, Dave... DIAMOND ! you know, for "DiamondDave", baby!!!!! yes... change your moniker, "Dodgy"; and KICK your MP Membership where... Icons, and @Masterblaster, @Scary Hair, @Benoit46, @ukade2327, @DParadigm, @extantsrevenge, @deckard99, @R1s1ngs0n, @icewire, @ksosk, @Veum may agree.... it's next level, baby... "DIAMOND"
  6. Could someone (anyone) please release a proper Empire Strikes Back premium Lenticular and/or Steelbook with the correct, actual FILM RELEASE ART by Roger Kastel: Ah, maybe @Cinemuseum will find a way....
  7. You know you want it... (the Art, the Lenti; the LENTiiiiiiiiii-GASM!!!!) !! the HORROR!!!
  8. To NEVER buy a TOP (or BOTTOM) O-Ring Lenticular AGAIN!
  9. Looks AWESOME!! - any shot it may include Hearts of Darkness in 4K as well (if that is possible) - which would actually make it even MORE EXCLUSIVE since that hasn't been released yet in 4K!!! (not actually sure it will be, though: anyone?? @ksosk. Though I guess the imminence of this release would probably prevent that. (Sigh)
  10. WOW, really beautiful work @ksosk!!! Definitely "Best-In-Class" for the film. Is it sized specifically for the WCL release; or for an upcoming steelbook release?
  11. Excellent! @Sephiroth Hope Lenti-B looks as nice!!! Any idea when these might go out?
  12. So... @extantsrevenge, @DodgyDave will this be re-opened when beauty shots come out for the lenti version; or is this it for everything on this? The above actually makes me interested/excited to see the Lenti!

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