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  1. Hopefully we won’t regret it…. Seeing it is tierd and now paused, it’s settling in haha
  2. Man, really putting us in a pickle without seeing beauty shots. I remember liking the movie but can’t justify jumping on a one click without seeing anything. Hopefully once beauty shots are out I can manage to get a full slip at least. Looks like the list is getting long quick though! Yikes
  3. Agreed. But looks like the outer box has the joker image, which is nice!
  4. Has LG’s patent for oled expired? I see Samsung selling oled now, not qled.
  5. I think I’m confused. Is the box/sleeve that holds all 3 going to be included with all copies or is all the talk above indicating it’s only for certain China members? Or am I way off and that convo was just about how the total available copies get allocated world wide?
  6. I wouldn’t mind a picture of Harvey dent, the two faced version. Would be wicked. Throw Heath ledger in the nurse outfit on the front.
  7. I would love to see a documentary on the whole design process from start to finish for any of these premium retailers. To learn what it’s like, what they deal with, timing of everything, the players evolved etc.
  8. I actually did a manual check out directly from manta for a oc! So things did work out for me! Pumped. Will be my first edition coming direct rather than from mp.
  9. Would manta labs OC fit in this? Don’t really want to swap companies like that but I never see uhd club oc for sale and I’m sure I’ll never get it
  10. See post above. I found where to buy it. Watched it, immediately signed up after lol
  11. After watching this, I immediately joined the GB! Tangerine made me do it! Haha Excited for this one, I hope I can get one!
  12. I tried all the streaming apps, I think it’s my USA location that prevents me from playing it. But I downloaded the QIY app and was able to watch it just now. It’s $1 for the first month and can cancel anytime. looks like there’s a lot of Asian films on here, any suggestions?

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