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  1. haha , i know , if i could, definitely deserve thick box like 2001 aso. but this film never release any edition (vhs, ld, vcd, dvd) in china. so HEAT first, it is like 2001 aso. Maybe you have see the pics of HEAT (very possible the last one 20 century fox production film). Now I still try to get some chinese classics and SILENT FILM. very sad, a touch of sin is forbidden in china too. and black coal, thin ice, do you know it is a cut version in china, shorter than berlinale version. and very pity, copyright holder doesn't admit that and won't give me longer version. s
  2. devils on the doorsteps, the blue kite are forbidden in china mainland many years. mountain patrol is still not restored. and working on this title in the heat of the sun. thanks for your tipp
  3. the case is 14mm fullsleeve scanavo case, same thickness with steelbook. That means it is perfect fit into the fullslip case.
  4. the blade will be serious considered. Pedidcab driver, after the blade, then will be considered Journey to the western xia empire, good choice, director is the writer of to live and farewell my concubine. but it hasn't been restored, pitty
  5. UHD disc stocked by customer in china, next week we will get the disc and packed, send all of it to buyers. coming very soon.
  6. glad to read this, i heard the horse thief is one of scorsese's favorite before, but never read this interview
  7. in 1986, tibetan and mandarin were dubbing, and actors are tibetan. All films are forced to make a mandarin dubbing. Director Tian Zhuangzhuang approved only tibetan track. this track is found in this year (2018)
  8. MP GROUP BUY HERE Release date: 15th February, 2019 Price: 328 CNY final artwork director approved artwork. newly restored edition and tibetan audio is first time on disc Audio 1: Tibetan PCM 1.0 (original language) Audio 2: Mandarin PCM 1.0 SUB1: S-CHI (for Tibetan track) SUB2: ENG (for Tibetan track)newly translated according to tibetan language SUB3: S-CHI (for mandarin track) SUB4: ENG (for mandarin track)newly translated by Tony Rayns special feature: - UK Television introduction to Daoma Zei by Tony Rayns (1988) 2 subs s-chi and

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