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  1. @extantsrevenge here's 10 OCs from the guy who swore to himself he would never buy an OC containing multiple editions of the same movie 🤐
  2. @extantsrevenge for your consideration
  3. Here's a new arrival. I just realized I might have reached the 10 One Clicks now, will be heading over the awards section soon to collect another one 😎
  4. OHH YEAH BABY! HDzeta forging another masterpiece and blowing everything else out there out of the water! Laterals of the OC with artwork, I like it! Not sure about the feelings of those who like to display the spine of the OCs though.
  5. OHHH YES BABY!! IT's HAPPENING! Once that GB opens I will be there for my OC! Dont own any premium edition of Blade Runner yet so I'm really hungry for this one! That's me when the GB opens up!
  6. Thanks! 🤩 Both SPR and Gladiator are 2 of my top 3 favorites releases on HDzeta Gold Label line. On the hunt for the Mad Max now, wont be easy nor cheap to get my hands on one, but I NEED IT!
  7. Interesting I just know that I was trying super hard to settle with singles for the DC stuff (except TDK trilogy), but when the time came to update, my finger slipped to the OC... If my wallet could take action against me I'd be dead by now...
  8. IT's HER, she hipnotizes people into doing stuff you wouldnt normally do!

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