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  1. The stuff I got from media psychos (some from GBs and some from our boss John) - Doctor Sleep, Back to the Future, Drive OC + FS, Ford v Ferrari, Jaws FAC, Alita BB, Dunkirk, Spider Man: homecoming, Avengers: Endgame, John Wick Trilogy, Rambo Collection, V For Vendetta All the rest is from ebay, zavvi, amazon and a couple directly from FilmArena. I wish I had found out about media psychos before I did. I never knew there were actually these premium editions of movies out there, otherwise I would have been in the game for a much longer time now 😑 Edit: Ohh an
  2. This was quite predictable from what I saw in the first 15min of the game... We’re simply letting Germany play, no pressure, too many failed passes. Definitely this team needs to wake up or go home
  3. Ok this isn't really a new arrivals photo, there are definitely some new arrivals in there, so I thought I would post it in this thread anyway. To celebrate my 1 Year 🕯️ of being a collector I had this moronic idea of taking everything out of the shelves and take a pic of it all... No way am I doing this again for year 2 😅!
  4. Thanks got my preorder in! @Scary Hair I've seen you are an inconditional fan so this might interest you!
  5. T2 4k Re-Release this Christmas. Hopefully we get a decent transfer this time along with the directors cut! https://bloody-disgusting.com/home-video/3470398/video-3-minute-clip-brand-new-terminator-2-judgment-day-4k-blu-ray-doc/ With new art coming up perfect opportunity for HDzeta to finally get this one done!
  6. Same sh*t here! Yesterday Portugal in overtime, today Italy a few minutes before the end!
  7. Damn you guys are crazy . Real psychos!! I have a better idea! How about you just leave the box open? there just saved you around 600 bucks, easy
  8. For all you lenti lovers out there! I feel I should've gotten this one too... 200960329_2689664557998407_9194270915056322339_n.mp4
  9. Me looking at A2 and B2 being from team lenti and realizing I need to go with a Full Slip this time I guess it's finally time to feel one of these Weet acclaimed full slips in my own hands. Hopefully this will be my reaction YES THATS HOW IT FEELS!!!
  10. I'm mostly curious to see how the lentis fare against my favorite edition out there, the blufans double lenti. Been very close to pulling the trigger on this one at ebay. I believe Weet still has to up their game a bit more to compete with blufans in term of the lenti's sharpness, although not very far off IMO. It's tomorrow already, where are they? On second thought I guess I've never been so serious in my whole life 😅
  11. OHHHHH You have seen them already!!? how do they look?? how do they loooook?? I'm so curious for this one! Just tell us that they are AMAZING! That will ease my suffering until they actually come out
  12. From novamedia instagram: NOVA EXCLUSIVE NO. 32 <IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE> Full-Slip Live.*Effect- Sand Coat Base- Title Gold Foil and Embossing- Pre-order date/time: 18th Jun, 2021. 10 PM (Korea Time, UTC+9)- Release date/time: 30th Jun, 2021

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