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  1. Welcome to our new member cbrt

    1. Sobural


      I need to change my name to English, please tell me how.


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  3. als special pack OHNE disc *nur fuer das OC als FS MIT disc *nur fuer einzeln , nicht in der OC enthalten LG John
  4. na im sure it aint gonna hit that ... you also forgot about the metal , so not just paper , but paper and metal that should make it more valuable now huh ?😁 Take care John
  5. ok @bungral and anyone else interested , just got the info on this. This is a folder to hold the object that is showed next to it in the pictures ... so as i thought the place for the metal badge in this example. Take care John
  6. ok lets try to get this back on track about the subject title and not prices / shipping methods or anything about selling body parts LOL... We can post those in the INFO and GB section .... LOL Take care John
  7. Sure that is the quote if you take it from your hand to theirs . Unfourtantly its not that easy . I did take that conversion rate though and rounded it UP because you have to remember that money has to get to them as well ... Take care John
  8. we have already managed to reach an Agreement with them about Direct Shipping. Take care John
  9. For all those wanting a heart attack i have added the price (in USD ) . Remember i am just the Messenger ! The price in CNY is 1688. Take care John
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