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  1. Welcome to our new member KillSwitchRed

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  3. So for those who asked and wanted to know. The weight of this is quit less then that of their Terminator Box making it alot more cheaper in shipping costs. I would imagine though it to be about what was paid for the Anaconda Edition. That being said it is a beautiful Edition and i will be getting one for myself as i have with the other Releases of MAG. Are they the BEST on the market , well we all know that answer but they do bring a DIFFERENT type of Product which makes the Collection stand out. Take care John
  4. Welcome to our new member Temnaya Krov

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  8. and to think this steelbook had so much potential with debossing , they could have invested some money for this release ... Looking forward to the pictures. Take care John
  9. HEADS UP !! as a friendly reminder DO NOT SELL ON MP also not through the PM system either. This is to protect everyone involved . This should be only temporarily and as soon as we can offer this service again you will be notified. PLEASE do comply fully with my request , any violation will be subject to account being restricted for an indefinite timeframe. Thanks
  10. Thanks for letting me know about your personal opinon , it says me from ordering one.. The mockup looks fantastic though , sorry its a big dissappointment for you . Take care John
  11. you did not get another invoice for that release BUT you do need to go ahead and pay that invoice you got because it is for your BB stuff you requested. If you OPEN the invoice you will see what it is for , it makes it easier on us so we dont have to answer questions that are not necessary 😀 Thank you for your understanding. TC
  12. I have re done yours (made another one) so you will get the right one. Take care John
  13. Welcome to our new member Leo

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  15. Welcome to our new member Reagh

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