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  1. @goose_3387 great service ! Thanks alot for helping the members out ! Take care John
  2. @Catgirl We wish you a very nice Day today and may you get alot of presents (steelbooks LOL) ! HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!
  3. @malkorgan the WCL 2001 has no particular seperate Protector to fit . The only thing you could use (but with ALOT of room left) would be the KSB01 or the SCF9 (HDZ boxset) . The WCL 2001 is not normed so its hard to produce a protector just for it at the moment. Take care
  4. i would say current design . Since he movie is called Bumblebee i really only want to see his mug on the release.
  5. 1. Jimmy Two Times cause he said everything twice hence the nick 2. assasination 3. dont know cause never watched 4. Chainsaw 5. Meyer Lansky
  6. hmm.. as a true Bond lover i would have honestly known that answer as he did the original Casino Royale ... I would have had to guess on Kubricks movie and to be honest i dont think i would have came to say Full Metal Jacket. The rest of the questions i would not have even been able to answer so since i did not know 3 of the 5 i would have had to google giving me also a score of 0 ... 😄

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