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  1. Welcome to our new member Johannt

  2. Welcome to our new member Shyam

  3. Welcome to our new member RPedro

  4. Hi , if you can supply @deckard99 links so we can see exactly what you want / need that would be great , im sure we can help , if not we sure will try our best. Take care John
  5. Welcome to our new member Le Ananas

  6. Welcome to our new member thegrandfacade

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      Thank you so much, I'm glad to be here! 

  8. Welcome to our new member CaptainAmerica

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  10. Welcome to our new member Lukasskott

  11. Well instead of leaving it open for people to interpret , maybe you should be more direct as to WHAT you mean. I dont jump to falsch conclusion , i read what you wrote and interpreted as you were planning on opening a case against the Community. Why else ask about it if that was not your intent ? You at least now know where i stand on that matter with case opening. Take care John
  12. Just read this and im just angered at your pattern of thought. Really, you have read the GB rules right ? This and other comments on a particular item you finally received (after being in customs) that we are making up excuses are just not nice and they do not belong here in our Community. I do hope you some day REAL SOON , change your attitude towards us and not bring on so much negative energy . Your comment wants me to stop servicing you immediately ! as i have no time to waste on members who are not fully understanding the rules and also want to hold us accountable for your
  13. Welcome to our new member KevNFilm

  14. Welcome to our new member Wuchez

  15. Welcome to our new member Daniel 88_cave

    1. Daniel 88_cave

      Daniel 88_cave

      Thank you :) will try to figure how all this is done in here :)

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