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  1. @WesternBronco i dont get what you mean have you made a request or not ??
  2. @ksosk @Cheaptrick hasnt received his yet im waiting on a package which i can combine it with. But i have it 👍
  3. Thanks bud yeah i joined 4 today ill join more tomorrow 👍
  4. @extantsrevenge hdzeta collection
  5. @extantsrevenge my weet collection
  6. @extantsrevenge my fac collection
  7. Here we go @extantsrevenge may aswell get some awards first blufans.
  8. To be honest mate my whole collection is in no order but i know where a certain film is if i wanted it. Only things sort of together is my premiums but only by retailer
  9. Maybe some changes are happening. Hope i dont miss a GB because im not notified 🤔🤔
  10. Hey paul. Im doing good thanks bud. Just mad times here everything being limited. As anns says im in the entire MCU watching it all in chronological order films and tv shows the whole lot. At the moment im having an issue with MP im not getting any email notifications at all so if im tagged or anything i dont know so im trying to work out why 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ Cheers bud hopfully get back to normal soon and i can start poting out again soon

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