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  1. No I don't. I think I have not made one single flat concept (I guess I like embossing/debossing lol) so I think it would lose the main idea I had if I did.
  2. Second one, was for Inception (2010). I actually tried to make something similar to the latest Filmarena exclusives (Spider Man Homecoming, or Blade Runner 2049 lately) edges around the character are not well made, I forgot to make it softer using Photoshop tools, I will update one day maybe
  3. First one I made, was for Tomb Raider (2018). I made it right after I went to the cinema, so way before the release of the WWA Steelbook.
  4. Hi guys this thread will be dedicated to the custom artworks I made with Photoshop. Please tell me what you think
  5. the slip is great, but I really don't like this Steelbook
  6. Apo

    Thor Trilogy (Blu-ray Steelbook) [Italy]

    I can't find the photo, but yes the hammer seems to be embossed
  7. Apo

    Mad Max Anthologie (Blu-ray Steelbook) [Spain]

    According to Steelbookpro.fr, all the Steelbooks from the "Black Metal edition" will be plain black (nothing printed on them), the picture from the movie (shown on Amazon) will be a slip.
  8. the one I like the most is the double lenti. So we can assume the special pack is a regular full slip?
  9. do we know if the boxsets are lenticulars or regular boxes?
  10. I know it will probably be higher, I'm just saying it should not be
  11. I'm not talking about custom slips being made at home or bootlegs, I'm talking about a professionnal store who is working under big studio's approval. And the unit cost is less than the numbers of fingers from a single hand And yes FAC are expensive, but are the prices justified? look at the difference between their old releases and now. I don't think they worked for a while with these old prices while not earning money. And no, not everyone would do that, because the market is not big enough, else every single edition on all the current stores would be sold out.
  12. have to disagree. these might have cool effects, but just as an example, a french retailer I spoke with made a quotation to make multiple slips (because it's always cheaper when you make a lot), it only cost a few euros, and that's in France, so imagine in China. Gotta admit that lenticulars add cost, but still not expansive. The price is more about the fact it is exclusive
  13. Let's hope so. A slip only cost a few dollars to make (when making these quantities), so let's hope HDzeta won't use us as cash cows edit: just checked and silver labels from them are usually between 35$ and 38$, so if we count the Steelbook with disc at 25$, the slip should be around 10-15$ max.
  14. price seems unkown for now, but how much do you guys expect one slip to cost? (if you had to estimate)
  15. here is a concept I made (my first one) debossed front, embossed title

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