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  1. Habt einen schönen Tag und genießt das Wochenende 😊
  2. Good Wednesday to all the Psychos. There is less left for Friday, let's endure this suffocating heat.
  3. Congratulations to the award winners, organizers, donors, and all participating Psychos. It was a very entertaining Euro and a deserved winner in my opinion. See you at the next event and have a good week.
  4. I would certainly open them; not for the fact of seeing them, but for not having to see the letters and the front stamps as well as the back of the steelbook. Some even get better if you remove the lenti, to my surprise. And please, you can't put the X-Men movies on a par with Logan. They don't even reach the height of that little girl's ankles.
  5. Uuuh Scarlett and Keanu, that is a good start to the day. Thanks @Hollywood E Rock @Benoit46 Happy weekend to all the psychos!
  6. Already from the penalty shootout, Italy started with an advantage when Chiellini (who knows all) that the draw was repeated and managed to choose the goal of the Italian fans. And it seems incredible that the goalkeeper coach of Spain does not know Jorginho's talent and shooting technique on penalties, when that style of shooting should bear his name.
  7. It is what has the penalties. Anything can happen and Italy has launched them better. What I don't understand is how they let Morata throw when I don't even know all the ones he's been failing😢
  8. Well, we only have 3 games left, we enter the final stretch of the tournament. Unfortunately, I got off the hook when I changed the winner of Belgium-Italy at the last minute when it was 1-2 in favor of the Italians. I think someone also understands these changes well. Seeing that in the end De Bruyne was playing, he made me change it; by far my favorite player. Now I will eagerly support good old @Cornbuster and the Sith Lord to achieve what only they could imagine.
  9. Two surprises has left us this last day of the eighth of the Euro. Congratulations to the English Psychos and sorry for the Germans. Tomorrow will be another day and perhaps we will see that friendly squirrel a little more animated.

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