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  1. i feel they should stick to the original story line... for example what they did with dumbo was horrible! the live action dumbo movie was nothing like the original... and with the little mermaid... i hope she has the red hair because that is what makes ariel iconic and what she is known for.
  2. i would love a platinum membership!! i will patiently wait lol... still gold rocks!! this group is awesome!
  3. i joined this website a little too late for their exclusives #1 and #2 but no way im missing #3!!!
  4. thank you grendel! you re soo right lol
  5. anyone else feel the world became so caught up in feelings and take everything to the extreme that no one can have an opinion anymore? I made a comment on a page about how i wasn't crazy about the idea of how they are going about the new little mermaid live action movie..... and right away everyone called me a racist and i cant judge people and that a mermaid is a fish not a person bla bla bla... cant say anything now a days,, lol

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