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  1. First time in this thread, here to show off my latest arrival: a big block of bubble wrap! So bubbly, so poppable...
  2. Maybe I'll have a little double trouble with this release. I'd already have the old lenti if it were for sale anywhere 😞
  3. How feasible is a night mode for the site? It isn't the worst thing in the world, but even at my phone's lowest brightness, the pure white can still blast me in the face in the dark (phrasing). Also I think dark modes are generally more aesthetically pleasing.
  4. i know details are sparse at the moment, but if this one won't be lenti (apparently no one but me wants that, and CM did it already), what exactly will it have over the recent CX Media release? It's the same art, but at least has this going for it. Edit: And that's 100 baby
  5. I just realized that a banner and a signature are separate things, and not just interchangeable names for the bombass picture under our comments. So.... If I think of something that doesn't suck, and you have the time, could I double dip @goose_3387?
  6. I actually wanted the lenti tho 😭 I can't even find someone selling it for an outrageous price.
  7. Wait wait wait, they're doing the same full slip but NOT lenticular?
  8. You know what, I don't even what this stupid steel anymore. Harry Potter is for babies, and all of you are pooping your diapers. If you wanna prove how manly and womanly you all are, boycott this steelbook.
  9. I looked around a little bit and wasn't sure where to ask this, so I'll ask here. I saw on Reddit that a ton of Marvel Mondos are up for pre-order at CeDe. Would it be worth buying from them, or would it be better to wait for FNAC and other retailers to list them?
  10. FAC dragging their feet on this wouldn't be as disappointing if there were more premiums to choose from ATM, but the only other new one I know of is CX Media.

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