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  1. Ok! You can buy the box, but there will be a gap since you will only be putting the other 4 plain editions. Do you have Wrath of Silence? 😃
  2. Thank you, @huseyin! Hope to boost more interest for these and thank you for promoting them so heavily too!
  3. Hi guys, This is the draft of my box design. Although plain, I will add print effects to make it cooler 😃 Sorry the decision to add the box is so last minute. The groupbuy may have to be closed soon. For members already in the GB, if you want to add-on the other editions to have all 5 titles to get this box, just fill up another form and request for the remaining titles. Those members who already ordered all 5 titles will automatically be entitled to one. Do note that this box is not free as I will need at least the cost back 😃 Hope you guys like it! Love, KS
  4. Dear Psychos, As many have known, Diskino specially remastered these 5 films to promote the 5th Generation of China directors. This plain edition is the last time the copyrighted discs will be pressed. For collectors, they are a gem to own in the collection! As such, I have discussed with John about making a special MP-designed box to house these plain editions. Diskino has given us their approval! I will be in charge of this project 😊 Hope this can bring in more support for these 5 special films! Do note that only one click orders will have our special MP box at cost price 😃 Once the art is done, I will share with everyone. Thanks. Love, KS
  5. MP Group Buy here Info & Questions Topic. The Lion King (SMLIFE Exclusive) (Blu-ray Steelbook) [Korea] Release: November 20th 2019 Price: TBA Purchase Link: TBA Note: 2 D BD: 1 Disc / 1.85:1 1080 P HD / dubbing: English 7.1 DTS-HD MA, Korean 5.1 Dolby Digital 3 / Subtitle: Korean, English Plus 4 / games 118 min / bonus 103 minutes 7 seconds
  6. Yes, I agree the 3change lenti wasn't as impressive. However, all photographs of that lenti were fantastic haha, so I guess at least it was Instagram-friendly 😃 Love the Double Lenti though 😍
  7. Thank you for your support!! These 2 will be the first from its series by UC. Hope we can work harder to improve the quality and standard even higher for MP members!
  8. I love lenticular with a good 3D depth but I think transition lenticular is the current trend now. It seems a prestigious thing to have a 3-change lenti haha.
  9. The lenticular for Les Miserables!! The colour and sharpness are great 😃 Hope you guys love it and support this release. Love, KS
  10. I am delighted to present you guys with the Prestige lenticular! The concept was to make the dove appear and disappear as the lenticular transits 😃 Hope to get all of your support! Woot! KS

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