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  1. I am very eager to see what they will do with District 9, but that title isn't in the BBM series so won't be a big box.
  2. I totally get it. WCL always print with us in mind but the issue in this case is that the discs belong to a distributor that is handling the license to a nee company hence they arent able to supply anymore discs to WCL to increase printruns
  3. definitely easy for us when we are just fanmade. it is fit for a steelbook
  4. Hey @ethnosax, Unfortunately, this is going to be a fan-made without approval 😔 Sorry. This slip is not meant to be a profit-based product. I chose that diamond back as it gives me a great opportunity to play with some printing techniques. The diamond will turn out extremely pretty, I hope 😃
  5. MP Group Buy here Release date: TBA Price: TBA Limit: Very Low
  6. IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: There was a disc quantity issue and WCL couldn't supply us with our GB orders 😔 WCL deeply apologise for that and promised that it won't happen again. After discussing with John, we have decided to do our very own fullslip for Breakfast at Tiffany's. I will have printing effects on the slip, include a folder with cards plus a cardboard holder for disc. However, we will be unable to supply the bluray disc. At this moment, I am unable to give the pricing for this as our print volume will be very low. Remember, this is done due to the expected change of the GB. I will use this opportunity to try out some different print techniques which will raise the cost. I will open a new GB for this product but it will not stay open for long! If you are interested, do sign up when it is live. Expect this to be at a price of a normal single edition (with disc). @deckard99 @Robertm89 @ddeahl @cohelfer @Hollywood E Rock @somebodys_kid @Grendel @ProngstheWhovian @Carl @futurhythm @simba73 @Cy1 @Veum @Spainboy79 @Casiusco @Angelfire011 @Mattrivers95 @bond1976 @hal56 @Horrorfan87 @BlackWolf @Sriram @Morten Paulsen @j harman @mjk @Cheaptrick
  7. I am closing this GB very soon. Can take about 5 more copies only. 😃 Cheers, KS

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