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  1. Not to worry. The price of this release isn't even confirmed yet 😃 From now till early Feb, China will go dark due to Chinese New Year! Korea will also pause for 2 weeks too, sharing the same New Year period.
  2. Thank you for telling me @Grendel😃 It is just me grumbling and joking! So far, the interest has been strong
  3. Thanks, @Ryan!! It seems not many appreciate it as much as you do. Haha. MP is planning an exclusive lenticular to go with this release 😃
  4. For your viewing pleasure, below is the translated excerpt of the designer for The Conjuring artworks. " The Conjuring I am very honoured to design the are for MLIFE The Conjuring. I was only able to view the complete movie in theatre during the Shanghai Film Festival and conceptualised my design thereafter. On a separate night, as I was browsing through master artist, H.R. Giger's portfolio it dawned on me the idea of bringing classic paintings that similarly wanted to bring a specific feel in art that can carry the horror component of The Conjuring. Below are my first few sources of inspiration. Artist: Walter Sicker Reference: Jack the Ripper's Bedroom Walter Sicker: I adored the atmosphere of a killer's mind brought about by the colour schemes used. The art below was the first draft created, inspired by the great Walter. After this, I started created samples using oil paintings with the hope of making a new style that can be used as cover art that also give respect to other famous painters. I wanted the paint to present a chaotic yet dance-like feel while hiding certain prominent images from the movie such as the music box spiral design. In the mexican culture, the Day of the Death is a hugely celebrated festival where people don masks while singing and dancing. Artist: Frida Kahlo Art: Girl with Death Mask (She Plays Alone) I love the moody feel of the background caused by the clouds. The girl wears a skull-mask holding on to a brightly coloured sunflower. This composite is unique and different, and immediately gives me a sense of discomfort while looking at it. I proposed my concept to the team in MLIFE. It is a bold move. Having a design that looks weird and gives a sense of discomfort does not bode well for a company trying to sell a premium packaging! Thank you, MLIFE for taking the risk and trust in my work. You can see the many movie core references are implemented into the design. Since the cover art is very abstract, I also decided to make a tribute to the great Dali for the design of the back slip. Artist: Salvador Dalì Art: The Persistence Of Memory I purposely wanted the time art to showcase the prominent timing on the clocks in the movie. BOOKLET: Dubbed as one of the most 'cursed books one should never read', I drew my inspiration from The Key of Solomon book design. And its back showcases the 3 terms introduced by the Warrens. To produce this! And, Using the signage on the cupboard as the cover design of the folder for the photocards. Lastly, I added an item which I personally feel is meaningful. I created a map to showcase the hauntings listed in both movies of James Wan. " Thank you for reading my translation. I hope those who supported this release have a fresh look at the final design 😃 MLIFE fought hard to release these 2 titles and even more to be granted the rights to use special artworks! KS
  5. @IMTSK你好! 这个系列是香港版权的。 布鲁只是监制不出售。
  6. MP GROUP BUY HERE GB Info & Questions Topic here. Maleficent: Mistress of Evil (SM LIFE Design) (WWA Blu-ray Steelbook) [Korea] Release: 30 Jan 2019 Price: TBA
  7. Welcome, @Mattrivers95! Thank you for choosing Media Psychos 😃 As I have personally experienced, it is way better to focus on new titles than old ones! MP has a great many links with exclusives and you will love it here. Feel free to ask for help and our Guardians will guide you further. Hope to see you in our many discussion threads too 😃 KS
  8. I love them!! Especially the one with the tongue out!
  9. Yes, haha. It will be months before more updates come. Anyway, this is a Gold Label, so it can be assumed that each movie of the trilogy will be a gold label 😃 Currently, we open only one Release Thread as we need more details to proceed further
  10. Really nice! I love that WeET chose a paper representing a poster texture 😃 KS
  11. Take your time! When you have a lot to find out, discussing with us will be fun! Digipak means the disc is housed in a cardboard folder-like case.
  12. Hi. The Prestige is supposed to be the gauge of this new UC line. What is good about this new series from UC is that it will feature a thick hardbox as the outercase instead of wood or leather. Also it contains a high quality digipak. Lastly, UC seeks to include a gift item with each of the releases under this new DP Series.

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