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  1. Hi. Blufans will definitely have steelbooks in their Exclusive (BE) and OAB releases with OAB containing WWA steelbooks. Their BC line is the one that may contain scanavo case. Recently, OAB has been coming out with different release style. In general, there are 2 editions that come with a slip (normally one with a lenticular) and if you buy both editions, they will come together with a hardbox (known as a One Click). Most retailers set their single editions in the upper $40s to $50s range, and the One Click is slightly more on top of the total no. of editions it contains. KS
  2. Release date: 18 December 2019 Price: ¥ 17,930 Link: HERE Format: 4K, color Language: English Subtitles: Japanese Subtitles for the Hearing Impaired: Japanese Audio Description: Japanese Region: All Regions Number of discs: 4 Limited edition color action figure “SHMonsterArts GODZILLA [2019]” is included with each case, new video , Limited edition disc full of unreleased videos and all-color booklet that covers all the artwork developed in Japan! ■ Main disc DISC 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray ■ Main disc DISC Blu-ray ■ Main disc DISC DVD <Video benefits> ・ Special video previews (4 Japanese specials, 7 Japanese movie trailers, 9 Japanese TV spots) , special audio commentary (Director / Screenplay / Story: Michael Doherty, Executive Producer) Screenplay story: Zach Shields / O'Shea Jackson Jr,) ■ special offers Blu-Ray DISC -Godzilla King of Mont start 'S Godzilla series, which celebrated its 65th anniversary. Introduction and event video collection of past Godzilla toys loved by everyone, including precious videos such as interviews with related parties World Premiere in HollyWood Japan Special screening blue carpet event Japan premiere stage greeting the first day stage greeting Toho Studios Godzilla tour Official interview Ken Watanabe, Michael Doherty Director, Japanese dub cast (Kei Tanaka, Yoshino Kimura, Mana Ashida) - Monsters 101 Godzilla, Mothra, Radon, King Ghidorah Introduction Video Collection ・ Monsters' evolutionary modeling, characteristics, crying, detailed monsters details directed by the director & modeling artist thoroughly dissected ・ Monarch's behavior revived mythical monster Us. The important first appearance scene Purebizu, commentary sprinkled with making the video , Millie Bobby Brown Director, charm of Millie the cast talks about Monster Tech , including the Orca that holds the story of the key, mechanic technology commentary that appeared in main - real of monsters is a monster of mankind metaphor that has been put in? monster, directors, writers, scholars will speak on various aspects monster Bath world monster who appeared in this work and Kong, giant Introducing the world where living creatures survive ・ Unreleased video ・ North American version ■ Special Bundled Bonus SHMonsterArts GODZILLA [2019] Poster Color Ver. A figure that can be modeled and colored by Yuji Sakai, Japan's leading Godzilla artist . King of monster colored in the image of an American poster visual on the clear molded body, GODZILLA! Original color specification limited to Blu-ray in Japan! Height: 160mm / Material: Made of PVC / Target age: 15 years old and over / Manufacturer: BANDAI SPIRITS Co., Ltd.
  3. Sorry @Terje Iversen. The spine is what it is 😔 I dont remember hdzeta commenting about it but yes, it is likely a mistake. Even the great and experienced retailers like HDzetaand Blufans do have printing errors in their releases. I know it can be depressing to have that error, but hope their many high standard releases outweigh the occasional mistakes 🙏🙇‍♂️ 😊
  4. Sorry for the lack of update, guys. As it turns out, the special material that I wanted to use is trickier than I had anticipated so I can't reveal anything yet until I can confirm that it is perfect.
  5. DISKINO #1001 - THE WANDERING EARTH This release is described as the only director certified premium edition. Director Frant Gwo personally designed multiple aspects of this release such as the 120 pages booklet. It contains concept art, production photo and many exclusive images. Director Gwo put in a lot of time and effort to present his vision of this release. Under his supervision, the disc will contain an adjusted (improved) picture colour quality specially-made for the bluray that is different from the theatre and Netflix version. Director Gwo and the team from Diskino thank all who supported this release in Media Psychos! KS
  6. Thank you, @CAYENNE-FAHRER! UC is calculating the cost for all the wonderful ideas MP proposed haha. At the end of the day, UC has to decide which one is feasible. KS
  7. Hi Helen! Just checking if you are facing problem signing up for an account with us since you are using a Guest account. KS
  8. Wandering.thumb.jpg.3ff07839661e5438990febbf83478da9.jpg






  9. Hi guys, A quick update. There will be a hardbox with a lenticular that contains a digipak (with embossed art) and a gift pack. I made a simple gif to illustrate what will be used for the lenticular. The approved images are very limited. For the digipak, the bird cage image will be used. UC will pay special attention to create with good embossing details to makeup for the lack of new art. The gift will be kept a secret at this moment 😃

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