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  1. Currently, UC has no leather releases lined up so this can be purchased separately and ship with your other gb via your hub! Will only be available in April though. Sorry 🙇‍♂️ KS
  2. This release may just be a bare XL edition like their Skyscrapper and Braveheart. The groupbuy is still live at
  3. PURCHASE LINK (NOT READY YET)  MEDIAPSYCHOS IS PROUD TO PRESENT OUR CUSTOMISED PROTECTOR FOR UHD CLUB LEATHER CASE! The protector is designed to be slightly larger so as to reduce abrasion with the leather case. Made as 0.4mm thickness PVC, this protector feels extremely firm and sturdy. DImension: 14.5cm x 18.4cm x 3.8cm Titles that fits: Ghost in the Shell Matrix Saving Private Ryan
  4. The exclusive medal is ready! Each order will come with this custom-made gift 😃 Dunkirk will be released soon.
  5. Hi. This item has completely sold out What I can offer is their next interesting release, The Black Cannon Incident. Sorry. KS
  6. From my understanding, a lot seems to be edited. Like all f-words and the word 'gay' and 'AIDS' are muted. Butt-squeezing scene cut BBC crotch scene was edited "I Want to Break Free" MV cut
  7. Release date: June 2019 Price: TBA Note: China disc contains the edited version.
  8. Release date: 3 April. 2019 Price: ¥ 6,382 Note: Include a A5 mini clear file (2-disc edition) Discs are region-free No information regarding subtitles.
  9. @Robertm89 I love the half face idea and would buy both Type A and B!!
  10. @ukade2327 @RAK @Digitale_Kunst @larson1977 @capricornio34232 @comewhatmay @monanza @Robertm89 @Morten Paulsen @3rasus @Rdator @deckard99 @ClassAct @Bergkamp10 @Michael hillaby @j harman @somebodys_kid @bond1976 @boobymcgee For your kind attention 👆 Thank you!
  11. Hey Psychos, UC hopes to get some feedback on the artworks for Bumblebee. These are not finalised yet. Design 1: Two editions, each containing half of Bumblebee's face. Type A Type B Design 2: Hope to hear from you guys which design you prefer! Cheers, KS
  12. Release date: TBA Price: TBC Note: planned OAB release with 2 WWA Steelbooks

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