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  1. Still factory making!! Haha. Do you know each piece of the leather slip is handmade? 😍 All the love in each product 😃
  2. I can do one for the motherbox but u probably have to sell the motherbox to be able to pay for that. Haha!😜
  3. Something is coming soon that will fit the silver boxes!!! And it is from Media Psychos !!! 😏✌
  4. Hi @Tonic24k, sometimes I do get images direct from images but they are just higher resolution images of what are uploaded on site or facebook. The images I made, like the one for Black Panther are all photoshopped by me 🤭 hence the 'For Illustration Purpose only' tag. They are time consuming but important to boost the support we can get for the retailers. This is again something most members dont know we do behind-the-scenes hee. We don't just put a link up and wait for members to buy and charge a fee for doing practically nothing! 😏 If you're not missing alot to fill your collection, maybe I can help in some ways? 😊❤
  5. I know BF has been trying very hard to make the WEA work so let's give them some credit for pushing. Same goes for HDzeta with Inception
  6. There is no correlation, really. Most of the time, it is mainly due to our closer relationship with the retailers. 😃 No guarantees but we always try.
  7. Hi all, I should have posted something earlier, but now that this issue is brought up, I thought you guys deserve a clearer picture! MP did approach WeET for a direct shipping option way back since their 3rd or 4th releases. As you all know, MP is merely a middleman between our beloved members and our retailers. As much as it is a plus point for members to be offered direct shipping, MP has to consider how it affects the retailers. The truth is, most retailers prefer direct shipping as it greatly reduces their workload which makes perfect sense for companies that are new and small in staff strength. WeET brought up many points and I completely understand where they are coming. It is one thing to provide direct shipping for other gb sites with low quantity, but MP often trades that for stock priority and, whenever possible, better # of course 😃 Thank you for bringing this up @Bwatt99! Black Panther will be more than 2kg and all direct shipping will go through EMS, which I was assured will be costly. In this incident, our HUB shipping may not be too bad, haha. WeET has a small team, and the time not spent on packing is used for making the next release. Whatever small actions we can make to support them, we do it. Mantalab will be a good example of all orders gone Direct. That shipping period is never-ending. WeET is like the next HDzeta, Diskino and UHD Club to us at MP. We big orders, retailers need to receive full payment before shipping, so if you are late to paying your shipping invoice, your shipping won't go ahead. And, we work this way instead of billing shipping ahead because we don't believe in charging everyone the maximum amount for shipping before the actual amount is released by the retailer. Let's see how Black Panther works out 😃 Eventually, we will have a better win-win situation for members, MP as well as WeET. KS
  8. Black Panther


    The response has been overwhelming!!!

    Can we hit 85 Oneclicks? Haha 😃


    I did this illustration, hope you guys like it 😎

    Groupbuy link:  HERE

    1. Veum


      @ksosk, I love that BP illustration you made... you are so talented and we here at MP appreciate you so much❣️ :x


      That is one awesome BP OC for me, thank you WeET so much... how about you all?! :wow:

  9. There was a slight delay from Diskino. Now shipping soon 😃

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