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  1. No guarantees. It depends on how Warner release the rest of the franchise after this 20th anniversary steelbook
  2. Nope. The DP series will still be ongoing too. This new box dimension allows morr space for better memorabilia to be added then the DP hardbox
  3. UC has started redesigning this. They are testing out a lenti transition with moving art.
  4. MP Group Buy here Info & Questions Topic here Release date: TBC Price: TBA Limit: TBA
  5. MP Group Buy here Info & Questions Topic here Release date: TBC Price: TBA Limit: TBA Trailer
  6. Hi Psychos, Jaws will officially not be a wooden box edition due to manufacturer delay. Instead, UC designed a hardbox case that is the same height as BR2049 wooden case, but wider. Unlike the DP series that is covered on 3 sides only, this new box will be the same style as a one click box that has all 4 sides covered with a magnetic lid (similar to their Matrix Trilogy box). We will make some changes to the GB and update everyone how it will proceed as soon as we have decided! Total printrun is only at 268 copies. E
  7. MP Group Buy here! GB Info & Questions Topic here. E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (UHD CLUB UC #??) (Hardbox Digipak) (4K+??) [China] Release Date: TBC Price: TBA Limited: 200 copies UC will feature a new hardbox design (similar to the magnetic Matrix box) that is the same height as BR2049 wooden case but wider. This magnetic box will house the digipak, booklet and cards, and also contain some movie memorabilia!
  8. @extantsrevenge The white paper is on the lenti. A basic lenti has a white back. Yeah, all lenti slip will have the same art printed on the cover. Just without any print effects. It takes alot of control and skill to remove the lenti!!
  9. There is a change in distributionship in China so IJ 4K will release later there.
  10. If a member orders multiple, they will be packed together!
  11. Continue to reach out to kimchi via email and facebook. remember to state it is the nth times you are trying to get him!
  12. That was done through their direct preorder? Your friends from Italy through direct also have not received? Tony is extremely careful with shipping to countries that are marked with possible high delay.

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