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  1. Sherlock Holmes ! 1. Boxset (Fits our MPC-BX-SILV protector perfectly. 2. Sherlock Holmes - Lenticular slip 3. Sherlock - A Game of Shadows - Lenticular slip
  2. woohoo @goose_3387 happy birthday!!!!
  3. contes des quatre saisons.mp4 My friend and I tried a 3D modelling of this release!! The titles are all embossed but somehow it isn't easy to make it on a 3D software. Still learning and improving. I will be closing the GB today so LAST CALLLLL! KS
  4. Some sample copy live shots: (Inspired from this gift wrapper from the film More pictures (Left and right are not in the MLIFE edition)
  5. Hey @DarkCloud Please don't take this harshly!! I totally understand the disappointment. Just note that there are really too many retailers that get sold out as soon as the first picture is revealed. 🙇‍♂️ Just hope that you understand and don't get too affected by it.
  6. Definitely not! But when the stock is gone, it is =( I can keep the GB open for another month but that will be giving all who join later a false hope. Sorry.
  7. I understand your frustration but do know that the beautyshot was out for quite awhile already. Retailers based their orders on beautyshots and not liveshots, so if you make decisions only when product picturewla are out, you will likely not be able to secure a copy We have to close the GB as soon as the retailer hits their quota for us. KS
  8. ツイッターで宣伝してくれてありがとう 🙇‍♂️ 日本人がこのリリースを気に入ってサポートしてくれることを願っています。
  9. Thanks for sharing the process with us, @XiaoGu!!! 好久没找你聊了! It is always great to know these detail which adds to the satisfaction of buying an edition 😃 Hope more releases with your participation coming in the near future, and MP is very proud to present this to our international members. May this title gets the many love and support it deserves!! KS
  10. This GB will close in a few hours. Please submit your order soon 😊

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