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  1. I can 100% guarantee itll be on ebay for $200+ before it ships to hubs. There are also members on here that ordered multiple copies 👀. Maybe place a classified
  2. I agree, I'll probably only get the hdzeta set, I've already skipped all the regular releases and I'll skip fac as well. I have a question for you since you seem to know a lot about hdzeta. Hiw do you think they'll do this release? 3 two-edition hardboxes? 1 3 edition hardbox? 1 3 edition OC box? 3 OCs?
  3. Yeah, I hate these steelbooks but there's not even so much as a rumor for wea so I wouldn't count on it.
  4. So I measured my Wonder woman box and it's pretty much the same size as this. I assume UHD club is going to continue making boxes this size. Is there a chance of MP making protectors that fit these? @ksosk
  5. Yeah, lol. I remember reading a post somewhere a while ago of someone saying they removed lentis from their slips but I didn't believe it. But now that @ksosk is saying it, I'm thinking maybe its possible 🤔 I would love to remove the lentis on my old hdzeta BvS double lenti, but it cost to much to risk it 😬
  6. How great would it be if they shipped it without the lenti and just made the lenti a sticker and put it inside the box. It won't happen but one can dream 😪 Anyone know of any cheap lentis I can practice on? 🤔
  7. Yup I've been refusing to buy any until someone finishes the set, but I finally caved and bought the fac XL because I like XL slips.
  8. There's something we can agree on. Protectors have a front and a back as well as a top and bottom. Flaps go on the back, and the seam goes on the open side
  9. I know UHD club has a lot of planned titles already and a few delayed ones but I just want to throw out some more that I'd like to see from them before I forget. Dave suggested this, planet of the apes trilogy. No one has done the complete trilogy yet and it doesnt looks like anybody will finish it. I think this would be perfect for them. Another title that came to mind was Titanic, I think this would look really nice in a lacquered wood box like wonder woman or blade runner 2049. Just some suggestions since I know they take feedback from @ksosk and MP
  10. Thanks for the tag, I'm not getting this one but I am getting the Oblivion one

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