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  1. I'll just add another comment here to make someone else think theres an update
  2. Now rinse and repeat for every future release I dont like the box and I absolutely hate that canvas texture theyve been using. Not only is it ugly but they seem to be using it as an excuse to be lazy with the embossing. Filmarena can make some really nice slips with texture (as seen in civil war and the back of the doctor strange lenti) but when they do this canvas texture they just slap it on the whole slip and call it a day, they dont bother doing anything else except maybe making the title smooth.
  3. Marvel may own him in comics and tv shows but sony owns him in movies, and like you said they own the distribution rights and as this is physical media, they have to go through sony. This makes me wonder though if blufans could do discless releases and call them merchandise instead of movies.
  4. It's pretty much canceled. Last we heard, blufans was having trouble with the disney license and they havent done any disney titles since. And now that they're doing DC it's very unlikely that they'll go back, especially if their WB titles sell as well as disney did. Spiderman is sony, so they can still do that and they had already gotten permission to do deadpool before disney bought fox
  5. I almost said something when you said the best part of ww84 was the child sequence 😂
  6. I'm just messing around lol. I'm not a huge fan of the art on the fullslip though 😬 So far I like the SL most, so I might have to get the OC and sell the other two. Thankfully, no stinky special pack this time so ill actually be able to sell it. Of course the back art could change this and in hand shots could change it again. I just hope we get full beauty shots before the GB goes to update. I dont understand why hdzeta keeps doing these incomplete beauty shots. Just release then when they're ready

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