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  1. Does it seem strange to anyone else that they keep selling more "found" items at the CM website, but still not shipping this damn thing??? Just saying....
  2. Really nice Steelarchive collection. You got some really beauties there. Too bad there isn't an award for that manufacturer... you'd almost be there.
  3. Hey uhhh, not to belabor the point, but i have this same question...i think. Hdzeta - Green Mile & Shawshank both are lentis while sealed right. But open them and the Lenti card is free, you now have a full slip.... right??? Maybe I'm just a dolt!
  4. I watched it yesterday and i also thought it was very entertaining and enjoyable. I'm reading a lot of people crushing it on the interwebs. Saying things like Starship Troopers for dummies... etc. I never listen to people in general. I find a lot of the people who trash on reviews have hidden agendas.
  5. That really is an awesome collection and doubly impressive for one year! Thank you for the effort. Curious if they are all MP GB's or not?

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