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  1. I watched it yesterday and i also thought it was very entertaining and enjoyable. I'm reading a lot of people crushing it on the interwebs. Saying things like Starship Troopers for dummies... etc. I never listen to people in general. I find a lot of the people who trash on reviews have hidden agendas.
  2. That really is an awesome collection and doubly impressive for one year! Thank you for the effort. Curious if they are all MP GB's or not?
  3. Sorry for the second post, i forgot about this little beauty in all the excitement over the LAH from MAG. This is my reward from the indiegogo fundraiser for Wompstompfilms fan film. So proud of the gang and their efforts to produce some fantastic fan flicks worthy of our admiration.
  4. GB #3 successfully completed. Thank you USPS for not losing this one. Thanks @Masterblaster, you're tireless work is appreciated.
  5. I couldn't either... but you sent me some instructions from someone and that's all i needed. I followed them exactly and it worked. Thank you @Veum
  6. Abso-f-ing-lutley my man. "I said LAN-O-LIN, not that aloe-vera bullshit! Get it right, mutha stop using inappropriate languagea!" I watched this one soooooo many times in a short span, i had to give it a decade's rest. It's back now! It is a TRUE guilty pleasure. Thank you!
  7. Agreed!!! Very fun movie!! Early Markie mark and Lou Diamond was hysterical! High recommend!

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