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  1. ah pour moi mon ami c'est le doublé gagnant la, Kho Lanta/The Voice bein c'est pas moi 😂
  2. too bad mate, but you'll catch me up, I've been very bad since the end of the first round I was hoping for it in my heart but I had a feeling that the majority would go for a Bayern win I I followed the majority so as not to lose any more points on top of that there were some important absentees on the PSG side, especially in midfield but objectively tonight's win is still a small miracle considering the way the game was played
  3. I squeezed my buttocks for 90 minutes I DO NOT COUNT !!
  4. thanks mate for these paradisiac landscapes with turquoise water have a good day
  5. @cypheria078 ajout : Whiplash - 4K Ultra HD (Includes 2D Blu-ray) Blu-ray | Zavvi France Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri - 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray | Zavvi France vff et vostfr sur les 2 disques
  6. a quel niveau? mais je crois pas non, à part l'apparition de lapins rien de notable de mon coté j'y ai pas fait attention sinon
  7. many thanks my friend I told you I would be back on Tuesday, it seems I did well and besides I found a new hidden bunny 😂 have a good day English room
  8. it's ok I found it I think France is going to take the cup home again 😁 prepare the champagne, we'll drink it in the German room

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