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  1. Think I must have been unkind in a former life for sh1t keeps happening to me. Reason I write all this I had a wrist operation last year and just today been to hospital to be told the operation has failed and I now need a more severe operation to fix me. Which will mean all of the following Alot lot longer off work No sick pay as I used it up last year Possibly my job as I'm the only engineer they can afford atm. Oh and maybe a long while to get this as well Oh and I got the joy of telling my wife all of this later At this moment I'm about low as
  2. Release date: September 7, 2021Purchase link:Target Price: $127.99 Art: not available yet Specifications Movie MPAA Rating: Nr Movie Studio: PARAMOUNT-SDS Movie Genre: Various Run Time (minutes): 4121 Language: English Street Date: September 7, 2021 TCIN: 83742402 UPC: 191329203170 Item Number (DPCI): 2
  3. right happy birthday today for @Steelbook Indy & @Dadofmegs and for tomorrow mon 15th june as i be stuck in work 😭 happy birthday to @Zeeeell and @LeGonze(you kept that quiet ) basil
  4. i could not come back on here yesterday after what happened to ericsson, i saw it all and it made me feel sick like no other match. also they said on the telly apart from him telling them to go on the football league gave denmark 2 options play on as finland had agreed or the replay WOULD happen the following day on sunday and that was there ONLY options. football is tied up in so much money of things it makes me sick, that poor bloke had what ever happened to him and basically the league puts pressure on the team to carry on. just because he had been stabilized and he asked them to
  5. and for what its worth i fancy denmark in this game
  6. here we go oh @thomue1987 sod beer its cider you want alot stronger basil
  7. agreed but happen when it happens i think, unless in the end they just c a n c e l, but i really hope they carry on but if has taken this long does make you wonder if it will happen but only time will tell. i don't want holes in the collection, my feeling is if its not happened by back end of this year it won't. lets hope it does 👍 basil 🙏
  8. i wont be doing it so you not even bother checking mine it will be zero points but isnt that what the we get in the song contest every year?
  9. well hopefully with new photos for the steelbook and the updated print run release info, the finally beauty shots will not be too far away and we can then all update to what we would like. has seemed like an age for this one but there again things have been very slow of late with released beauty shots for all releases. especially noted in the german room isn't that right nils? @extantsrevenge basil
  10. Shiny, its matte but a shiny matte but quite nice just bought for the film, havent seen a fight film in a while be nice to have some kick ass basil 👍
  11. i love harry potter but blufans track record in things in past few years is not good, chance of them doing the lot pretty much zero they still have distributor issue on going for 4k discs unless like this a WWA for there OAB range. makes this an easy pass just a blufans cash cow 1 shot deal maybe get a second but unless they start thinking big they will be done soon, which is a real shame. what a way to lose the big time basil 😥

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