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  1. anyone got a spare £467 http://supercarexperiences.com/f40/ damn think me have to save up for this one maybe in 2 years time when im 45 think that sounds fair. then that be another off the bucket list. basil
  2. kevin said wea 50/50 we will know in sept. so lets keep fingers crossed. see atm the glass is half full. and i will be after that myself hope it helps basil
  3. as we are talking dream cars on i would have if money no object only about $1.6mill to $2mill if anyone feels like treating me have a look at these https://www.jamesedition.com/cars/ferrari/f40 pics below off google get ya some of that basil
  4. @Pbsw23 wondered where you been upto as gone quite quiet in here now we know why hope you had a good time, my only issue with going there would be i would want to get in one of those cars. one thing i would like to do on a bucket list is drive a car doing 200mph or more im easy i have driven a ferrari my wife bought me a ride in one for 30miles and the v12 sounds soooo sweet,i couldnt cane it too much thought the roozers where sitting up on the motorway bridge above me you will have to try it sometime highly recommended 👍 one other thing i fancy is flying in a spitfire but unfouranately that is £5000 and i cant afford that. but that would be hell of something to do. @Scary Hair happy birthday ann hope you do something really nice 🤩🤩🤩🤩 basil
  5. well good quesion @romeroland firstly and foremost decide how much a month you want to spend on this collecting hobby, budget what you can afford. dont let it get out of hand. if you don't spend some in one month it doesnt matter carry it over to the next month sometimes you can get a run on steels you weren't counting on and then the money is there when this does happen. work out how much storage space you have for it, collections grow quickly and you will probabely end up getting rid of some steels later on because of this. I have 2 bookcases as old small house but hold about 500 steels total. decide what type of steels you want to collect. I started off with WWA- world wide art releases (usually same art around the world but finishes change and ocassionally embossed or debossed on some ) or Premium steel packages (WEA- world exclusive art) such as manta, hdzeta. where you get steels higher quality finishes with fullslip lentis/double lentis or 1/4 slips or one click versions. and then various booklets/cards goodies etc. but bare in mind these are alot more expensive and are released alot later on compared to WWA sometimes upto 1 year or more later. i when started i collected WWA and swore i would never buy premiums due to the cost but slowly over time WWA quality and finishes have gone down overtime and price on them has gone up quiet alot now. the studios imho are trying to make much money as possible with wwa it's got worse compared to the premiums imho when i stared a wwa single blu ray steel was £15 and now about £20ish a wwa 3d+2d is about £26 now a wwa 4k+2d is about £33 now i now buy premiums mainly due to wanting 1 definivite version and last blufans double lenti 3d+2d for me cost me £62 about twice as much but due to my shelf space i had to give away 80 wwa to my father in law, these where my lower quality ones but still at £15 a pop that was £1200 gone. i decided at that point i wanted the best only. this is a decision you all need to think about. also i only collect double lentis nothing else for me locking into 1 type was important otherwise could end up with all sorts. maybe thats just my ocd kicking in but i thought it best overall and at least collection would be the same regardless of who the premium house was. this hobby does tend to take over a bit of your time and you need to visit which ever forum site you use at least once a day or you will miss out on group buys and tbh they are everything to as and what you can get in the world and most premiums are NOT usually sold on sites they are done via groupbuys on sites such as here. some sites do sell direct but they are few. alot of the premiums are ONLY really available at a decent price in the groupbuys on the forums. other wise you are depending on ebay sellers and 'some' of them will try hoodwinking you have to be so careful. whether hidden damage or stupidly high price. where as a groupbuys is run for collectors usually by collectors. makes perfect sense to me. also if you get an issue usually gb hosts will try sort any mess out. it does happen due to world postal systems and damage. my advice work out what you want with above and you be set. happy collecting and hope see you around basil
  6. dont know quite how you worked that out i just looked instore and there are zero memberships available atm. last i heard new memberships supposed to be happening in august according to @Masterblaster maybe he can update you all? basil
  7. right update on wea from kevin he currently thinks its 50/50 whether will happen or not in his view and posted this in oab thread over there -------- For people missing out, it could not be the end of world. And WEA release is not totally ruling out. Please stay tuned for the final confirmation around Sept. -------- so there you have it basil
  8. they havent even announced endgame yet or cap marvel. but as is distrib issue you would think they would get the ball rolling with studio on design for those two. unless all new work is on hold too. which if so is a shame, give them a good chance to thrash designs out over longer period get the best wea they could. but who knows maybe @DodgyDave@extantsrevengeor @ksosk can enlighen us with anything they have heard? basil
  9. i agree doing twice isnt just right basil 👍
  10. @Veum you naughty boy tagging @extantsrevenge with the same question twice
  11. congrats to him obviously the french have more spare time than i do. waits for the barrage of comments currently for me get in about 5pm ish in bed by about 9pm back up at 5am out to work do it all again its a wonderful life, should try it some time. and i bet @Scary Hair has it even worse than me with all her jobs and childerbeasts basil
  12. @Veum i could make a really rude comment to that but i will refrain sound like you been a busy morning, so did i sort of goto work at 6.30am before work and installed some electrics on my car before starting at 7.15 ish then told sweep up nothing to do 🙄 sat there from 8am to 4pm bored out of my head came home an old neighbour locked himself out after speaking to me. then had to find a ladder to get over his back fence go threw house and open door to let him back in anyway first bit of conversation had all day. anway elses day been eventful? i just pray to god have something to do tommorrow basil
  13. sorry @R1s1ngs0n beyond me on this occasion basil

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