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  1. blufans deadpool 2 OC invoices out now please pay ASAP 👍 DL coming shortly 👍 basil
  2. 70 quid thats taking the piss, for that sort of money could get manta or hdzeta and considering is not even retailer exclusive thats robbing barstewards basil 👎
  3. presuming this for all on gb america side atm @blu.steel33 any movement on these uk side at all please? Basil 👍
  4. good morning all well today is the best day in a long time for me went to hospital damn cast OFF stitches OUT, hand looked swollen up like an aliens head. all sorts of weird shape where stitches out bit of ooze coming out said it will settle down with time swelling etc. tomorrow can have a shower safely and not washing with sink as i have been and im starting to feeling abit normal like human again now only a split to support wrist now have ordered stuff off amazon squidge balls to aid my recovery and a grip measuring machine to monitor how we it improves in strength by the way thats me under the green ball see edward told you be jealous hopefully now the recovery comes super fast and i hope to be driving once i feel upto it damn today is a good day basil 😜
  5. @Hollywood E Rock you are you thank you basil
  6. @Robertm89 hope you got you beer and stuff stocked up in the spare room if not now the perfect time to do so before everyone else does. see something vaguely on news that newcastle has got some sort of lockdown coming in. i have to confess only caught the tail end of the report so did not hear it fully so don't know the full details found it details below https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-tyne-54166256 all the best basil 👍
  7. i aim to please, apolgise for the mistake hope you had a good one 👍
  8. im just waiting for you and @LeGonze to make up think that be epic basil
  9. could have both @LeGonze thick thursday and an honorary appearance for 1 week of twerking thursday and @Hollywood E Rock was a fireman he keeps quiet about his tricks he did like this basil
  10. @Hollywood E Rock just found gif below great new idea TWERKING THURSDAY what ya think? basil

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