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  1. closing soon last chance saloon get u some of that basil
  2. big up to @R1s1ngs0n who just got me out a hole, now it is complete and big up to @Scary Hair for the text kick cheers me duck let you all work that out right its has just started really pissing down here like cats and dogs, so i is off to check out that nice thing called electric blanket whilst watching telly before bed and up at 5am again and @Hollywood E Rock i expect the longest thick thursday gifs ever tommorrow so don't dis-appoint, oh and @Veum wanted a shack thick thursdays as well while we are at it so now your have a challenge all the best basil
  3. you should speak with dave, it should all be fine when it turns up. maybe he can get you another box sent out. basil
  4. well went in to work today being told yesterday there would be nothing at all. so i buy 2 papers after having something for breakfast as woke up with headache and pills i have goto have something to eat with them, so sausage baggette seemed like a good choice and a large cappuccino scoff and drink that at the garage knowing my manager wont turn up till 6.30 as our regular guy in hospital that opens up normally at 6am. anyway get to work shes opened early for one of our site engineers to pick bits up and there not right my brench is covered in swarf and sh1t. fixing it all and there are 6 other benches. eventually get to sit down at 6.50 and have a coffee start at 7am and about 7.20 comes up and says you checked the job card rack? i said no why has it changed? why dont you go have a look? check it and a job has come on and lazy assed cow could not just be bothered to tell me? could have saved myself 50 mins putting it on de gas machine (takes 1hr 20 mins to do) if she had told me when i come in net result i did not have any lunch whatsoever to get the job done. for ex navy she is a complete din. its all about her let alone i missed lunch because she could not be bothered. i wish my manager could be botherd when ever i ask for parts its always ' oh youll just have to bear with me' wish i didnt. i cant start till she gives me bits and takes her about 1hr 30 mins to sort most of it computer. why she cant just give me the bits and sort the computer out afterwards i do not know, its not rocket science. does anyone else have plebs working above them that clearly should not? reason i say this job i do we charge customers £1000 per unit and i am expected to do 1 per day but it does take all day usually so even losing an hour or two mucks up my whole day. rant over basil returns to normal happy self basil
  5. top trick put a budget aside each month for steels, every month and do it day you get paid. if you dont spend it or dont buy steels it all adds up and then when you want a OC or whatever the moneys there, usually stashed in a seperate account then missus etc dont need see it basil
  6. also while we are at it my nova jw3 just landed at langley heathrow so reckon that be making an appearance tommorrow let it rain lenti cannot wait to see what is like in hand basil
  7. @StrikerEureka79 you tried classfied section on here at all? maybe @Scary Hair can point you in the direction of someone who might be able to help you out, shes knows alot of people. come on ann time to come up trumps basil
  8. @Hollywood E Rock well that gb update threads working nicely first thing that binged up for me when i came in. so now on another gb basil
  9. @Veum hot water bottles or electric blankets can help not that im saying you is basil
  10. i told you they would turn up when you least expect it and i found the the perfect to song to celebrate basil
  11. agreed if they cant do shazam then whats the point of the rest? maybe hdzeta will come thru instead but if manta cant do shazam ill seriously have to consider getting any dcs from them or you end with joker then can they then do the next one. im not into collecting bits and pieces there is no point. so fingers crossed for hdzeta now for me, i really dont want wwa basil 👍
  12. well i had a fun time we got half way thru about 21.30 both falling alseep so went to bed, now my wrist is killing me and woke up at 3am dropped a pain killer cant sleep now, so now watching remaining bit of the film at least the machine remembers where it left off basil

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