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  1. very true the gb wont last forever and the OC list is now at 130 if @Veum wants it better not dilly dally or he may miss out basil
  2. right @LeGonze you still after this read above ☝️ @Aniket shaw read above as well basil
  3. @Benoit46 you seen new black widow trailer came out 1 week ago? basil
  4. good morning all nice sunny sunday morning here basil 👍
  5. miss the good ol days when john from manta did it all, collectong started well with info that info then dived off a cliff. i suspect this may come but be reckon back end of 2021 be my bet if they do it. the last news article was august 2020 and here we are no idea whats happening? basil 👍
  6. dont i look cool basil mean while back to the thread before i derail it any more
  7. no there the safe bit i get it delivered and serve that onto the plates myself which now you remind me its time to order the dinner 😋 basil
  8. well if you dont then have regret you have to pay ebay prices later on, plus you had alot of OCS of these so why wreck that part of the collection? targeted OCS are ok make weet your OC collection and stick with the lentis on the others at least that way you not given up on all the OCS a compromise. and as they say you can't take you money in your wooden box as was once said to me. hope it helps basil 👍
  9. in hand pics have started appearing on the net click on link and slide along (not mine) https://www.instagram.com/p/CNe-pECllNw/?utm_source=ig_embed basil 👍
  10. ALL PLATINUM MEMBERS please go read the opening post and give @R1s1ngs0n your answer if you have not already 👍 https://mediapsychos.com/topic/17191-new-2020-2021-collectible-membership-coin/ this needs to be done swiftly many thanks basil 🙏

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