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  1. Pre-order will be live around 6pm UK time on Saturday March 23rd basil
  2. @ksosk is this goona be done seperately or going to be able to add into leather normal gb all in one? and if separate give me a tag here when is up please basil
  3. fresh news woot woot from kev In fact, the slip artworks will be revealed on Thursday basil
  4. @DodgyDave you sure @Scary Hair didn't let her chinchilla's near them are quite distructive animals basil
  5. and all beaware @DodgyDave is all over this sorting these messes out and putting things right good on him 👍 now a second bag of oats on its way dave but i thought be good show quite how bad parcels can turn up all care of the world postal systems. all the best basil
  6. poor @3rasus delivery my god looks like an airport belt had lunch or two basil 😟
  7. With alot people destroyed steelbooks turning up of late, i thought it appropriate to start a thread showing desctruction of the poor steels. so if you feeling brave look on if not close this thread now. and also my heart goes out to those poor collectors whose parcels turned up like they did 😟 also anyone got pics to show please add in this thread show us your destruction detail it all here here is poor old @jobel472 pics all the best basil 😟
  8. dunkirk is now live for pre-order for those that want it basil
  9. nice oc @larson1977 see you also have a nice low number there as well. unfouranetly for me dont have the shelf space for OC's wish i did lol basil
  10. @ksosk whats difference between normal version and this the editied version? e.g. time wise and scenes cut basil
  11. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Adidas-Yeezy-Boost-350-V2-True-Form-TRFRM-UK-10-5-US-11-EG7492-Pre-Order-/333109501705 https://thesolesupplier.co.uk/release-dates/yeezy/boost-350/yeezy-boost-350-v2-true-form/

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