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  1. right night all early night for me, goto go back to work tomorrow 😭 well not really but it doesn't half feel weird. its like the first day of a new job. my workshop colleague is retiring and goto do a hand over as its his last day. work out what is going and go from there. actually be nice really to get my hands back on my tools and do some proper engineering again @Hollywood E Rock edward was it same for you first day back? its all good basil
  2. thats a nice steel where did that come from not seen it before? and i prob get laughed at for that basil 👍
  3. as the title we alot of us have steelbooks, some we keep some get passed on for new ones. some just collect the hell out of everything and live in the poor house because of it. got me wondering what are your favourite steelbooks you own currently and why? whether premium or not or some super uber rare as hens teeth steelbook you own. and as i only just thought on this im going to have to have a serious think on this as my collection is very involved for me and probably one of the hardest questions i've written. also this thread is meant to be a fluid one, so come back and update as often as you like. as your collections change. some people do be interesting to see what answers come back. all the best basil 👍 tag a few @extantsrevenge @Scary Hair @Benoit46 @Robertm89 @RileyLad @Pbsw23 @Trianna @Hollywood E Rock @DodgyDave @deckard99 @ukade2327 @thomue1987 @ksosk @Fortis93 @R1s1ngs0n @raylight @RAK @Intentcoin @xSNAKExPLISSKENx @Berserk3429 @Catgirl @silphalion @3rasus @CAYENNE-FAHRER @BobaFett1974 @cypheria078 @LeGonze @GANTZ
  4. ann why dont you just say your as wacked out as a box of frogs, in forum speak. and that you mean keep your ears to the ground really people don't fully speak ann yet good job the odd few of us can decipher you hope that helps @Intentcoin 👍 basil
  5. no quite right its all about the long haul big picture and in five years/ten/fifteen years looking at what a specific chosen collection you have bespoke to you. in the past i had made the mistake of buying everything only to give steels away that where not upto my standards today because of room. yes my taste in premiums came along a bit on the late side. also i could have saved myself alot of money that way as well. i have seen many many people over the years make that mistake, throwing money at it till money pit runs dry and they become burnt out on the hobby. they end up with a massive collection then trying to sell on what they have for peanuts. wondering where the value in there collection went and why on earth did they bother in the first place. my decisions now are based on what i solely what or need and will never part with as its part of the collection. experience is a good friend 👍
  6. i have to be honest i don't know why everyone is saying they would like one, the honest truth will be there will be a certain amount @extantsrevenge will have a list and they will get offered in list order as things have always been done. and i would imagine it will be only certain members who have already bought a certain edition before. and not everyone that bought that version will get one as it be limited numbers. so now the rest of us can doesn't that feel... basil
  7. no mate just came off pills yesterday pain seems to be going only slightly bad when getting up in morning so think the body is slowly healing thank god and not walking round in cloud of light headiness nice to be feeling sort of human again and not a zombie thanks for asking 👍 hope your day was good edward also see the header of MP has changed again clever that with new card design and the time involved in all that perhaps im just too old fashioned like that oh well cant have it all basil 👍
  8. this is ann speak, you will soon learn
  9. afternoon all happy 4th of july our american friends have good one 👍 @Hollywood E Rock thank you and @raylight thanks you more with his daily list cracks me up each time basil
  10. yes usually done very well without issue things get handed out as best as possible and on limited numbers equally, and on the rare as hens teeth that is 1 cannot fault that at all hope that clears it all up basil 👍
  11. no you misunderstand no one on the alita got than more than one copy here but those scalpers went to other sites to fill up too get as many as they could there across at those sites. but sort of what underpins what im saying, about it not being a good idea. anyway jumping up and down wont change it, thats where rational thought comes into it. and you have to remember they probably buy alot of goods here, that no one else would bother with and the risk is theirs. just doesnt mean have to like it when it really is commercial for some, thats the bit i don't like but there it is. won't change it all the best basil 👍
  12. cheers max no all rumours are good its how we find things out this is first i have heard of it moved back but if they did move it, that would be the perfect time the 20th anniversary. also as one pops up with a story other news sites will now be looking to get there angle on it all, to prove either true or not. you ever see anything you see again like that just source with a link, it all helps keep up the good work 👍 basil

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