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  1. Damn why didn't we have PE teachers like that back in the day, would have been alot fitter than I am now and a decent incentive as well. Basil
  2. Said retailer wasnt zavvi by chance as in they read nothing and from scripts? As in only they could be that erm clever Basil
  3. @Benoit46 post above you have good idea on it I'm sure
  4. Good to hear you ok m8 👍 Those construction workers are idiots have a vaccine to protect others bloody simple really. Same problem in this country the minute you could remove masks people did then in the morning all construction workers walking in the petrol station no masks because it's not legally enforceable by law any more they expect people to do the right thing. I still wear mine in all enclosed environments period it's not hard All best Basil @extantsrevenge help a brother out please 👍
  5. well at least plenty of time for film watching and the wifes doing all the shopping as well, instead of me (i drive)
  6. 3 months so 1 week loss aint bad basically 3 weeks holiday pay 5 weeks full pay 5 weeks half pay then onto goverment ssp which i think is £60 a week so i think i done quite well out of it all 👍
  7. @Fortis93 did you get caught up in that earthquake this morning? basil 👍
  8. well today was a good day got the final plan of all my holiday from work then my sick and works out i only lose 1 weeks pay at the end of it all 👍 basil
  9. options now thats what i like
  10. Heres why Tuesday is my favourite day of the week 😁
  11. How the hell did you know the mood of my manager when I walked in the door this morning? Might be shes pissed I'm off to next year 5 days and counting thank god no more pain Basil 🙏

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