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  1. morning all went to bed at 1am after watching old horror film, which was good. a friend put me onto it anyway then woke up at 6.30am. anyway happy lock down saturday everyone basil 👍
  2. keith urban got into him some years ago listening to CMAS was stuck at work on night shifts they had on radio 2. after that started watching on telly last few years surprised me how its all completely changed and is all about the music not what old country music was. so much for the better. think people be pleasantly surprised now if they checked it out. basil 👍
  3. tom walker -leave a light on
  4. @Scary Hair coffee or coke from me right now? basil
  5. no never sealed blufans for me, the whole point is the goodies the steel the film to watch, the whole lot and normally when everything is all ok i buy 1 version period to use. this sealed crap dont appeal if im honest same as those that buy 2 , 1 sealed 1 to watch. thats just trying to get money later on imho. its only been odd occasion ive had no choice for wwa as dont want nothing. example zavvi solo as blufans never came thru yet. zavvi 4k but blufans dl is usually 3d + 2d. so ill end up with a full version of discs. basil 👍
  6. the 1/4 one with the box was a joke imho, but people are grown adults and have to decide how much something is worth to them. i haven't checked but i would have thought bay prices would have taken that down but knowing this crazy hobby it would have gone up. regards blufans there prices have not really gone up that much tbh in general. fa yes they are robbin so and so's imho. i started off with them at the beginning and for my 2 pence they started out pricing themselves a while back but new members started exploding onto the scene and kept it going for them. alot of older members that started with them i know have dropped them. also regarding there quality being good as the big boys. the lentis are not a patch on the rest there ok but have yet to see an FA lenti that i have gone WOW at. there problem i find is depth or clarity they cant do both, well not super well. lll prob be shot at for saying all this but i have been round the park a while and its all personal opinion in the end. its quite subjective but what one likes another doesn't so swings and roundabouts. but we all entitled to our own opinions on things, its what makes the world go round basil 👍
  7. get what you saying my idea would be do the ones on the backburner that have been announced without discs to get them done and cleared. whllst they wait for big boys to fight out over price of discs. and then they could hit ground running, i have had no choice to buy some steels like solo already because i could see where this was going. i understand alot of people dont like the no disc thing thats why i would do it that way. i know it cant be done that way cos agreements would have already been signed. and it all be tied in. but usually disney just being greedy imho but when have they not? basil 👍
  8. @Robertm89 also waiting for blufans to get there issues sorted out with distributor rights with discs is china sorted this year and then they can get firmly back in there saddle. that be heading in on a year in june i think. but 2 issues sort the first one then distributor rights on disc supplier think that take alot more months. 2 sides having a stare off and the first one to blink loses, while they destroy the chinese market, your not telling me disney helping mr trump out. bloody ridiculous. i know is big business but sheesh. think that honest not be sorted till august sept is the feeling in my water. with odd bit in between. only slightly good thing is break on everyones wallet. i do honestly wonder if they catch back up though with titles they need to do. i really do hope so. blufans was my no.1 collectable. but it does get your goat in the end. basil 👍
  9. think joker sell out no question of that, but alot of people unhappy with price increases at other sites, especially as john from manta said nothing will change. some of the language i have read has been fun shall we say. and now quite a few said they will see where it goes. i just want hdzeta sort there joker out now with bs but as we just got shazam i dont think that be too soon. as long as they get correct ill wait happily. the end product is what counts over everything else. basil 👍

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