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  1. not mine but nice pics and vid off insta basil
  2. Basil

    blufans.png.51d7ae7b33836ca91ac8991943e86c5e Media Psychos Blufans Award

    well here goes basil
  3. should have also said same with ant man and the wasp as well. basil 😢
  4. damn just seen this on another forum and i now wanna cry 😢 quote Potential delay with this due to Disney buying Fox and licensing issues. It's still coming but won't know much more until around early March basil 😭
  5. @ksosk sorry post above tag didnt work ^^^
  6. yep your not wrong been shipping elsewhere for a few days now. just hope manta get there backsides in gear and send out the shipping invoices to here so can get things moving otherwise be at the bottom of a big pile of parcels. just had blufans take 20 days to get here 13 of those days was stuck at the damn airport with no updates. basil
  7. SMASH @ksosk you heard any more regarding numbers etc for here yet? cheers basil
  8. Basil

    free watermarking photos

    yes of course it is, its like most have ocd where as i have cdo 🤣 basil
  9. Basil

    free watermarking photos

    right was moooching around for how to watermark photos you dont necessarily wanted copied all round the place and came across this free website that does it all for you. there are many tools colours etc https://www.watermarquee.com/watermark example ill use below before and after anyway thought i put this up here as some might be interested, lots tools colours etc also gets rid of people put white blocks over existing photos, done in the right way @Masterblaster@ksosk@extantsrevenge@Benoit46@Scary Hair hope its of use basil
  10. Basil

    Your Most anticipated Movie Release of 2019

    hmm do this in date order for me captain marvel - just seen new trailer has potential now new hellboy film love the horns in the trailer avengers endgame dark phoneix shaft ford vs ferrari once upon a time in hollywood - new tarantino film midway with luke evans star wars IX bring on jj and think thats about it for 2019 atm basil
  11. @Benoit46 this still on for a jan 7th release? anyone heard from manta at all cheers basil
  12. Here is Blufans WEA steelbook limited edition 2000 copies, estimated release date in May But only with 4K+BD+Bonus Disc, and the 3D format cancelled! basil
  13. Basil

    hmv in trouble....

    i just read story hmv has to pay £15 million just in rent for all of its stores each year. no wonder they got problems if they are having to pay that much rent. i got bad feeling this may go the way of zavvi online only, think would be they only way the could begin to compete no matter how much we want a store. i even had to cancel couple of pre-orders which i did not want to do but no way, i will end up out of pocket. i would highly suggest anyone with christmas gift cards gets them spent quick and also any unspent points or they be down the drain too. basil

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