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  1. As suspected, I am eagerly awaiting delivery of the Best Ragnarok slip of ALL Ragnarok slips, and I mean globally! ☝🏼😁
  2. Right Fellas, it’s about that time… Time to join the land of dreams… 👊🏼
  3. Dya know what @Casiusco, let’s get this in writing…. I hereby state, that I, PBSW23 do indeed view every single Masculine Monday that @Hollywood E Rock posts. Whilst Thursdays are my favoured day, it is always nice to be given the opportunity to check out the competition (😂). I do not moan about Mondays (yes I am looking at you @Benoit46 😂). I am not trying to change it, and it absolutely belongs in its rightful place of our very own Diamond geezers week. But what about “Mischievous Monday”… I’m just saying…. It’s right there for you to use….
  4. By the way @Hollywood E Rock Did I just receive a new arrival for the display today…. Not ashamed to admit that I got a little excited myself 😂Will likely post in my thread over the next couple of days, and I think you may just appreciate this one so I’ll tag you when I do. 👍🏼
  5. Whilst not fussed about this particular release, for me Manta’s WEAs are only rivalled by Blufans. I know most will be like “WTF? What about Zeta?!” But I don’t collect Zeta soooooooooo…..
  6. I Love your beautiful brain @Casiusco 😊🙌🏼 I am a self confessed, reformed Twitter addict. Now, MP is the only form of social media/forum that I am any part of. This probably goes some way into telling you all why I occasionally do a disappearing act. The world today is not a nice one (IMO). Everyone is Soooooo entitled and lacking manners. Even when a positive message is being delivered, such as global warming or the fight against racism, it always gets twisted and seems to become a witch hunt. Social media really drives that too. Apparently It’s fine to call innocent people
  7. And What exactly would Manic Monday look like Buddy? 🤔 Ladies losing their 💩 at us useless men? 😂
  8. Wooooaahhhh, ssssshhhhh don’t set him off! I long for the day she doesn’t appear on a daily basis. It has literally been YEARS! 🤣 In fact, he and his French counterpart should probably start a fanboy thread up over in the club section away from all of us weirdos that like different women. 😂😂

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