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  1. Too bloody right I want the RS! 😂 But that was Never going to happen. I’m afraid the inner boy racer has been calling recently, to which I blame my 23yr old work colleague. It’s looking a cert that I’ll be bringing a Fiesta ST home very soon. Got to love a street legal go-kart 😁👍🏼
  2. @Basil @RileyLad Hi Guys, The car saga is still rumbling on. I’ve been weighing up lots of options, looked at various motors... 2 seaters, 4 seaters, Estates, 5 doors, 1.4 through to 3.2ltr.... etc etc. Basically, the car that was written off was a Renault Sport and was my Mon-Fri run about. I got a £3k pay out for it and it was 10yrs old. I was never going to take on the whole buy it back and fix it, so time for something new. What I Really want, is a Focus ST but can only stretch to a clean low mileage 2.5ltr 09/10 model. Really want a newer car and sexier stance than this, plus I understand MPG is about 15/20 on these models. Ive looked at other RenaultSports, but not too keen on the looks of what’s around, so.... I am now looking for a 14 plate Fiesta ST in Ford Racing Blue. Seen a couple in Birmingham that meet my expectations, so will do some more scouting. Already thinking about Mountune options and I don’t have a car yet 😂 Should keep me happy with 0-60 in just over 6 secs and 30 MPG when I’m not gunning it 😎
  3. Same here mate with the 2 weeks off. Certainly have a few things to watch. Will try and get the latest Hellboy in as well. 😁
  4. I was rear ended a couple of weeks ago, and what I thought was a fender bender turned out to writing my car off! 🙄 Of course my motor was deemed to be way under what I valued it, meaning the pay out isn’t enough to replace it. And it had quite a lot of sentimental value. I brought the kids home when they were born in it for example. All because some knob jockey in a BMW wanted to cut seconds off his journey. Any way.... it is what it is. Bird Box was good, but not amazing IMO. Worth a watch for sure, but you’d only watch it once.
  5. Hello mate! How was the hols? All good old here except the ongoing car saga. Going to check out some new wheels on Friday. 🤞🏼😊 Ummmm... watched Bird Box last week, currently catching up on Agents of Shield season 6. Also going to see Once upon a time in Hollywood this week. How about you? Anything decent?
  6. Hi Guys, been an age since I was last here. Not sure if this interests anyone else, but I’ll be giving it a go.... https://www.hmv.com/video/kevin-smith-developing-new-he-man-animated-series
  7. Hi Guys, just thought I’d share this here, @extantsrevenge @Veum @Grendel @Magnifly @Sheikah https://www.hmv.com/video/kevin-smith-developing-new-he-man-animated-series
  8. Yup.... Fan box = Buy 4 steelbooks and we’ll throw in a some MORE cardboard & a magnet or 2.... 😂😂😂
  9. Can't wait to receive mine @extantsrevenge They really do look the business! I have firmly been on the WeET train recently for slips, but always expect big things from FA
  10. Hellllll Yeah @Basil 😁👌🏼 I can can dig It!! 😎
  11. Love All of this @RileyLad 🙌🏼😂👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 And get this..... My first car was a...... Drumroll please 🥁🥁🥁🥁 A Vauxhall Nova!!! 😂😂😂Mine was Silver, I recall thinking it was Awesome, purely because it had a sunroof 😎 I’ll have to see if I can dig some pics out. I didn’t do anything to mine though, merely ran it until I was told the MOT would cost more than I paid for it, so it went to the scrap yard for £100 😂 Not sure what the lunchtime test drive entails yet, but bare in mind my colleague is 16years younger than me, and drives a tuned Fiesta ST.... should paint a picture 😂 Fingers crossed its not a write off. I am actually considering getting in touch with my inner boy racer now, and I want her back in one piece! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
  12. @Veum When you realise how much fun “she” is 😂
  13. @Veum @Basil The irony of today’s event is that I was considering selling my car. Now that some other prats insurance is paying for it all to be repaired (if it’s not written off) I am now considering putting some cash, love and TLC into it when she comes home 😂

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