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  1. @Basil Most of those watchers will be owners of one already. They are watching to see if they can get that kinda cash for theirs. Happens ALL the time with Steelbooks on flea bay. I have a FA Venom up on there currently, and it’s had watchers since day one. Been up about a month now and no offers yet.
  2. @Tonic24k I used to think that Kimchi were really hit and miss with their slips, but I have since discovered that it was WeET that I loved, and others producing slips for Kimchi that I wasn’t so fussed about. Really pleased they have gone independent. 😁👍🏼
  3. I used to Hate Thursdays... Then @Hollywood E Rock begun religiously posting every Thursday in here and changed all that 😂
  4. @Benoit46 I spy an edition of Elektra on the shelf in your pics.... I am “assuming” it is Film Arena? Is the spine upside down on this release??? 🤔
  5. In terms of Grails that I would like.... Has to be Blufans Thor & Thor - The Dark World, and FA’s Elektra. I am currently considering selling my Blufans Star Wars editions to fund a Blufans Thor, purely because then I can justify it in my head as a “Trade” and not throwing money away 😂 ..... Emphasis on “Considering” mind you 😁
  6. Nice thread @R1s1ngs0n 👍🏼 I have been very fortunate to have been collecting long enough, to have not missed many editions that I want. This means most on my prized possessions were bought face value. If I had to pick 3 from my collection that I really wanted, and was forced into eBay hunting, then these would be mine. I am sure these still aren’t particularly valuable even now, but these 3 are ones that I had to hunt having missed out when released. I also haven’t spent silly money on any edition yet. (Blufans Spider-verse Fanbox is the most I have Ever spent on any edition, and that was brand new in a GB!). I think both FA Ghost Rider & Nova’s Avengers Assemble were both £50, and I paid £100 for Nova’s GotG along with Nova’s Antman & Age of Ultron, both of which I already owned so sold for £40 each, meaning GotG cost me £20! Right Result as back then, it was worth £80. All are opened of course 😉👍🏼
  7. Didn’t watch anything last night, as I was providing an audience with Burgers, Hot-dogs & a Firework display, complete with a non-launching rocket that exploded on my lawn.... quite spectacular really, and was promptly asked if I required fresh underwear 😂 Friday night however, I reached for the glossy Mantalab Fullslip of Man of Steel. Perfect casting in terms of looking the part, but I’m still on the fence if it’s a good performance from Mr. Cavil or not. Also, when he takes down the earth engine, did they over lay Christopher Reeves face? 🤔 Looks suspiciously like it to me. Today being Sunday, I always look for an oldie in the afternoon. Today I found Mrs. Doubtfire and giggled away quite happily on the couch with a couple of pints of the black stuff. Cheers!
  8. If Blufans announced this, people would fall over themselves to get one. And thier slips don't even come close to King WeET. 🤣 Well.... It's all about personal opinion, but I for one am Very Happy about this! I just hope this means WeET will do the more recent Xmen now as well! Days of Future Past WEA anyone??! 😁
  9. Any idea of the impending cost yet fellas? @ksosk @extantsrevenge Just So I have a Target before searching my pockets & down the couch for money money money?! 😆🙌🏼
  10. @ksosk “to not accidentally purchase another copy”? You mean like pre-order Zavvi, then jump on GB’s for WeET, Blufans & FA? 🤦‍♂️😂😂😂
  11. I’ve just been admiring and comparing some of my Marvel Premiums, and I have come to the conclusion that if I am not very much mistaken, I do believe the Geniuses at WeET are in fact responsible for this one via Kimchi?! Are you able to confirm my suspicions @ksosk ? I know that WeET did the Kimchi Dr. Strange and Captain America slips (Some of my favourites). Cannot wait to view WeET’s Far From Home next to Home-Coming 😁
  12. And for those of you who don’t already know (I bang the drum enough around here 😂) 📣 #TeamOpen
  13. Not a different material, but a different finish. Depends which slips you went for. Nova mix it up occasionally, and I believe for the Tarantino s they did a gloss Fullslip and a matte Fullslip. The matte ones looking like an old wanted poster style. Is that what you are referring to?
  14. Hi @StevenWest Great thread and great Question! I can probably give quite a few examples. 😁 Never one to shy away from a little premium shaming me 😉😂 So the ones that spring to mind that were regrets and sold on are, Kimchi’s Deadpool Lenti, Kimchi’s Xmen Apocalypse Fullslip, HDZeta’s Tarzan & Mantalab’s ID4. I also still have a few that I really wouldn’t be fussed about parting with such as Film Arena’s Assasins Creed & Kimchi’s Magnificent 7. You will also find me bemoaning about Blufans obsession to change things up AFTER they’ve suggested what they are doing and you’re locked into a GB. Over on the BF Spider-verse thread I am less than impressed with the “Fan Box” after signing up for a 1/4 slip. Practically Doubled in price for a cardboard box and magnets?! I am also one of those Terrible Marvel collectors that @R1s1ngs0n refers to 😂 But even I am now trying to dial it back. I won’t go in for Targets MCU Digibooks any more for example. Lastly if you haven’t seen them, check out WeET! For me these guys are knocking out blindingly good releases and taking it to the big guys (Blufans & HDZeta). Cheers! 🍻

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