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  1. Well, As you know I’m a BIG Nova fan, but given that all of mine are FS it’s pretty pointless asking me mate 😂👍🏼 I don’t think I have ever seen a Nova Lenti in hand.
  2. @Intentcoin I’d have to agree with 2 of your Top 3! 👍🏼 I actually felt let down by FA’s Logan. Also I’d agree that Manta’s DP2 is up there. Great choices mate.
  3. Hi all, I’m a little lost on the whole GitS releases. Did I dream or imagine that there should be an up coming Premium release of the original anime? Thanks for the update above @Grendel Would you envisage this being widely available (Zavvi/Zoom UK) as its Lionsgate? I’m still getting to grips with Anime releases and how they play out. Also, does anyone know if Gantz-O is available to buy anywhere? Really enjoyed that on Netflix.
  4. @Basil just like Eli’s post, I am in complete agreement mate. Also love the idea about earning your stripes as a premium member by climbing the ranks. Actually makes a lot of sense.
  5. Thanks Nils, great post. I would point to my earlier comments vs. Baseball cards & Old coins in regards to the comics. In those items, they were never designed to be collectible. Same as old toys, and the fact that people treated them as everyday items and disregarded them, THAT is what made them rare & desirable. It’s Nostalgia that drives it, same as vinyl collectors. In this hobby, what you have is people buying a product because you are TOLD it is collectible, and therefore you are more likely to find a Sealed one over an opened one! 😂 It kind of defeats the object doesn’t it? I think you’re right that they won’t drop value any time soon, but I’m still not convinced that these will remain so desirable, especially when every supplier churns out the same films, which of course are readily available on multiple formats outside of this hobby. 😊👍🏼
  6. This is actually a great point and one I had not considered. As much as I wouldn’t want to start over again (VHS, DVD, Blu-ray, Steelbooks) I do actually rather like the idea of a box/pack/book that comes with a digital copy. I have a few of the Marvel Art of the Movie books, so some sort of disc free combination of a Premium & Art book with a digital copy would actually appeal too me. Great Shout Dave 👍🏼
  7. Hollywooooooooooooood.... It’s all coming up Yellow
  8. Very fair points made and I understand your views. I would wager though that a box containing 3 copies of the exact same movie cannot be compared to a vintage coin or even a baseball card, as they are unique. There wasn’t multiple variants by multiple manufacturers.
  9. In my house you HAVE to have at least 2 copies of certain movies and open BOTH. One to display the WEA, and another to watch and enjoy 😁
  10. And this is exactly the reason for the debate Danny. Whilst I am sure you bought those because as a collector you really wanted them for your collection, but ultimately someone bought those who wasn’t really bothered and wanted to cash in. I’m not saying that’s wrong per say, but how long can we live with scalpers making a mockery of our hobby? I’ve seen people request 3x one clicks plus single editions in GBs on MP. That too me is just plain wrong.
  11. Well I couldn’t just tag #TeamOpen if I wanted a balanced debate could I? Plus I’m interested to hear his view given he has 2 copies of everything regardless whether he likes the movie or not..... sounds like an investment too me 🤭🤫😂😂😂

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