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  1. Well, yes, that's exactly it, we don't know, but always always hope for the best outcome
  2. Madly happy, but tbh I'd rather see them take the time to release it in 2021, make it all perfect and gorgeous, without rushing ... But if the 4Ks arrive this december, a collector's set will likely follow later? And the premiums as well? I'll wait for those (and sell my car).
  3. @Veum Now that's something I'd go for in a second 🙌, it is perfect, absolutely perfect, but it's just waaay waaaaaaaaay WAAAAAAAY out of my pay grade 🤪 I'd be extremely grateful for a quick photo once in hand, even if only of a sealed one
  4. @Bones it is, isn't it ... Bill Paxton made one heck of a directorial debut with Frailty. 🙌 (loved it as much as Macy's Rudderless, but yeah, ... that's drama, not horror, rambling here, sorry). PS - oh yeah, and The Gift (with Cate B.), Stigmata and Mothman Prophecies.
  5. @Grendel Thank you so much for the tag, I couldn't reply earlier because I'm moving houses and had a bit of a 'situation' with the internet, all good now, though So, horror ... I'm in, I like most of it, I'm just not much into the hardcore subgenres. My first horror scared the bananas out of me, I was very young and didn't stay put in bed, as I was supposed to. I watched 976-evil, which is pretty harmless on its own, but for a kid-me it was a huge *lots of beeping words* deal. But it got me interested. So I now treasure The Omen and The Exorcist the most, but as far as scary (sad truth is, nothing is actually scary once you see a good portion of what's out there) and thrillers go, I'm a huge King fan (The Mist is among my faves), I loved The Others, The Thing, The Orphanage, REC, Dog soldires and Frailty. Now I know these are all very different films, but it's hard to pigeonhole them ... Among the semi-recent ones, I absolutely loved Mama, both IT movies and Doctor Sleep. One of the most beautifully made horror films I believe was Before I Wake. Krampus was cute. And then there are a gazillion others I forgot to mention, but yes, I love you too.
  6. It's so beautiful, @Bee . Thank you very much for the video.
  7. @pygospa @Grendel Thank you for the photos and the tags and thinking of me, very very kind of you, thank you! I LOVE cover B, it's gorgeous ... I got what I expected, actually, I have now 4 covers (1x A and 3x C), none of them is B I'll try swapping them, but I don't think there's any chance of scoring the B one in 'ocd' mint condition. I'll try though, as I REALLY love it.
  8. Hey @Veum Spaghetti westerns and Mr Clint go without saying 😂😍
  9. @pygospa I LOVE it Also Young Guns 2 But I love westerns in general (if there are only a few you'd rather see than many, go perhaps for Tombstone and Jeremiah Johnson or some older classics with Martin, Wayne, Coburn (also in YG2) or Lee Marvin).
  10. I'm going with the illustrated version. And probably that D cover as well. I wish they did YG2 with the same cover that was used for the OST album. 😍
  11. If that is a possibility, I would kindly ask to keep my order open for a chance to purchase the silver cover as well, @thomue1987, and @RAK, of course, it's absolutely fine with me for you to get my copy.🤗 Thank you!
  12. @thomue1987, hello! 🤗 Please, I would kindly ask to return my copy, I'm after the B one. I love this one as well, but the way things are going with my other two purchases, this might be my 3rd copy with the same cover 🤦 😊 Thank you. Very sorry for the trouble. 🥺
  13. @pygospa Thank you for the update ... bummer ... well, good luck to everyone getting what they wished for, perhaps we get lucky somehow.

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