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  1. @pygospa Thank you for the update! I actually just made an order this morning and it all went through, order and payment. Hm ... They might send a refund then or something. I love Struzan's art and was very happy to see it as the cover of a mediabook. Quite a dreamy release for me, apart from the blue backgorund, but I could live with the blue Fingers crossed we get some kind of nice release then if this is isn't happening. Massive fan of the book as well as the movie
  2. Still my absolutely fave GIF (and collector 🤗). Current situation forced me to rethink my buying strategy, but under normal circumstances I buy the movies I love the most (my taste in movies is debatable, I know, haha) and/or packaging I love the most, regardless of the movie. For example, I didn't like WW that much, but HAD to get several premium editions because the art was lovely. I'm especially into innovative, out of the ordinary packaging, materials and techniques used to present or create a premium, including lenticulars.
  3. I really don't want another WW release, I got like 5 or 6, so I surely don't NEED another one, but ... ah ... well ... uhm ... it's probably gonna look amazing ... oh, heck, I'm in!
  4. I hope so 😉 I still haven't got the Sleepy Hollow mediabook that I wanted, but have quite a few others 😅
  5. Couldn't find a designated thread for this, so I'll just leave it here in case there are any period drama fans out there Outlander, season 5, a thick digibook with 4 blurays, incl. OST.
  6. Dog Soldires is one of my favourite werewolf movies, I just love how it doesn't take all that much to create a successfully suspensful action horror that even has a twist thrown in (as if it wasn't so great already). Loved the cast as well and the effects. Might look cheesy to some, but I thought it all worked out perfectly. I skipped the Koch Media release and have been looking at Second Sight's one since day 1 of the announcement. Will be mine for sure. Thanks for the tag
  7. Yes!!! Don't like the artwork, but it's a staaaaart, yaaaaay!!! Thanks, @Imalilteapot
  8. Well, yes, that's exactly it, we don't know, but always always hope for the best outcome
  9. Madly happy, but tbh I'd rather see them take the time to release it in 2021, make it all perfect and gorgeous, without rushing ... But if the 4Ks arrive this december, a collector's set will likely follow later? And the premiums as well? I'll wait for those (and sell my car).
  10. @Veum Now that's something I'd go for in a second 🙌, it is perfect, absolutely perfect, but it's just waaay waaaaaaaaay WAAAAAAAY out of my pay grade 🤪 I'd be extremely grateful for a quick photo once in hand, even if only of a sealed one
  11. @Bones it is, isn't it ... Bill Paxton made one heck of a directorial debut with Frailty. 🙌 (loved it as much as Macy's Rudderless, but yeah, ... that's drama, not horror, rambling here, sorry). PS - oh yeah, and The Gift (with Cate B.), Stigmata and Mothman Prophecies.
  12. @Grendel Thank you so much for the tag, I couldn't reply earlier because I'm moving houses and had a bit of a 'situation' with the internet, all good now, though So, horror ... I'm in, I like most of it, I'm just not much into the hardcore subgenres. My first horror scared the bananas out of me, I was very young and didn't stay put in bed, as I was supposed to. I watched 976-evil, which is pretty harmless on its own, but for a kid-me it was a huge *lots of beeping words* deal. But it got me interested. So I now treasure The Omen and The Exorcist the most, but as far as scary (sad truth i

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