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  1. @Benoit46 Thank you, will do, I'll post in the relevant thread, merci!
  2. I know it's silly to even ask, but but but ☺️ ... Is there any chance of this still being available? I didn't see any in the MP classifieds/sales section. I haven't tired it yet, but I guess creating a 'wanted' ad would be the way ... ?
  3. My kinda guy, now we're talking! 😂 ... See, this is (among other things, naturally) exactly why I need my husband - if he was like me, there'd be no kidneys left between us ... 🤪 Actaully, just wanted to say - yes, I agree with you (the rest was just me thinking out loud).
  4. I'm in for all of them, in any case ... gold, silver, bronze, pink, yellow ... I'm in. 🍻🤩🤩🤩
  5. To complicate matters even further 🤪 ... a huge round motherbox, looking and opening like Bilbo's door, for entire Middle Earth OCs ...
  6. I actually didn't like these two as much as I love Flanagan's work I thought they were nice in style, but otherwise underwhelming in a way they promised so much, but delivered less than expected. They borrow too much for my taste (the first seems like a ripoff of Exorist 3 and so many others, while the other is like the one movie you wouldn't want to bring your date to ) and lack the sensitivity I admire in Flanagan, and sheer artfulness of A24. I'd love to see more from them ❤️
  7. @Basil Omg, you're so right! Here's a version I did the other day: 🤪😁
  8. I love it and it's absolutely vital it finds its way to my Frozen (1) Blufans steel. It's a very special baby, had tons of trouble getting it back then. So I truly truly hope the print run isn't too low for us 'ordinary' peeps to snatch a copy 🤔 ... because I just couldn't let it gooooo, let it goooooooo, don't turn away and slam the door, I couldn't let it goooooo, let it goooo! 🎶 😂 No, but really. 🥶😁 Ah I'm such a comedian, aren't I ... 🙄😂
  9. @Grendel Yeah, I can only see it includes theatrical + uncut verison (1x DVD + 1x BD), 16:9 format, HD Sound (English DTS-HD MA 5.1, among others), that's all it says.
  10. @pygospa Yes, it does! And with the US version the title 'Sleepy Hollow' is embossed (silver foil + red 'coating'). It's also very filmsy, gets damaged easily.
  11. @Grendel You're absolutely right! Just checked the thin one myself. So ... I guess we'll be after this one as well! Thanks for the heads up!
  12. I'd love to know if cover A (the one with the UK/US digibook design) will be just as thin or will it be 'standard thick'? The one I have is very very slim, like the Grease digibook. But if the German release is 'standard' size for a mediabook, I'd be hugely tempted to get all three versions 🤩 I really love the movie, a must-watch for me every year on Halloween (among a few others as well).

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