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  1. This!!! 😍😍😍 I've been waiting soooo looooong for a premium! Well ... apart from the digipacks and Thai wooden chests and Middle Earth shelves, et cetera (as Hedwig would put it), but this will be so 4k yummy! @ksosk If you happen to create lenticular digis in a sturdy box (like Prestige and Les Miserables), I'll sign up for those as well 😋 ... no, but really. 😍 #abitexcited
  2. Mrs.Robinson


    Your impeccable packages and myself thank you for an amazing year ❄️☃️♥️ You really brighten up my days 🙌🥳 Thank you! I wish you wonderful holidays and a remarkable 2020!🎊🎉🎄🎇 Hugs from sLOVEnia 🥳
  3. @ksosk This is easily the most beautiful release I've seen in ages ... I adore the hardbox art (🙌 very very well chosen 🙌), it also looks very sturdy, yay, and the digipack is just too gorgeous!! 🥳 I honestly can't wait for this one! This is exactly the kind of treatment I'd love to see all my favourite movies get 🙈😁🙌
  4. @Scary Hair Oh it's the very least I could do - you know, when you're so hyped about something that the entire world has to know about it 🤣 That's exactly what it is, bloody gorgeous ... I mean, I got the Crit. edition, but this ... I LOVE illustrated covers, esp for fantasy (here's looking at you, Drew Struzan, I'd buy all your mediabook covers in a second, haha) or horror. Sooo yes ... I pre-ordered instantly, I'm sure the price will drop until Feb Will you be getting it as well?
  5. @Scary Hair Many thanks, m'lady!🤩 I don't think anyone will be plenty thankful for that price tag ... 51 €, ouch, that hurts 😂
  6. I was hoping you'd say that! 🙈😁 Great, it shall be mine then for sure!🥰
  7. I need an upgrade on that Criterion, this looks amazing, but it's not available anymore on Amazon ... will need to keep an eye on it in case it pops up later somewhere
  8. Well, despite all odds 🙄🥴 and my beastly calculations, I decided to join the GB for both Les Miserables and The Prestige.🥳 I just can't miss this amazing opportunity, like I said, premium treatments with digipacks are my dreams come true 🙈🥰 I still hope someone someday will release Atonement in such a format. 🥰 Thank you so much, @ksosk, for doing something different and so wonderful!
  9. @ksosk Thank you very much for the information. It's a very beautiful release, actually, I love them both, The Prestige and Les Miserables ❤️ AND the fact you are giving movies some very sweet premium digipack treatment, which is what I always hoped for - a digi, a slip, lenticular, ah be still my heart! As far as my calculations go, the total with all the fees and shipping and everything included would come well over 100 USD and that's a bit too much for me, most regrettably I would definitely buy if I could afford them, though, they're true beauties and will most surely look amazing in every collection. ❤️
  10. I'm sorry for the what might be a very silly question, but please - may I ask what is approximate price (price range) for such UHD release? Looks lovely!
  11. Got my double Lenti... I'm in love!!🥰🥰🥰 Thank you very much, @thomue1987, packed superbly, arrived OCD mint!🥳🥳🥳

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