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  1. Yes but membership can only be purchased at a certain time once a year and it was blu fans that was most common for it. It seems many other gb retailers are adding to that list which i never knew would happen. But hey all good.
  2. Was there not a gb already for this? Im pretty sure i had my name down for a manics box. I only collect manics and have got my last few on here. So im i reading this right regular members will not get to join or are being asked to take singles? I would not be after singles as i only go for the boxes.
  3. Refreshed for 30 mins lol of the chance they came up early, then on the second it was up, had my PayPal already signed in got to PayPal was paying but failed as sold out unbelievable. There must have been a couple available on site that was the oc I was chasing.
  4. Lol I have no idea what I said I know when I type the keyboard has mind of it’s own, but I never had messages hidden before, I thought as my mailbox was full it was cause.
  5. Forbidden word I’m confused I know when I type on my iPad sometimes the keyboard has mind of its own lol. So this oc was never up before, I must be mixing up with another hdzeta title then. I do know I’m down for single hdzeta and was just making sure I had not doubled up on gold oc. thanks
  6. Im sure i previous selected oc for this and see I was down for single, has the single been canceled and now gold. And was there a previous gold gb as im sure i selected oc for this. And have i not selected another, im getting confused what's happening.
  7. Lol so did i im losing the plot in think, a lot of things on my mind at present so had forgot i had.
  8. Are these tdk,tdkr and bb three of the different movies in one box set or three movies of each in three box set? lol does that make sense?
  9. No worries thought i had missed the email for invoice and had to check but nothing was there. Just checking up to be sure. Thanks.
  10. Are these oc invoices still being sent out as not got mine yet? Thanks.

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