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  1. @ksosk sorry can you please change my orginal requested number i wish to get number 54 please. Thanks in advance. Brian - amended - ksosk
  2. Tag me when this is up for gb please, i see i was missed on being tagged for number 2 but just happened to find it,so have put name down for it and would want this to make the set. Thanks.
  3. Shame the dont send to australia or even new Zealand
  4. The one time i decide to maybe try my luck direct as at home i forget and missed the oc so guys dont do what i did it pays to be on these gbs you can just order and forget. Im so sad right now.
  5. Thanks john for reply when did you order it? Was germany the only place that did this edition,after 4 months on pre order and to get it canceled now stinks.
  6. Anyone else order this and had there order canceled had this ordered since oct.
  7. Any pics of one with pilot at front or is there not such one as i believe there was one with pilot on front. Just so i know what i have and once i know i can then add insurance.
  8. Yep i ordered book version a while back as sticker version still not available,i have it sent to elsewhere and then forward on to me as japan and other amazon sites still dont ship to australia,usa started again but others are still not sending to australia which is annoying.
  9. I was thinking of the maniacs box but now I'm unsure it's that horrid steelbook design you get everywhere.
  10. Yep i missed it when first came out but even then they no longer ship to australia which is another problem so my only option was to get from a certain site. I now have a contact close by who dont have a ban in place that could help me out which is good, yes will still cost me more as will need to be shipped to me which is extra. But its really unbelievable that no amazon worlwide ship to australia anymore must be only one they dont ship too. They must not value australian customers that much regardless of what government as of them to do. As similar countries have same and works. So overall collecting is much harder and costly.
  11. Never knew the other was available to pre order never even tried this probably do me but if other becomes available i might grab its only just stickers so im not too fused. I wanted to get the infinity war with pin badges but prices where just silly so just got the other instead and even that was more than i wanted. Im sure if you wait long enough you get it at right price but for me i was worried it get harder to get and go up in price but already have seen price drops.
  12. Was not the case for infinity war though, either they sold a lot"of them or less was available ended having to pay much more for mine in the end. But thanks for the info they never told me the reasons why this could not be ordered.

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