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  1. judging by the price of CM titles in ebay and the fact that Joker took less than 1 minute to sold out, I probably dont want it so much as to pay the "little extra" that most likely will reach 😉
  2. I wish more felt that way with Joker release, believe me! 😆
  3. Im the proud owner of some of their great work. With the announcement of The Goonies they hit very deep in my soul. The day (it will come,it will come) that they step forward and bring to live a premium for Willow, that day I will commit my swordman life to defend and wordship CM
  4. I didnt get any WWA 4k steelbook for this, now is the time to "bite"
  5. @Scary Hair got you. well, im afraid that means I will have to refrain myself with how many GB to join for now, because If I submitted to all I've already seen and liked..
  6. I know is not the right threat but just a quick question @Scary Hair. The deposit is until you sign up in 3 different GB or when you pay 3 full invoices?
  7. Im always in for classics receiving the treatment they deserve, in the form of premium or collector editions. I can also understant people not jumping straight away (for different reasons), which doesnt mean a given release wont have eventually enough support. Depending on the title I will or will not sign up early on, or at all. In this case I know I want spartacus but just cant afford to pay that many deposits for the GB atm! 😅
  8. I was about to hit the "like" bottom to your comment 🙄 I got it, thank you. here you have 👍
  9. I believe I already told you this, but I can see myself in the same path...😆
  10. ummm, too much blood and not enough sand 😉 well, is HDzeta, they will make it up with the slip
  11. This movie is really tempting me to double or triple dip as well. Joaquin, seductive motherf***r
  12. Is spartacus, not a silent movie but one that leaves you speechless. or at least did to me. The great Kirk deserves it. If you ask me I would push it to the limit of... gold label 😌

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