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  1. At Amazon.com.br Box collection 04 avengers steelbook movies. Release date: September 11, 2019Price: R$ 599.90 Limit: xxx copiesNote: Included exclusive metallic box The avengers collection includes special box plus the steelbooks of: the avengers, with 3d blu-ray and dual blu-ray; avengers: Ultron era, with 3d blu-ray and simple blu-ray; Avengers: Infinite warfare, with Blu-ray 3D and simple Blu-ray; and avengers: double blu-ray ultimatum. Purchase link: http://twixar.me/b0g1
  2. @ksosk The links are wrong, do not open the form. Go to another page ...
  3. @sepultura007 With Sucker Punch? I have not received this yet, I should be receiving it next week.
  4. @Masterblaster Hi John, any news of my card? Regards.
  5. On Manta site: [ME#8] LOGAN STEELBOOK (ONE CLICK) FOX MANTA LAB EXCLUSIVE #008 <LOGAN> STEELBOOK - Numbered 1 to 400 - Pre-order Date: 8PM July 13th, 2017 (HKT, UTC+8) - Release Date: August - Price: $132.97
  6. Yes, we can make the direct exchange. # 12 is mine then .... @Masterblaster
  7. Of course buddy, no problem, I get # 17 Cheers

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