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  1. I got the 001! After hundreds of premiums my first #001! Pretty cool the #001 of the first from Fanatic.
  2. Wait a minute buster! I have #1...you’ll be hearing from my lawyers soon! The esteemed Law firm of Laurel, Hardy, Abbot and Costello.
  3. Group buy host at another site is reporting a delay until late November early December because of quality issues....have you heard anything about this? Some people have received this already.
  4. Love the back....the front...not so much Not a fan of the movie so pass for me. Hoping they do The Exorcist and The Wizard Of Oz.
  5. I have almost all cinemuseum releases. Have Pet Sematary on the way right now. They are pricy but have good quality. As for Terrifier...I like the artwork but the movie is terrible...wouldn’t pay a nickel for the film. Gone are the days that I buy a bad movie just for the packaging.
  6. Great news about these classics finally getting the premium treatment! Especially Jaws! Was just ranting the other day about it. I’m in for all.
  7. Love my FAC for Homecoming...but sadly Filmarena has priced themselves out of my league. Will go for either Blufans or Weet and save $15.00 to $20.00. Have over 100 FAC premiums in my collection but after 2 that I committed to months ago...I’m done. A shame as once upon a time they had very good premiums for reasonable prices.but they cannot control their greed.
  8. Received an e-mail from everythingblu about shipping...there was a problem and options were not offered...only an expensive option was offered. I was Charged £17.60 shipping to the USA. After I sent an email to them they refunded £2.00 down to £15.60..I did a test run at their site and shipping shows as £11.65...sent them another email...waiting for a reply. Anyway for those who ordered...check your shipping cost.
  9. 1.King Kong (the original) 2. The Fugitive 3. Gallipoli 4. Sahara (Bogart WW II film) 5.Glory 6.Babe 7.On The Waterfront 8.In The Line Of Fire 9.Ed Wood 10.All The President’s Men I could go on and on and on!
  10. Just received this and I’m not happy! The total package is fantastic...except for the ding on the steelbook! On the back, a very noticeable ding...should never have been sent like that. Paying over $100.00 for this....very disappointing! Clearly was packaged like that in the Czech Republic. I’m guessing there’s nothing that can be done...these are long sold out. I’m just about done with Filmarena...have a couple of other Steelbooks I’m in group buys with. The prices keep climbing and now quality control is going down. Not supporting their greed anymore. I’ll probably just place the German purple Steelbook inside and sell the damaged one. Hope no one else has a problem with their copy!
  11. Lord help me....another Alita premium! Already in for Blufans OAB, Filmarena and Black Barons versions. I’m not going for this! no no no...yes yes yes...of course I am. I keep telling myself to cut back....just can’t do it. I just pray my wife never has a close look at my collection. If she sees 5 versions of the same movie...I’m a DEAD MAN!
  12. Fantastic! Hope they do multiples like Alita. They need to do another classic....Jaws!

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