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  1. I love the line…immediate refunds to those who request…CM going to ban us if we make that request? I have The Goonies on order direct from them and have lost hope that I’ll ever get it or get a refund as my account is missing. Does not recognize my email that I used for years so can’t change password and they won’t help. They've had my money for over a year so can’t make a claim. DO NOT EVER ORDER direct from them…it’s like playing Russian roulette. I really love their releases but the whole operation is shady and incompetent. Go with the group buys if you must. I have a bunch on order thru t
  2. Paid for this beast!…so painful! My first and last from MAG. If they reduce the size, the weight and the price in the future I may consider purchasing again. Soon as I receive this I’m not going to open…just take some photos and put it on eBay and try to get my money back.
  3. This is my first MAG purchase…passed on the previous ones but was very tempted by DasBoot. Wanted to give them a try and Terminator box was the perfect opportunity. This thing is massive! Really liking what I see…looks like I’ll never buy another Terminator movie in any form after this. Have lots of Terminator steelbooks to add to this edition to complete it. That being said it’s almost certainly my last edition from MAG. Just to big! Don’t have any more room for these massive editions. And the price point is just to much for me at this point in my life. Going to scale way back on premium edit
  4. Damn…you’re right, I’ll be praying 🙏 he is not impacted by this one. I know he got hit by at least one hurricane in the recent past. He deserves some GOOD LUCK!! John…get well and stay safe!
  5. And….mine has shipped…or will ship tomorrow! Should have these (3 lenticulars) late next week!
  6. Great news!…I’m all in. 2022 for them actually means 2023 or 2024…gives me plenty of time to gather all my spare change..sell some lemonade…no problem!
  7. Agree that it does remind me of the sequels and also agree it’s terrible…huge disappointment! Was really looking forward to this release…now will just probably sell it off.
  8. Back in stock at Best Buy...just ordered one for shipment after Target failed me. Glad I don’t have to pay the high eBay prices.
  9. Some of us have paid...for me mid last year. My Monster Squad shipped last week...paid for that more than 7 months ago. After my Goonies ships I’ll never buy direct again. I have 7 or 8 on order in group buys...that’s the way to go with these people. Really love their product...just tired of the BS. They were a mess before the pandemic...it feels like incompetence. Look at EverythingBlu, they had a very rough start...tons of complaints and they have turned things around. Cinemuseum just seems to get worse. Anyway...can’t do anything but wait,
  10. Wouldn’t surprise me if you’re asking the same thing next May! I’m pretty sure I read they have a couple of others to release before they get around to this. I’m not expecting this until end of the year...hope I’m wrong!
  11. Got my OC yesterday....jacket, box, full slip and steelbook are outstanding! Single lenti is good. The front of the double lenti is just OK...but the back is a blurry mess! Thought is was just my old eyes...but after opening still crappy. Had my son with his “young” 23 year old eyes have a look. He said the same. Very disappointed in the DL..Guess it’s going on eBay...I’ll replace it with my Nova lenti.
  12. Hi kiosk.... thanks! Knew I could count on a psycho! Did as you advised and then used a tweezer and very gently pulled the booklet out..first one took a little effort but the second was a breeze. Without the plastic they slide out with ease. Thanks again! aj101097
  13. Help!!...fellow psychos! Just purchased this Ultimate box set and some 4K and blu ray discs to place inside. Anyway opened the box and the slips...and it is impossible to remove the steelbook and booklet from the slips! They are jammed in there super tight. Always used a good firm shake to loosen for others in the past and always able to remove. I think I could shake until the end of time and get no movement. Anyone have a tried and true method? I’m scared to force things and destroy the slip. Any tips would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
  14. I know it’s frustrating having to wait such a long time! But with the Covid-19 conditions worldwide there’s nothing we can do but wait. The Shining from Cinemuseum is a good example....I waited for 13 months to get it! And many are still waiting for it. Italy has recently shut down for the 3rd time so all those other titles we joined up for on our group buys will ship in the distant future. I’m sure your copy is safe and will be with you as soon as possible.

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