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  1. Got my shipping notice this morning from FNAC...this afternoon got an alert from DHL to expect this on Tuesday. 4 days to the USA...love it!
  2. #31 Roman Holiday!!...finally a blu-ray of this classic! Released towards the end of THIS year. And WCL...icing on the cake....can’t wait! Got this info. From another site from the person who reports on Chinese releases. Very reliable.
  3. Wasn’t interested in this....until I saw the Beauty shots....fantastic! Joined the GB...have a nice steelbook for this, May swap if it will fit.
  4. Says it doesn’t ship to the USA...thought we were past that?...probably change in the near future.
  5. Looks like they really screwed up the booklet In this release....many reports from people that have it in hand...aaaaaaannnnddddd Zavvi have shipped this in flimsy envelope. Many damaged steelbooks showing up. Mine is coming to the U.S....Have little hope that it shows up undamaged. Zavvi will get a boatload of returns. How do you ship a booklet filled with many errors...where’s quality control?
  6. The artist just said they agreed to remove the art....cinemuseum has apologized and issued a statement. So I guess this will be redesigned.
  7. Just read about a major problem with this release over at another forum....seems cinemuseum used art on this without permission from the artist and no compensation. Artist is threatening to sue. Cinemuseums response....Manta Lab is using his art! Manta had permission....hard to believe that cinemuseum didn’t even make an effort to reach out to the artist! Just incredibly stupid if true! Hoping they work it out.
  8. You’re probably thinking of the Blade Runner 2049 box from long ago...just checked and you’re on the list for that as am I.
  9. I’ll just drop mine in a pot of boiling water....problem solved!
  10. For USA...Best Buy has a buy 2 get 1 free promo going on for today only....pre orders work with it. Got 4 orders in for upcoming 4K steelbooks and a couple of Criterion’s.
  11. And just received mine! A day and a half from Japan....outstanding Amazon Japan! And this whole package is outstanding also...very impressed.
  12. Had a text from DHL showing delivery for today....tracking showed shipped on Wednesday morning...arrived in Ohio last night and left Ohio this morning. Could have it tomorrow. Usually get my stuff from Amazon Japan in 3 to 5 days.

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