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  1. Lord help me....another Alita premium! Already in for Blufans OAB, Filmarena and Black Barons versions. I’m not going for this! no no no...yes yes yes...of course I am. I keep telling myself to cut back....just can’t do it. I just pray my wife never has a close look at my collection. If she sees 5 versions of the same movie...I’m a DEAD MAN!
  2. Fantastic! Hope they do multiples like Alita. They need to do another classic....Jaws!
  3. Don’t get discouraged...this is only the second time I’ve seen one be this limited. There’s a good chance Blufans will do a WEA version later in the year also. Now if they start limiting all their releases to these absurd numbers then a lot of us will give up in disgust!
  4. Hi Michael, It was super limited and I believe all went to platinum members. All the Steelbook sites that have group buys were super limited. Hoping that Manta Lab may do this title in the future.
  5. OK...I surrender! Broke down and ordered the B1. Kept coming back and looking at that B1...it’s a beauty!
  6. Some fantastic slips and the steelbook is great too. Really loving the Lenticulars. Already have the Blufans box so I’ll pass, but great news for those who missed out on the previous premiums.
  7. aj101097


    Hi, Thanks to all for your guidance! I’m in the USA and have region all machines. I recently bought the German futurepak and it has no English options at all. Just bought the Anchor Bay blu and will give it a go soon as it arrives. Cheers!
  8. aj101097


    Question for the experts here....what is the best blu ray version of Ghost In The Shell classic animated version? There was a recent version that I understand has a subtitle problem. Anyway thanks in advance!
  9. According to Kevin over at blu-ray.com Ultra limited...200 sets available with just a few double lenticular for single sale. Gonna be super hard to get.
  10. Maybe going for Lenticular B....don’t like the steelbook for A. Already have the steelbook for B..Not sure if I really want to spend for a premium especially since the slip artwork is not anything special. Never mind...just remembered I have the wooden box edition on order!
  11. Hi dchamp444, Just had a look at the group buy list...looked twice and don’t see you there. Have a look. Maybe a mod can help.
  12. Think I may pass on this....the front of the steelbook is just OK but the back is terrible, Really hate when they cut heads in half....they did the same for Wonder Woman (the Australian Steelbook & the Wooden box). I’m sure we will get other premiums...hopefully with better artwork.

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