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  1. HAPPY THAT I HAD THE CHANCE TO JUMP INTO GOLD IN MY VERY FIRST YEAR IN THIS COMMUNITY !!! ...and ready to hunt for Platinum next time
  2. well, I fear, this will be MANY TIER-hungry member's working mood tomorrow ... or as the Poets say - tiered makes tired 🙃
  3. And here, my fellow members, is just another example, why MP is unique - exactly: Paramount compared to all other "forums"... Because even what is actually not feasible is still being considered (and - look at the HDZeta Silver Protectors - the impossible is even done if there is any way) And why? Simply because MP is made BY real Collectors FOR people sharing the same Passion. Keeping this in mind - there are A LOT more reasons for a true Premium Maniac to support MP and keep this place alive (not only to secure the next rare Edition... (Advertising swi
  4. "one protector to rule them all..." (I really do like this cute helpful Fox...) But @xSNAKExPLISSKENx is absolutely (You KNOW it folks... I wanted to use a different expression, but the "Parental Guide"-Button made me refrain from being too authentic... 😇) right (and took the words right out of my mental wishbox...) Anyway - from first glance I have the feeling that the BTTF-Box seems to have the same size as those of LOTR and HOBBIT. So it looks like a new HDZeta-Silver-Tripple-Box size has been established (wich would scream for a fitting protector ...) - as
  5. @extantsrevenge Thank You Nils for giving us a first look on this splendid Edition ! Fortunately, I made it onto the final list ... ... but this is the state I will be in from now until the HDZeta Postman rings... >
  6. Don't worry - nobody can get those old boxes properly warm anyway 😉 And ... I bet that the Royals can't keep up with YOUR Media premium collection !
  7. Well, then make Yourself a home buddy (even if only for a short time)
  8. Huh... for such an edition ... how about a mother house ... 🤔? Let's say of these dimensions ...? Confess!!! - A "HDZeta Castle Box" is what You REALLY hunger for...! Well ok - I have to admit ... not that I'm not crazy enough to even buy this myself... Sorry... Just Kidding on Sunday
  9. When I woke up, I was satisfied to see that invoices now begin to arrive for the European Members too, so that I could happily pay my mine! (By the way - can anyone tell me why this horde of revolutionary communists is always chasing after me, screaming: "Execute this bloody capitalist!!!" ...? ) But no! Thats not the point - I am slowly beginning to understand why one becomes a real psycho through this hobby: Sheer Happiness in the face of voluntary self-robbery ...
  10. The opening of the HDZeta LOTR-Groupbuys added a special, golden glow to today's brilliant sunrise... Or to Quote Han: And as for the compelling urge to join Groupbuy immediately - Darth Vader was right ... By the way...what do you mean, I'm a Star Wars fan? - You must be kidding! 🙃
  11. Yeah !!! ... only between 2021 and 2022 years until the release dates !!! or did I mix something up? 🙃 hmmm... or did I mix something up... ?
  12. Hello community! Benoit's annoyance is understandable. Although I only joined MP in 2020, I am glad to have found this safe haven for the serious fanatic of premium editions. Even when I had many questions at the beginning, the Staff always answered with the greatest possible courtesy, friendliness and a helpful effort. Above all, however, I can REPORT FROM THE ENTIRE EXPERIENCE AT MP, that if you carefully observe the threads available for the respective editions (release thread, questions & info thread) - and not least the "follow content" functi

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