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  1. Many Thanks to all the MP-Staff. In this great community the motto is truly alive: Never give up trying!
  2. Even though - according to our Admins and Guardians - nothing is finally edged in stone yet (neither as regards the final 4K allocations nor the final design of the Blu-ray-Edition) - I think that the stone is already comfortably seated int the garden... So I guess that • there will be no big changes anymore as regards the list of our 4K-Edition-Receivers • MP will do their very best try to secure as much Blu-Ray-Editions as possible for those who did not made it to the Magnificent 100 ( and maybe everyone on the GB-List will be given the co
  3. I also very much appreciate Denis Villeneuve's style, so I agree with my previous commentator and would only like to add "Sicario", which I also admire a lot. The contemplative mood that the director is able to create could - as I hope - suit the subject matter. That aside, given the art developed for the film, there could be some beautiful WEA gems (HDZeta, Manta Lab, UHD Club) waiting for us on the premium release horizon....
  4. don't worry, @Veum is safe for now - this time the principal had his daily fun already with me... Basil >>> <<< Me (was a bad boy) (come on @Basil... smile again) ... if that does not work, I'll give up for today...
  5. Please no @Basil never intended that - Your posting seemed sarcastic to me, so I just couldn't resist to top it with a favorite movie...
  6. Oh Yeeeeessss !!! Really Great idea !!! That reminds me of the passionate scene, when Dr. Strangelove gets REALLY excited ( ! ) as the time has come (in the Atomic Bunker) to introduce the President the idea that the destruction of the largest part of the world population could lead back to the path t o b u i l d u p a purer MP-COMMUNITY - HAIIIIL!!! ...aaah, wait a minute ... or was it a purer race ... ?? .... ehem, hmmm, well ... i'll better go back to the garden to ... ehmhm ... water and pet some flowers 🙃
  7. Good point.. will we ever see it ...? ehem.. Indy, I mean during our lifetime...
  8. "Why haven't the invoices been sent yet...?" Anway... I am already ready to run for it... 😎
  9. OOOOOH MY K O N G ! ... eeh I ment OOOOOH MY G O D ! ... - Z I L L A ? (Sorry, but my speech therapist seems a little confused out of sheer excitement....) Well, well, well, this is nothing but an AMAZING STUNNER !!! I'm begging You, Please my dear MP-Staff: If necessary, hire EVERY giant ape available to secure all Member's OCs, DLs and so on !!! ... and if that's not enough to convince Manta - maybe try a sad looking dog...?
  10. This is the true perfectionist speaking (as I am one myself, I would not allow any criticism of such attention to detail, marked by a genuine passion for design). On the other hand, in view of the recent product pictures (ehem...), I am already happy for every box that doesn't show sharks eating Russ Meyer-Style pinup girls...
  11. As Joker said: ... and these Beauty Shots did the job instantly ! Already sitting in front of the screen with my wallet drawn and waiting for the "Join Groupbuy" - Button... T H I S is UHD Club at it's best ! ........................................................ ... only a wooden box could top this ... ?? ( of course, it's just a nasty rumour that I'm a fan of UHD's wooden boxes.... 😈 ) Jokes aside, however, I think that given the overall visual concept, the hard box is the appropriate choice here.
  12. My dear Members and Administrators, I wasn't aware that humor should be banned from this Forum (and I know it isn't). But Okay - we take the matter seriously (for once and only once... 😉) Well You are right, that sometimes it may be boring to read all theses "easy Pass"-Messages... But on the other hand, sometimes I get the feeling that anybody who does not shout "Hail Freedonia" (sorry Groucho) whenever a Manufacturer releases a new Edition, seems to have crucified Jesus a second time . Because neither HDZeta (most releases I absolutely ado
  13. Oh... don't be too hard on the poor guys from UHD Club my fellow Psychos... Because after all they only went for the second and third worst poster !!! Or can you imagine the following (officially used!!) two designs - apparently created for the Indian and Thai markets respectively - as the new edition...? But wait - even deeper nightmares are possible... because this one from Poland or - my absolute favorite: - from Ghana (!), probably used for a local video release, would even make a scarier box ...
  14. HAPPY THAT I HAD THE CHANCE TO JUMP INTO GOLD IN MY VERY FIRST YEAR IN THIS COMMUNITY !!! ...and ready to hunt for Platinum next time
  15. well, I fear, this will be MANY TIER-hungry member's working mood tomorrow ... or as the Poets say - tiered makes tired 🙃

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