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  1. To all the Psychos on here I hope your day has been filled with peace & premiums! May you rest well, & wake stronger than before to take on the new day!
  2. Unless the fans really make a fuss about it more than likely they probably won't. It's in our best interest to get the dvd set. Probably the only reason to own any new set is for whatever new extras come with it that's not apart of the old set. Aspect ratio of television shows & the process of how they are upgraded has been in ongoing thing. Purest are unfortunately in the minority, & companies prospective is profit over art.
  3. What I did was a Google search for places that do engravings in my area. I picked the place that had the best reviews. After that it’s a roll of the dice. Mistakes happen even with the best of craftsman! I lucked out which is a great thing!
  4. Psychos with great pleasure I present to you my license to PSYCHO! A big thank you goes out to @Masterblaster I think I may need two cards! One for travel & one to stay safe at the home!
  5. Another morning, another day, another opportunity to be stronger than before! Psychos I know it’s hard to say goodbye to the weekend. Despite being closer to Monday, there is still no reason why today can’t be better than yesterday! So here’s to us all having a great Sunday!
  6. I was a fan when the show was running. I haven’t watched an episode in a while though. I’m checking out the video now.
  7. Since I’m more than likely going to be up the rest of the night this was me this morning & most of the day. I’m going to work on my reviews now. Been a while since I put my thoughts on paper. I’m going to try & not be to long winded.
  8. Yeah I wasn’t expecting that response. Legit tickled me with that one!
  9. It maybe because of either time or money. For me I haven’t had a chance to get down on any of my games I’ve gotten this year except for Mario Kart on my Switch. That’s only because I get a chance to game w/friends on my break sometimes. Once I’m home I don’t touch a joy unfortunately. With that said though I do still like knowing what’s going on in the gaming world. There has & is a lot of cool steelbook designs being released for games.
  10. I’ve watched about 6 so far, & I wanted to post reviews of them also. I’ve only had time to type two. They’re saved on my phone. My intentions is to have everything posted by tomorrow’s end. I believe burning the candle at both ends has caught up with me. I’ve been sleeping more than usual.

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