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  1. @Basil You have been in pain for a while friend, & you still been getting work done under those circumstances! My place of work needs more dedicated, common sense having, people like you. Damn place would definitely run better! Well I’m hoping this all works & your recovery is fast! The days become very long when you’re experiencing them in pain. So I hope you don’t experience to much pain during recovery. Damn that’s rough, sorry to hear all that. Its good your wife had you there as her support system.
  2. Another afternoon, another night, another opportunity to be stronger than before!!! Psychos yesterday I was pretty productive at home Because of it I didn’t get much sleep so when I arrived home today I Now I’m up, because out of all the days of the week, today CAN’T be the day I sleep in! I Can’t Sleep Through Some of you was lucky enough to experience this wonderful day already, & I hope it was the thickest of days for you!!! I hope you all are resting well for a day like this can be exhausting! For me & all the others where the day is still young THICK For all the Psychos who desire more & deserves more!!!
  3. @Veum I would definitely open them, I would need to give myself piece of mind. You can wrap them back up with bubble wrap if you don’t have any other protector for them at the moment.
  4. @Veum GASOLINE?!! I’ve never seen or heard of something like that happening to a package being delivered. You probably should call your local Post Office with a complaint!!! That’s unacceptable to have your items (no matter the value be treated with such carelessness.) Sorry to hear you have to be apart of such a strange & sucky situation.
  5. @Veum & I’m the way I am because I have Great parents!
  6. @Veum My friend you got to focus up!! You have a lot of homework to do! With what you told me I would say hold your money on this release. You already got In My Opinion the best release of the movie anyways. Unless Filmarena releases a box set with all new artwork which is probably unlikely.

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