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  1. Another morning, another day, another opportunity to be stronger than before! Psychos HAPpY THICK Thursday!!! Here's to all my Psycho friends who have the desire for more! I hope you all have a kick a$$ Thursday!!!
  2. @R1s1ngs0n You’re right it’s not the same. In my opinion that makes them premium Steels. Anytime passion & sincere efforts is put into a creation the outcome is special. Steelbooks don’t need a Full Slip cover or Art cards to be premium, in my eyes it’s about the backstory of how they are designed. Like with those new Bond steelbooks I was referring to earlier there wasn’t any real passion put into creating them. Just something to throw out to the Collectors who will pick up any & every steelbook. Since companies know that they are going to sell either way smh.
  3. @R1s1ngs0n Dirty Harry is a good pick! I would like a Steel of that myself, & all your 007 Steels need to be licensed out to be mass produced because they are I got an email for some new Daniel Craig Bond steels & they are
  4. @Pbsw23 THESE are the ones you’re referring to? 1st & 3rd copy I own already that copy of two I usually don’t see when I search on EBay. Here’s the copy I keep seeing on EBay is goes for $85 used & over $100 brand new. I don’t like it enough to pay those prices.
  5. I need a Blade 2 steelbook something serious! I have a steelbook of the 1st movie & the trash 3rd movie. There is a version that I have ran across on EBay, but I don’t really like the design.
  6. Another morning, another day, another opportunity to be stronger than before. Psychos HAPpY Having a good night/morning at work right now. Honestly I don't have much to say at the moment. Just wanted to give a morning greeting to my friends who will eventually read this. So here's to having a Wednesday that is filled with peace, premiums, & prosperity!
  7. More than likely around 7am. So I still have a while. It's okay there is worse things I could be doing.
  8. Another morning, another day, another opportunity to be stronger than before! Psychos I’m currently at work, but work will not stop me from enjoying & celebrating..... THIN Tuesday!!! My friends here’s to us all having a Tuesday that exceeds our expectations!!!

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