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  2. It's taken me a little bit to remember names (that's not always my strong suit), but it's amazing how well I feel I know each and every character. Even the background characters are fleshed out in such dynamic, realistic ways. It helps that the show is incredibly well cast (and the director(s) are getting some fantastic performances out of everyone). Honestly, just some of the subtle looks are saying more than many shows do with their dialogue. It might be breaking into my top five, if it sticks these last two episodes. Which I'm fully convinced it will. The fact that we're even seeing a darker side to this fledgling rebellion is what makes scenes like this so powerful. We know that they eventually win, but what they had to do to get there... Rogue One hints at it, but Andor is just throwing it all out there.
  3. Don’t enjoy Disney’s progressive movements (today’s society thoughts) in recent/specific series’/films (can’t say the trigger word or this will not be able to be submitted😒). Just want them to stay out of the way the world’s society is going by putting in things that do not have to be in there… I’m ‘Ol school & ‘Ol fashioned in this way toward “new” programs… other words “they do not make them like they use to”!
  4. Don’t have that $%@#^* disney+ channel (I won’t support them until they get back to normality for me!) so I’m not able to watch any of these goodies! 😔
  5. Definitely. They are very short. If you liked Clone Wars and Rebels then you will definitely like this!
  6. Aaah cool beans. Yeah, that makes more sense. I guess I should just watch it, aye? Thanks @GuyIncognit0.
  7. Not her whole life. It's only 3 episodes that are each about 12-15 minutes long. The first episode is her as a baby but then fast forwards to her with Anakin in the second episode. It doesn't overlap with Rebels at all - at least not when she is present in the series.
  8. Agreed on all points! I was more interested in the Dooku timeline than I thought I would be. I knew I would like the Ahsoka portion because she's already such a well-developed character. I especially liked But I really see some potential here. They could easily use this series to fill in or even improve some moments from the sequel trilogy. Leia training with Luke, Rey with Leia, some background on Captain Phasma, etc. Of course I'd primarily like to see some new characters but I'm not sure this series would be the best way to introduce that. It seems like the perfect way to fulfill the desire of some fans who only want content from the Skywalker Saga. Do that with this series and move on to things like Andor and The Mandalorian in longer series and feature films.
  9. So are you saying this show covers the entire time of Ahsoka's life? Or are you giving timelines in general of those two characters. Ahsoka's life could def be a series on its own. Her time with Anikan is interesting.
  10. It focuses on Count Dooku and Ahsoka. I'd say Count Dooku's timeline starts a little before episode I and ends after Episode I. Ashoka's timeline is a little more varied with it beginning with her as a baby and ending between the Clone Wars Series and Rebels.
  11. Literally everything you said. This is up there with any monologue in cinema history. And yes he looks like Vader in Empire in this scene. Just wow. I feel like I’ve been waiting for this since I first saw Star Wars as an 11 year old. Took almost 30 years!
  12. Yeah, amazing. You're watching and you know that he's going to say, "What have I given up? . . . EVERYTHING!!". But it doesn't matter that you see it coming, it still hits you, such a great moment. I love how they use Darth Vader imagery/costuming with him, blurring that line of evil/good, "using the tools of my enemy". . . . . fan . . . freakin' . . . tastic.
  13. Yeah after that episode I think it’s one of the best seasons of television we’ve had period. I’m continually astounded. And that monologue at the end…
  14. Just finished watching episode 10. Yeah, it's the best of these Disney series for sure. Some fantastic complex characters, even the ancillary characters are interesting and have depth. I'd prefer a slightly more original origin story, but, hey, the Empire created a lot of displaced children.
  15. I think I reached this conclusion several episodes ago, but Andor is, far and away, the best show on Disney Plus. In fact, regardless of platform, this has just been phenomenal storytelling.
  16. Binged it, freakin AMAZING. Great character development for both Ahsoka and Count Dooku especially. I'm not really a fan of prequel movies but all of the cartoons are fire!
  17. I was catching up on Andor episodes and saw it listed, but didn't watch it. Where does it fall in the timeline?
  18. Has anyone else had the chance to go through this series yet? The episodes are only ~15min each so it's not much of a time commitment. I really enjoyed this series and see some potential for it in the future. Any thoughts?
  19. They just keep coming back to this brutality. What a miserable existence to be in a jail like the one they showed in the last episode. Anyone have an idea as to what they are building?
  20. This is how I am currently with Marvel. I haven’t watched anything since the first episode of Ms. Marvel since I’m just burned out. That doesn’t happen to me with Star Wars for some reason.
  21. Honestly I’m really hoping this show sets a new bar for Marvel/SW. Just a “oh crap we need to do better.”
  22. I get that. My group loves this show. In fact, between this show and Rogue One, we are all starting to say . . . Luke who? Let's just keep going with the Caspian Andor Saga, a la Memento. And, imho, Disney should get Susanna White to direct every Star Wars project until the end of time.

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