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  2. "No squeezy. Bad baby" I think we have some cross promo with Pirates of the Caribbean.
  3. 🥤🤠 📺 I’ll gladly pay you 💰… 🤣
  4. Get ready, folks! Believe it or not this is starting up on Wednesday!!!! I believe it is just a one episode drop.
  5. Yet another post I missed - sorry. I agree. It seemed like they were getting somewhere with this one a few weeks ago but we're back to the same old stuff. I don't understand how they went from Clone Wars and Rebels to this. Clone Wars admittedly has a lot of filler bur Rebels is comparatively lean and always moving forward. You would think that they figured it out.
  6. I'd really be interested in some of these - Thrawn especially. I've heard the books about him are very good and I'm hoping to get to them soon. I think we'll be seeing him a bit in the upcoming Ahsoka series. We've received enough backstory from others (like Saw) to keep me satisfied. One the wasn't mentioned in the article is Bo Katan. She's had a good amount of screen time for a secondary character but I want to know what happened on Mandalore during her rule. How did she fail? We hear that she failed because of the curse of obtaining the Dark Saber without fighting for it but what specifically happened to cause that failure. I want to know more about "The night of 1,000 tears". And how did Moff Gideon get a hold of the Dark Saber?
  7. Yeah, after they started working for Cid, it became a little repetitive and circular . . . go get this and I'll give you something, go do that and I'll tell you something. Still enjoyed it. That seems like a thing with these Diz Star Wars shows, the first season of Mando was the same, it didn't move forward enough soon enough for me. Then Andor came along and f'in showed everyone how to do it.
  8. I’m a few episodes behind but still in.
  9. I'll drink to that. This Vice Admiral Rampart/Kamino storyline has made things a little more interesting. It actually seems like the series is moving forward and not just following the Batch around on random missions.
  10. Nope, I'm still in and @Gary K is still in on this one I believe. I like this series a lot. This post-order 66 time of the Skywalker saga is my fav. I agree overall, a bit of a mixed bag this season. But a half hour spent in the Star Wars universe with an average show is better than a lot of things.
  11. So far this season is okay...a bit of a mix of meh and good. I caught up on the last two episodes last night and they are definitely two of the better ones. Am I the only one still watching?
  12. I'll probably finish up my Season 1 rewatch today. I'm glad I revisited because there was a bunch of stuff that I completely forgot about. The Hera/Twi'lek storyline is probably the best of the season. What is with these recent Star Wars series saving their best writing for the episodes that barely include the titular character? And when are we going to get a decent look at the Pykes? They almost have a Boba Fett-like mystery about them in that they seem to be universally feared/respected. When are we going to actually SEE why? That brutality we saw from the Empire in Andor, give me some of that with the Pykes. Anyway...I'm getting excited to finally move on to Season 2.
  13. I love the narrated intros….very “serial” stylized which is what Lucas always wanted. I just watched the first 2 of Bad batch S2 and enjoyed them quite a bit.
  14. I agree with this. Clone Wars is mostly dragged down by tons of filler episodes and lower quality animation on the front end but, man, there is some good stuff peppered in. Rebels gets my nod as #1 because of how consistent it is. I'd probably say Rebels>Clone Wars>Bad Batch but I'm currently rewatching the first season of The Bad Batch and I'm overdue for a Clone Wars rewatch. That being said, I think the Clone Wars narrated intros are the tops.
  15. Some of the later seasons of clone wars are some of the best Star Wars content IMHO but I think Rebels is the absolute best.
  16. Yep, it's Star Wars so I have to watch. 😂 I prefer in this order: Bad Batch, Rebels, Clone Wars distant third. You?
  17. I assume despite your aversion to animation that you’ve watched the clone wars and rebels?
  18. Thanks for this. I quit checking when it was coming out and would have missed it for a bit. Agree with @Gary K, greatly under appreciated Star Wars show in an interesting era of that universe. I really liked season 1 and I'm not an animated TV show watcher usually.
  19. stoked for this. I loved S1. Totally forgot this was dropping today.
  20. Season 2 of The Bad Batch premieres today! I believe the first two episodes have been released. I forgot to rewatch season 1 so I will be a little behind, but feel free to discuss here!
  21. It's taken me a little bit to remember names (that's not always my strong suit), but it's amazing how well I feel I know each and every character. Even the background characters are fleshed out in such dynamic, realistic ways. It helps that the show is incredibly well cast (and the director(s) are getting some fantastic performances out of everyone). Honestly, just some of the subtle looks are saying more than many shows do with their dialogue. It might be breaking into my top five, if it sticks these last two episodes. Which I'm fully convinced it will. The fact that we're even seeing a darker side to this fledgling rebellion is what makes scenes like this so powerful. We know that they eventually win, but what they had to do to get there... Rogue One hints at it, but Andor is just throwing it all out there.
  22. Don’t enjoy Disney’s progressive movements (today’s society thoughts) in recent/specific series’/films (can’t say the trigger word or this will not be able to be submitted😒). Just want them to stay out of the way the world’s society is going by putting in things that do not have to be in there… I’m ‘Ol school & ‘Ol fashioned in this way toward “new” programs… other words “they do not make them like they use to”!

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