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  1. @ThereIsNoooSpoon. @R1s1ngs0n @Benoit46 thank you all for your help & patience. Just a little over excited I think! Completely my fault. Apologies for the mix up!
  2. @Benoit46, sorry, I mis-clicked and only require one. I categorically do not want to withdraw and really appreciate all the work you do!
  3. WB haven’t made it particularly easy to follow exactly what comes with what! I’m hoping the Gold Label will be in line with the big release WB have coming next year!
  4. Will definitely be keen to see what HDZ do for the silver label. Hopefully something along the lines of the Batman Anthology. The design is definitely growing on me!
  5. I’m hoping it will be like the Batman 1-4 Silver label. 3x full slip box set per trilogy 🤞🏼
  6. I think I prefer the Hobbit to the LOTR but keen to get the Silver Label for these. Whilst waiting for the Gold...
  7. This should tide me over until HDZ get around to the Gold Label. Anyone able to inform me what sort of upgrade the Silver Label will be over this BB set? Trying to avoid buying every single set under the sun (as much as I want to!)
  8. HDZ were definitely the guys I was most excited about picking up this release. Can’t wait for the GB to open up and a bit more info being released.
  9. Anyone who got the Batman Silver Label - what did you think? How did they feel in hand? Can’t wait to see what HDZ do for LOTR
  10. Big news! Let’s hope for the GB to open soon! Does anyone know which was the WWA?
  11. Any news on a possible early bird GB @extantsrevenge? With all this madness going on in the world I am sure HDZ have other things going on but it would amazing to get my name on a list. LOTR OCs have been my ‘must haves’ from the moment I found out what premiums were!
  12. Much better than the first WWA - it is a shame they don’t have Smart Hulk and “rotund” Thor but are least it doesn’t look like a bad photoshop 👍🏼

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