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  1. Hello @HAUS and welcome to MP! We are delighted to have you 😁
  2. @DodgyDave I made a slight alteration to the lyrics of ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ Try to sing it now, I’m sure you’ll have a ball 😉 Don’t Stop Me Now (D-Dave Remix) Tonight I’m gonna have myself a real good time I feel alive. And the world has gone completely mad, yeah Because of a flu, and that’s the truth So don’t stop me now, don’t stop me now ‘Cause I’m having a good time, having a good time I’m a straight shooter roaming on the net Like a tiger and f*ck all the politically correct I’m a shooting star and my name is D-Dave, you plonkers I’m gonna invooooooooice, there’s no stopping me I’m burning through your wallets In Euros or Quids That’s why they call me Mr. Fahrenheit I’ll bill you with the speed of the light I wanna make an on time paying man out of you Don’t stop me now, I’m having a such a good time I’m having a ball Don’t stop me now, if you want to have that Blufans Just give me your dough Don’t stop me now (‘cause I’m having a good time) Don’t stop me now (yes I’m having a good time) I don’t want to stop at all Don’t stop me, don’t stop me, don’t stop me Hey hey hey Don’t stop, don’t stop me Ooh ooh ooh I like it Don’t stop me, don’t stop me Have a good time, good time Don’t stop me, don’t stop me Ooooooh alright
  3. Nothing like having ´Don’t Stop Me Now’ play in the background while sending out those invoices 😜
  4. Not one of my favorite songs by any stretch of the imagination. If I had to recommend one Queen album that best represents everything that’s great about them it would be their third album ‘Sheer Heart Attack’ (1974)
  5. Queen were never really Hard Rock to begin with, not in the same vein as Led Zep at least. They were constantly evolving and while I agree their 80´s Pop era didn’t necessarily contain their best material it eventually culminated in what I consider to be their masterpiece ‘Innuendo’ Obviously, this is only my opinion and as the number one Queen expert on this forum, the only one that matters 😁
  6. Maybe some people are waiting for the ultimate edition for this ‘rubbish’ 😬 @Scary Hair might want to have a word with you about that
  7. I’m not sure they have one but @ksosk might now for sure.
  8. Aston Martin DB5 Mercedes 230 SL ‘Pagoda’
  9. R1s1ngs0n

    Dies und Das

    Bonne journée les Brezels
  10. Hello @superizzy and welcome to MP! We are delighted to have you 😁
  11. Already??? Man, that’s surely some sort of record. @Basil I think you got Coronated mate, you’re not seeing clear anymore 😅

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