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  1. ‘Handsome’ is not really the word that comes to mind. It rather looks like you got some shopping tips from @Veum
  2. Very nice collection 👍 Got a bit distracted by the bottom part of the picture to tell you the truth 😅
  3. I get it... Selfie, Sigourney, Stab - all start with ‘S’ for Swag....right? 😜
  4. @extantsrevenge Am I eligible Herr Meyer? 😊
  5. Wow, that back is just a masterpiece of minimalism. And this costs 30€?
  6. I only have 2 TV drama boxsets in my collection (for now). But I consider both of them to be American TV's greatest masterpieces.
  7. That reminds me, really have to get myself a complete boxset of Justified. F*ckin' love that show!
  8. @GazJones785 Ok buddy, take a deep breath. We don't want you to get discouraged by this. ONE picture / TWENTY FIVE Full Slips (NO Lentis) / ONE piece of paper = AWARD
  9. I wouldn't be able to tell you as I don't own any of the editions you posted (just recognized a few of them). Just make sure all of them are FS (not necessarily Premiums, can also be Zavvi, BB etc.) Nils @extantsrevenge will ultimately be the one to decide if your collection qualifies, he owns about every Premium ever released.
  10. @GazJones785 Sorry my friend but lentis do not count for this award (I recognize Manta's Se7en SL & DL and perhaps one of your Joker editions), only regular FS. There's a seperate award for Lenticulars.
  11. No, has to be different editions. A lenti and a FS of the same film works, though.
  12. All you have to do is write Media Psychos on a piece of paper, along with your pseudonym @GazJones785 You then take a picture of it next to your 10 FA editions, nicely displayed for all to see. Finally, you post the picture here and tag @extantsrevenge so he can give you the award.
  13. I think @Basil means something akin to the trophy system used for Xbox/Playstation achievements. Like you, I don't see how that can further motivate people to achieve the different tiers, except maybe from an aesthetic point of view.
  14. Bon week-end les zozos. Pas la forme en ce moment 😞

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