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  1. Took a big gamble and signed up for this one. I pray the steelbooks are the original designs with the logo as shown in the header and that the slips are a unique design by CM. If it’s the current candy shop steelbooks I’ll be very annoyed as it’ll mean I will resell them (preferably to a member of MP who couldn’t secure a copy). Fingers crossed🤞
  2. R1s1ngs0n

    Dies und Das

    Hoffentlich reibt dein Pech nicht an meinem Paket.
  3. Et hop, encore un tiroir que je ferme sans utiliser mes mains. Merci tonton 😛
  4. @Basil @blu.steel33 @DodgyDave @Pbsw23 @RileyLad @Robertm89 @ukade2327 and to all other UK members. You should be ashamed of yourselves. With only 1 day remaining to sign up for this year's Secret Santa, only 3(!) Brits have signed up so far ☹️ What happened? Has Brexit taken away all your cheerfulness and Xmas spirit? You should all be like Santa doesn't like begging so do yourselves a favor, get in there https://mediapsychos.com/topic/12103-secret-santa-2019/...and say "I've been a good Psycho, Santa" Wishing you all a lovely day 😊
  5. @Basil stop whatever you're doing and go check your messages...like NOW!
  6. @Hollywood E Rock Uma is the only one I’d consider making room for...and it’s not going to be on any shelf, either.
  7. First of all, like everybody, I do enjoy occasionally watching movies of, ahem, lesser artistic merit. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to spend money buying them, even in Premium form (shelf space is already quite limited as it is). The second paragraph of your post is, however, much more disheartening to me. I truly hope you’ll turn out to be a false prophet 😉
  8. NOW WE ARE TALKING! Just the essentials, without the trash. But for the love of god, if it has to be WWA let it be the classic steels with the Bat logo and not those recent candy shop abominations🤞
  10. You do realize the photo is for this forum only? We’re not shooting a catalogue for Men’s Vogue 😉
  11. Well if he does, it may solve the mystery of your missing package. Ask @Veum

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