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  1. SOLVED 1. Brutally beaten and buried alive 2. A tiger 3. Sister 4. Once Upon A Time In America 5. Henry Gondorff 6. A hat 7. Donnie Brasco 8. Fredo Corleone 9. Vory V Zakone 10. Pagliacci
  2. Ça fait chaud au cœur 🙏 Ce n’est pas forcément ce que j’avais en tête pour le steelbook (je m’attendais à quelque chose d’un peu plus sobre) mais j’avoue que c’est original. - j’ai hâte de voir les slips.
  3. Answers by PM 1. In Casino, how does Nicky Santoro meet his end? Shot in the back of the head Strangled with a wire Brutally beaten and buried alive Car bomb Head crushed in a vice 2. In Scarface, what wild animal did Tony Montana keep on his property? A leopard A lion A wolf A Komodo dragon A tiger 3. What was Marcia Gay Harden's character's relationship to John Turturro's character in Miller's Crossing? Mistress Sister Cousin Wife Secretary 4. In which movie it is heavily implied that a main character has commited suicide by jumping into a garbage truck grinder? 5. What is the name of the character played by Paul Newman in The Sting? William Snyder Johnny Hooker Henry Gondorff Kid Twist Doyle Lonnegan 6. In Goodfellas, what clothing item does Henry reluctantly have to go fetch for his babysitter? 7. In what movie does the protagonist refuse to take off his shoes while in a Japanese restaurant? 8. Find the movie character NOODLE FORCERE 9. What is the official name of the Russian mafia as depicted in Eastern Promises? Gradinaru Bratva Vory V Zakone Order Of Ronova Mkhedrioni Krestniy Otets 10. What is the name of the opera attended by Al Capone in The Untouchables? Cavalleria Rusticana Don Giovanni Tosca Pagliacci The Marriage Of Figaro
  4. I can live with that list except for one small issue...Jackie Brown in last place below even Death Proof??!! Pray we never meet Herr Meyer
  5. A special award has been created just for you my friend. It’s called “yesterday’s news” 😉
  6. SOLVED 1. Merkin Muffley 2. THE KING OF COMEDY 3. Morse 4. James Mangold 5. MARION COTILLARD 6. Elvis 7. FREDDY KRUEGER 8. WILLIAM STRYKER 9. Inside Man 10. OLIVER STONE 11. Russian 12. LOST IN TRANSLATION 13. The Shape Of Water 14. STEVEN BAUER 15. Psycho
  7. Friendships are important...especially this one. Right, Steffen?
  8. @Limited Edition Find the filmmaker MENDEL YUTSI
  9. R1s1ngs0n

    Dies und Das

    Agreed. No scene has ever made me laugh as hard as this one.

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