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  1. @Scary Hair who’s next, Troy Baker??
  2. @Scary Hair now we’re getting somewhere.
  3. @deckard99 never seen Time Bandits and I am not proud of it (it’s got Sean Connery ffs). Will definitely do in the near future.
  4. @ksosk not revealing anything til I have at least 10 names 😉
  5. Ok people, this one probably took me the most effort to do so please be nice Psychos and at least try to solve it (I dare you) Simple, find the hidden thespians in the following anagrams 1. Solange Caci 2. Donna San Russa 3. Anthonel Chrost 4. Fred Jooist 5. Linda Lee Yawdis 6. Edna Vargra 7. Nicke H Oatmeal 8. Delta Gheehr 9. Chaim El Nicae 10. Garth Ureure 11. Rocki Stevnen 12. Devynn Odita 13. Phil San Ferne 14. Amcell Works 15. Glenda Icari
  6. @extantsrevenge If I was taking the test I wouldn’t have recognized Copycat although I know Connick jr played the villain and I wouldn’t have remembered Yoakam in Sling Blade (but I certainly remember him in Psnic Room - chilling performance).
  7. Not that easy, right? But you nailed all but one movie which is quite impressive. Well done my friend.
  8. @Scary Hair We are owed at least another 8 pictures of your favorite heartthrobs.
  9. 1. Brad Pitt / Dennis Hopper / Patricia Arquette 2. James Coburn / Yul Brynner / Eli Wallach 3. Alan Rickman / Sacha Baron Cohen / Helena Bonham Carter 4. F. Murray Abraham / Tilda Swinton / Lea Seydoux 5. Steve Buscemi / Andy Garcia / Treat Williams 6. Robert Duvall / Sterling Hayden / Diane Keaton 7. Michael Keaton / Chris Tucker / Bridget Fonda 8. Steven Bauer / Don Cheadle / Dennis Quaid 9. Julianne Moore / John Goodman / Ben Gazzara 10. Christopher Walken / Amy Adams / Tom Hanks 11. Martin Landau / Bill Murray / Sarah Jessica Parker 12. Brad Dourif / Louise Fletcher / Danny DeVito
  10. @extantsrevenge why don’t you give it a shot. Not the easiest one but you should be able to figure out some of them.
  11. All very good movies. No way out is an underrated spy thriller with Gene Hackman and Kevin Costner, just before he broke through with The Untouchables. Rear Window is undoubtedly one of Hitchcock’s best - a must see! Going to bed now. Feel free to try my music quiz - think it might present a proper challenge. cheers
  12. Much improved from yesterday, glad to see it was just a fluke 😉

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