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  1. Payment taken, looking forward to watching this again in 3D, stunning film!
  2. Yep! As for the news story. Bond is retired at the start of the new film, "00's" are reasigned, so yes the current 007 is a woman. Bond comes out of retirement gets reasigned problem solved. But my god people on social media went bonkers! Bond is still Bond. Broccoli has stated many times including recently on morning TV that Bond will always by a guy Looking forward to Natalie Portman as Thor, loved the recent female Thor comic storyline
  3. This is THE edition, that all looks the utter dogs b*ll*cks! Definitely going for edition 1 though! 😍
  4. I remember fan boys spitting blood at Ledger playing the Joker and look what happened. Robert is a superb actor and apart from "those" films has spent a great deal of his career in far more serious adult fare and art house films. I think if its a younger Batman, hes a good fit, He's tall, good looking and can do moody at the drop of a hat. I'll judge for myself when the film comes out, but I'm glad they went with a serious actor rather than young "in crowd" star
  5. Haven't uploaded in a while, but when it comes to flawless copies MP is THE place to be, some of the editions they have helped me with through GB's over the time I haven't had a second to post! Nothing comes close to the friends you make here and the team behind the site.
  6. Nail and head. Retailers try their best, and can't always get it right, they could put 15, and the next morning the stock of a currancy changes. They do try their best. For the next few months at least $20 will see charges. For whatever reason that guy in the White house, like him or not has seen a surge in the stock of the $ and thats liable to be the same for a while. I know on my last Blufans GB that they seem to be wise and marked it $15, but as you say that was just a double lenti, and not a one click so was a light package. A one click coming through marked $15 the buyer is taking a chance of customs opening it as the weight alone will raise hairs lol. Sorry, with a new pair of tiny feet not been posting much anywhere mate. But I still only log on to 2 places daily, Twitter and MP! only places to be!
  7. Looks like on Kick Ass Nova, everyone in the UK is getting hit. Nova mark $20 but thats over the threshold now, so all Kick Ass UK boxes are being hit. All Asian/Non EU retailers for the foreseable future will see further costs unless they mark boxes $15. Dollar unfortunately is too strong at the moment. Customs charges are pretty much 100% guarantee at the moment if the boxes are marked $20.
  8. Thats seriously badass! Would love to get this but they don't sell outside Germany as far as I know 😭
  9. Good things come to those who wait. Unless your under 21 and waiting for anything is bad lol

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