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  1. Thats seriously badass! Would love to get this but they don't sell outside Germany as far as I know 😭
  2. Good things come to those who wait. Unless your under 21 and waiting for anything is bad lol
  3. psychoscot

    Titans (DC)

    Quite simply the BEST comic book TV series I've seen, absolutely BRILLIANT, but do NOT let kids watch, this is for over 18's only. Effects, writing, story all 100% perfection
  4. psychoscot


    Really enjoyed this season, but still not a patch on what the US makes. The Black List started again just days later and BLEW THIS OUT THE WATER! The writing on this has slowly just fell away. I hope they do a season 6 and kill him off
  5. Yeah I watched this and thought HELL NO, same effects as Spawn 20 years ago. Fans are moaning that they passed on a 3D disc, even that can't save this
  6. @Scary Hair@Benoit46@ukade2327@extantsrevenge@icewire@thomue1987 thanks boys and girls, Hope you have all recovered from New Year lol 🤣
  7. Really disappointed that the 3D/2D steel is using the same generic and poor front art used on the WWA edition. After a 3 year wait thats pretty sh*tty of them!
  8. Some one has messaged me and said you decided to sell the Arrival on ebay instead after answering my classified. Thanks for letting me know.

    1. Masterblaster


      thats not cool, at least info could have been given.  Which Arrival are you after ?

    2. Morph


      @Masterblaster Any of them really, Filmarena, or KimchiDVD Fullslip or Lenticular. Don't mind open copies as long as they are in great condition.

    3. Masterblaster


      @Morph ok i got the Fullslip FA i would let go of , how much you wanna pay ? Reasonable price please LOL ! Thanks 

  9. Easily one of the steels of the year! STUNNING! cheers for the GB as always boys and girls
  10. Hoping for an Asian release with nice lenti to match the first. Hopefully without 4K

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