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  1. 2 x 4K and 2 x BD. Looks like they are splitting the film onto 2 discs for both from what I know.
  2. Bad art and no standard blu-rays, PASS! Might have been tempted if they had followed the French edition which is 4 discs. Will Wait and see what Manta, Blufans and HDzeta come up with for this one.
  3. FAC have fallen out of flavour, this happened a while ago. Their early releases and a few later ones command high prices but the rest you can get at cost if you do enough watching/bidding. These will be all over eBay and not long after down in price to not much more than retail cost. They used to pick films that didn't have slips and other goodies or maybe one Asian company had released one, but now they just copy others and its had the effect of them falling in popularity. I bought 2 just before Christmas at basic retail cost with free postage on ebay new and sealed "one was a Marvel release"
  4. 🤣🤣🤣 Ordered for now. but most likely a cancel if someone does a better slip!
  5. Been buying from Zavvi since the first steel they ever sold, my trust in them is pretty low to say the least haha🤣! Steel art is pretty much confirmed, I would imagine the slip will be card and the same art. With the exception of a few recent Disney releases they have always had same art slips. When the slip has been something other than card they have made that a big part of the pre order promotion to help shift units, which in the case of Maleficent 2 still didn't work lol! I can see this being a popular seller, the art is nice and will match well with the individual steels long
  6. I would imagine Zavvi would be using that in their promo info, just looks like all their other past mock pics slip wise, even when enlarged. Seen no mention of PET anywhere. Will check with someone I know who is in constant contact with their marketing team, see if he has any further info
  7. Oh great metal slipped into plastic by Zavvi. HELLO scratches galore 🤣 Where did you get the PET info?
  8. Love the steel, but wish zavvi would make the slips different. Really hope one of the Asian companies gets the steel and does nice proper slips
  9. Very true, it's well known, Czech Rep, Italy, Austria, Hungary and several Eastern countries like Latvia all want to follow us, as the Union basically doesn't help them in anyway. EU won't last another decade, only France really gets anything out of it. I've family and friends in Germany who say many there would love out too and their old currancy back. The DM was one of the strongest and now they are slaves to France and the Euro. UK members should definitely pay any invoices fast as hell, as right now they will get a better rate than those in other countries haha!
  10. Don't know about inside the EU, but for those in the UK it should actually start to be cheaper as we put in place new trading plans and the £/$ ratio is increasing as the pound is getting stronger again since Brexit on the world markets. I've ordered from both S Korea and China in the last month and no increase in pricing or VAT, in fact items were cheaper than they would have been before Jan 1st when we came out, as we had agreements in place for that date. What's pricey right now is postage on premium items as they can't be sent by normal post from Asia because of lockdown restrictions, so i
  11. Oh dear. TOC defintely seem to have a different view of "cult" to me! That art where to begin on how bad it is!
  12. Would love if DC as part of their animated line, did steels or a steel for the new Harley Quinn animated series. Its had 2 seasons so far and its hilarious, but only available as a R1 US blu-ray
  13. I'd like to thank my mum and dad for doing it, I'd like to thank Cheech and Chong "They know why", @Masterblaster 🤘 for my 2nd home, @DodgyDavefor the late night sexting😚 @Scary Hair 🥰 my forum bestie, @LeGonze 🤣 because hes nuts but please stop sending me naked Barbie pictures! and lastly the Steelbook Gods thank you!
  14. First full trailer is out. Looks good, but then so did the trailer for the second Kong movie and it was far from good lol

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