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  1. Disappointed! 😑Slips are meh and the normal retail steel of Harley on the cop car is way cooler. Really wanted this too, but such a let down
  2. Thats true, should be much cheaper and 3d blu-ray is £15 in my local supermarket lol
  3. No 3D this time gutted! Rather have 3D than the soundrack
  4. Don't know about the sane part! hahaha x
  5. Cheers for the heads up, been busy and offline all day 🤘
  6. Not a huge amount, last couple from GB's on here were Alita and new Spider-Man. Other than those just picked up the new Star Wars. Hahaha tell me about it, all we're doing is watching discs and eating! 🤣
  7. I'm good mate, oh I still lurk hahaha!. I don't mind the furlough to much, get to spend a lot more time with my little one, but we're both on weird hours now, I'm basically just letting her sleep when she wants and I've done the same. 😂 You good?
  8. Had one about an hour ago lol! but this is mid evening for me, I'll still be up when your wife goes to work lol. Been keeping funny hours since being furloughed lol!
  9. Having seen the finish on the UK version, I so hope Blufans do this as the Uk version is just rubbish
  10. Thank you all! Happy New Year to all of you, hope 2020 is an ace one!

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