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  1. I thought it was brilliant! but I was seriously baked while watching it hahaha🤣! Love the idea of a different decade for each ep and drip feed in the actual plot of whats going on along the way to a huge climax. Its not news though about the style. Marvel hinted after Age Of Ulton about a classic sitcom style show for Wanda and Vision where nothing you are seeing is actually real. With Marvel films moving into Multiverse territory for the next batch of films, this could be a good lead in. Judging by the trailer there is the usual action and standard stuff to come in Wanda with some familiar fa
  2. Now streaming on Disney+ from Jan 15th Anyone caught the first 2 eps, its definitely something different! lol
  3. Inferior versions for 4K fanboys! I have a 4K TV calibrated using the spears disc to absolute studio perfection and a full THX sound system. Peter altered the originals just like Lucas did, and it has been noticed, the 4K versions are absolutely inferior image wise to the beautiful images originally shot, Peter had to change vast amounts of colour to suit HDR 4K, NOT what was intended. 4K = rubbish! PS all the major companies have abandonded 4K lol .... wonder why!
  4. You are correct this current set does include the Extended, just not the blurays. Art is still bad though. It has been officially announced that in 2021 there is going to be an anniversary editon including the 4K and brand new remasters of the standard HD blu-rays with new extra's, With that news it kinda makes no sense for Zeta to do somthing with these current poor editions when they can wait a few months and get something much more special.
  5. Kinda disappointed they are going with WWA and no standard bluray, which suggests to me they will be using the current theatrical cut steels just released which as shockingly bad. Would have hoped they would have waited as it's now confirmed there is going to be new remastered prints coming to blu-ray in 2021 of the extended editions to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Fellowship
  6. 6/7 years ago I bought quite a lot of steels and premium steels as blind buys because I liked the art or was curious about the film. I ended up with a lot of films I would never watch again so those editions got sold on. Now I only buy based on 1, the film, 2, the art. Even if its a film I love, if the art isn't to my liking I pass. I might buy the odd blind buy here or there but thats probably maybe 1 or 2 films a year if that.
  7. I've passed on a huge amount of HDzeta, Manta, and Blufans over the last couple of years with no regrets, and sold many of the mulitple editions I have bought over the years to members across the forums and Twitter at cost as profit doesn't interest me. If have a version or versions I'm more than happy with, that will do me nicely. My buying is down to a trickle of titles each year, no one clicks even when the art has been amazing, unless it's something extremely special like Sucker Punch or the announced LOTR. Recent Captain Marvel being a good example, great steel, great slips bu
  8. I no longer buy multiple copies of the same film. I'll choose one or maybe 2 editions based on art and stick with those, I have more important financial priorities these days🙂
  9. Nice, but already got the Manta and HDzeta versions which I'm quite happy with. I'll wait on either of those doing WW84 than purchase this!
  10. Merry Christmas everyone, it's been a terrible year for many, I hope everyone has a great Christmas day. Eat, drink and have fun! x

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