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  1. Fortis93

    Dies und Das

    Sometime around there, yes. Though I've been hearing rumours it may be forced/moved 'offshore' due to current border closures.
  2. Fortis93

    Dies und Das

    I think I'm the opposite. I much prefer the cold/winter, which we're heading into now. Our summers can be brutal and they seem to be lasting longer.
  3. Fortis93

    Dies und Das

    We can always swap places for a day. A lot of people won't be able to tell the difference anyway.
  4. Fortis93

    Dies und Das

    There, there, my Ösi friend.
  5. I should've taken a photo of the back of the ticket. It explains everything: We don't have a Disneyland here unfortunately.
  6. Fortis93

    Dies und Das

    You dirty Sloth...
  7. Fortis93

    Dies und Das

    I have something better:
  8. @mjk You were asking about the Wonka Bars earlier. Yes, they taste pretty good. And I got a...
  9. Fortis93

    Dies und Das

    This is exactly why I come to the German Room. You don't get this anywhere else.
  10. Fortis93

    Dies und Das

    300... Is that a sign of what's coming?
  11. Fortis93

    Dies und Das

    If they're not fast enough, you can always hire someone quicker:

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