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  1. Thanks to @Casiusco for making me aware of the Spanish Fullslip edition of "Young Mr. Lincoln". Thanks to @Gladiator_MV for helping me locate + acquire the German Mediabook edition of "Once Were Warriors".
  2. Thanks to @Casiusco for making me aware of the Spanish Fullslip edition of "Young Mr. Lincoln". Thanks to @Gladiator_MV for helping me locate + acquire the German Mediabook edition of "Once Were Warriors".
  3. Good morning, everyone. Enjoy your day!
  4. You make sense when you leave your taste in packaging at the door and bring in your taste in film. 😂
  5. I was going to reply to this sooner, but needed some time to formulate and organise my thoughts. I agree that the best sequels take what was great about what came before and manage to use that as a springboard to progress/develop the story and characters in a new and/or interesting direction. On paper (and first viewing), AQP2 begins to scratch the surface by expanding the world and revealing new things about the creatures and how to fight them. I'm just not sure it takes enough steps (story, character and stakes wise) from the original to truly elevate itself as a su
  6. I was also thinking of getting the Best Buy steelbook. I really like that one, too.
  7. I agree. I currently have the digipack for They Live and the steelbook for Escape from New York. I've ordered both digipack and steelbook for The Thing. It's one of my favourite films, and I quite like both editions. I just don't want to hesitate, miss out then regret that later on.
  8. Fortunately, I was very quick to order it from Zavvi. I was going to wait for them to release Escape from New York, but I didn't want to wait when I saw it was already available on HMV. I missed out when it was first released (I did get They Live though) and was actually considering paying a fortune to some scalping a**hole on eBay for a copy. I'm very happy they're getting re-released, partly because I get a copy and partly because these scalpers can f**k themselves.
  9. I'm not sure I can qualify the exact reasoning behind it, it's more of a feeling I guess. I'll have to watch it again and get back to you. Maybe it was the smaller, more intimate and contained setting of the first one. Or that I was more on the edge of my seat and tightly wound throughout the first one more than I was when watching the second one. I'm not quite sure. I will say both are on par in terms of the technical craftsmanship and acting on display. And the ending to Part II with the intercutting between each child facing their
  10. I enjoyed A Quiet Place Part II, but I greatly preferred the first one.

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