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  1. A nice discussion here. I'd like to offer my own two cents: I'm in agreement with both @Casiusco and @hal56 on the merits of Revenge of the Sith (I'd also highly recommend the novelisation by Matthew Stover, which nicely expands upon that which is explored in the film and enhances your appreciation for both the film and for what Lucas was attempting, which, without sounding blasphemous, is akin to The Godfather in Space). You two also echo my own sentiments with regards to Disney and the lack of proper care with their recent output, particularly with the seq
  2. In my humble opinion, it's the best piece of Star Wars content produced under Disney so far.
  3. To anyone who thinks @R1s1ngs0n should be on the GERMAN ROOM banner, like this post. If you don't, react with 'Haha'. Keep in mind our man here is a Moderator, so it may be unwise to refuse him this honour.
  4. There's no reason why your mug shouldn't adorn the German Room banner alongside the others.
  5. No offence to @R1s1ngs0n, but at this point, I consider him more German than French. And Happy Birthday to my man, @Cornbuster; the best referee/mediator a Psycho could ask for. Have a good one, mate.
  6. Well, you guys did say you wanted Beauty Shots... Beggars can't be choosers.
  7. I'm already collecting Beauty Shots as a backup.
  8. Good evening to my fellow Psychos. May many Beauty Shots and whispers of treasures to come grace these forums this week.
  9. In the words of the great and inimitable Sir Mix-A-Lot, his sofa don't want none unless he's got buns, hon.
  10. @Casiusco Once again, you are pregnant with insights and wisdom that many of us can only dream of. And as for this, I leave everyone here with apt quote from the great and inimitable C.S. Lewis,
  11. I feel like I have to now. Otherwise, I don't think I'd be able to live with myself. Don't think I'd be able to wake up in the morning and respect the rather handsome, masked man looking back at me in the mirror.

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