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  1. Zavvi is selling a steelbook right now on pre-order with the same artwork you like.
  2. Recieved the 4k single lenti today and it looks great! Thanks MP! Keep em coming!
  3. Anyone know how to request one click on the GB? I didn't see an option on the request. Im using android to complete the form and was put on the other list.
  4. Hopefully, cause as of right now I cant find any. With blufans iron man 1 I'm wondering what happened to the sequels. I think they pretty much have every other one in the bag.
  5. Im trying to get a collection of full slip steelbook editions for marvel mcu timeline and wondering if iron man 2 or 3 ever recieve full slip versions I've looked for blufans, nova, Kimchi, filmarena, etc and haven't found anything. Anyone got insights on this?
  6. I saw somewhere on here the platinum level membership was not accepting new memberships (although I can't find it again) Is there a way to get a membership at a level that would get you a good shot for blufans GB's? If so where do I go and how do I pay?
  7. Hello I'm somewhat of a new collector and found this site! Excited to get in some GB's and find some cool stuff! Looking forward to being part of the crowd, nice to meet everyone!
  8. Welcome to our new member Sotaboy

    1. Sotaboy


      Hello there don't quite know how everything works here. I found this site looking for info on a blufans release of ant man and the wasp. I did see something about platinum membership where do I get info on that? Is there a classified section to this site for previous dropped titles?

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