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  1. @Masterblaster To take some of the heat off @Veum it was me who started that convo so I think your going at the wrong person (I don't know history with other members so maybe I'm wrong). And unless I missed something no one said they were going to PayPal for a refund. I'm not trying to get cut either but realize we've also seen MP staff get bent out of shape for no reason as well. I can think of three situations off top over the last year so it goes both ways. And I'm not referring to you, but I've seen it first hand. I'm out around 500 right now on multiple editions here and elsewhere so it a
  2. Big movie family here, never had a home theater my setup was exactly like yours. But now I'm taking the jump. I had to finish a basement this last summer so I planned for one and did all in wall speakers when I framed and drywalled. I'm turning 40 with a young one and growing up my parents were divorced so I had the weekend father but some of the best times were going to his house for pizza and movies weekends. We did a lot of other stuff but that was ALWAYS on the to do list. I'm hoping my little guy will enjoy the same he's young now so it's cartoons and family movies. We'll see how I like e
  3. I installed the 9.2 surround and now that's it's getting close to D day & I noticed none of my movies are more then 7.2 so I'm wondering how this will work. If my bluray is 7.2 with dolby atmos will that still hit all my speakers or will my sides or rears be left out of the mix? No where on line to get that answer... That I found. In a month or two I will know, so if anyone else has that concern I'll share.
  4. @Veum this is a custom FS I made with a buddy. I made it, he manufactured it, im in the US he lives in spain but he puts them together well and has the large format printer and he uses good stock. has a 30+ booklet and holds a ZAVVI 4K steel.
  5. Lebowski for real! I do love the old flicks to. I wish we could get some more of those. Man's favorite sport, 20000 leagues under the sea, original true grit, maltese falcon, touch of evil, and we really need some carpenter classics, They Live, assault on precinct 13, prince of darkness, starman, etc... I mean c'mon!
  6. What's the word on the streets about this edition? 4 months and..... These places do know that PayPal only extends refunds 180 days right lol?
  7. Got it, thanks for the update? But cmon how'd that get the back seat?
  8. Wouldn't bet on anytime soon, they still are working on batman from pre covid times!
  9. Off topic @deckard99 but did cinemuseum ever update plans to release the batman (Michael keaton) editions? I remember hearing about them and seeing beauty shots right before the covid1984 hit the scene.
  10. Which is the single lenti refresh my memory. I'm hoping to see it soon but i feel like it's just going in circles lol anyone have a better way to track these? This is what i see.

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