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  1. Does anyone have this in hand please?🙂 A friend asking if it has zero finish or features gloss/ spot gloss or "bossing"?
  2. @Sidewinder thanks what a great idea!!
  3. Think that happened recently where current members had membership extended for 3 to 6 months thanks to the generosity of this website?? You are correct - once "extended" memberships end, then new members for each tier can be purchased. Hope this helps!😇
  4. That sounds like a really good idea! Agreed that would certainly be interesting to view. Also process of designing, glossing and embossing/debossing steelbooks might be useful to see.
  5. I think my first steelbook was Gravity 3D or Spider-Man Homecoming (HMV). Gravity has been replaced by Blufans WEA but I have kept Spidey - love the glossy artwork! Started with MCU Zavvi steels but watched some unboxing videos which led me down the path of premiums and have never looked back since!😊
  6. Wonder if beauty shots will be released before or after No Way Home hits cinemas?
  7. @Pbsw23 thanks for the heads up about the swag... look forward to receiving these!!👍
  8. Was looking forward to a Special Pack and some nifty lenticular cards to match Wonder Woman from BvS and WW special packs! These packs do make their Gold Label OC stand out from other retailers and especially because only the DL inside was sold separately! Oh well at least the steel design looks pretty good.😊
  9. .... meanwhile Picard stops sipping Earl Grey to hunt for some new crew members in search of these pesky dragon balls
  10. @Basil great idea to invite us to this thread! Is it a local thread for local members only?😁
  11. Agree with you there! 😃I have Manta WW JL Aquaman steels rather than HDZeta.
  12. What did you mean about swapping steelbooks? Are HDZeta going to have some bossing on WEA steels similar to Shazam! last year?😃
  13. Manta released some artwork for this "in progress" earlier today... Hopefully HDZeta will win the day with their artwork is confirmed... not a huge fan of villains lurking in the background😃

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