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  1. It’s awesome, the box is nicer than I expected. Also like the fact that the Blu-Ray inside the Box is just a Sealed Steelbook, no 1/4 Slip, or J-Card, or Paper Backing. Just the exposed artwork of the back of the Steelbook.
  2. The Nova Media Art work was used by: Zavvi Amazon Japan Germany but they all have slight variations.
  3. 👍 watched the movie last weekend, and loved it. Happen to see it had a slip, and a decent price so I snagged it. I have the Steelbook coming from @Benoit46. I believe it’s released in a few weeks.
  4. Just this today. Stopped at Walmart and found one with a Slipcover. $18 not too bad for a new release 4K. Apparently the slip is hard to come by, only 2 out of the 4 copies had one.
  5. RAK

    Dies und Das

    I Like the French version better than ours here in the states at Best Buy.
  6. 🤬 So now I just found out that this is a thing FML, I Guess I’ll have to get this one also. Walmart has more Exclusives for this movie then anyone.
  7. Yep, ordered it as soon as I found out. And waiting for the FA Editions to go live. #Neverenoughjohnwick.

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