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  1. But I heard that if you say @Masterblaster 3 times into the mirror he will appear and
  2. I Can’t decide 🧐 I’ll take them all Then I can do this
  3. I ordered my DOTD through Carl in the GB Thread.
  4. Yeah I notice you posting a picture that you received the set, so thought you would be interested.
  5. @pygospa This is what I expect to see the Dog Soldiers release to look like. Here is an unboxing video of there release The Strangers. If it’s anything like there “Revenge” release then it will be a nice rigid Fullslip W/ Booklet.
  6. @pygospa @Grendel @xSNAKExPLISSKENx There isn’t any Preorder info yet. Here’s what’s going on as of there last FB Post on Oct. 2
  7. Since you can pick up Second Sight “The Strangers” which just was released about a week ago from DiobolikDVD, I’m assuming you should be able to pick up this from them also.
  8. Yeah I know, but without things like this to poke fun about this room would be boring. So I have to say Thank You @FlanInTheFace for making my day. And I’m glad you don’t have to spend the day correcting your whole collection.
  9. So I assume from what your saying is that you enjoyed this movie.

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