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  1. I like that @Danny lad!👍 I’ve not seen this anywhere before... Is it a homemade job, or a Japan Steelbook maybe? 🤔
  2. A wise woman once said “ There’s no fate but what we make for ourselves” But that’s not the case when your mates with @Robertm89 !!! Who not only imports a USA 🇺🇸 copy of a film (before it’s released in the UK) and gives you a spoiler free review.... Then offers to lend it you without ya even asking...... and doesn’t just post you the 4K disc, but sends it with the lovely steelbook 😍 So that’s tonight’s viewing sorted..... cheers buddy And I promise it’s on the top shelf away from small clumsy hands 🤣
  3. @bearlol - that really is one hell of a reception picture my friend! 🤣 Congratulations- So many great pick ups! One that really stood out to me was the Kimchidvd Hell or High Water OC as pictured above ☝️ It’s one of my favourite films! It’s just the full slip and OC box that alludes me 😁 very nice collection mate, enjoy 👍
  4. We’ve always said how much we appreciate the hard work from all the admins at MP. Now it feels good to show it and give a little back. 😁 Well done @Scary Hair and @blu.steel33 for all your hard work 👏👏👏 We can only imagine the amount of your free time you give up to help things run as smoothly as they do! So this is a special thank you for all that you do for us Uk 🇬🇧 members 😁👍
  5. Damn you @Basil - now that something else added to my wish list 😉😂👍
  6. @Basil got lucky and cought me on the last 10 mins of my lunchbreak 😀 well you'll have that new shelf soon and it needs filling mate 😁🤣👍
  7. @Basil here is a picture of the zavvi steelbook which has the extra footage .... This might be the one to go for mate but it’s sold out on zavvi website and can’t find one on eBay mate 😕
  8. Alright @Basil lad, that sounds pretty serious mate! Hope you ok pal? I management to watch “the Martian” when it was on sky a year or so ago. Got to admit I really enjoyed it and it’s deffo one I could watch again. Without giving too much away it’s about a group of people who are on mars for scientific research. Then when they leave to go home they accidentally leave “Matt Damon” behind! Long story short it’s like ET and he needs to find a way home! 🤣 Unfortunately this was released before I was an MP member and I missed out on the premiums Hdzeta, kimchidvd and filmarena. I just missed out on a Hdzeta copy of in the black Friday sale - John was practically giving them away at that price. You can still pick up a nice zavvi or HMV steelbook still quite cheap on eBay and it’s deffo one I’d like to add to my collection. I know zavvi released a special addition Steelbook and the film Was about 17 minutes longer so that may be the one to go for mate 👍
  9. Awesome pick up my man @blu.steel33 🇬🇧 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 🇬🇧 So good to see you posting on here, and with those quality banner prints too 👍👌👍👌😂
  10. Cheers my mate 👍. Your absolutely right! Both Inception and Weets OUATIH Lenti is just 🔥 👌 🔥 👌 🔥 So happy to have finally picked up a copy of Hdzeta Passengers! And with IT 2 a bumblebee close it makes me wanna ......... 😁😁😁
  11. Wanna say a huge thank you to the MP team! Feel very fortunate to have got a copy of both Hdzeta’s Shawshank and Inception 😍😁🙌 and picked up a couple of items off eBay this week ..... Good to hear @blu.steel33 is now better, and Uk 🇬🇧 hub is back in full swing again👊👊👊 proper grafter you are lad, so thank you !!! 👍
  12. Has that Se7en kinda vibe to it at the start! Good to see Chris Rock with a serious role for a change! And the Legend that is Samuel L Jackson Motha F****R! disclaimer * you may hear the odd swear word Mother F****R! 🤣

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