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  1. Good morning everyone Time to hunt us all down some breakfast
  2. I will let her down gently for you then...
  3. Great haul @hal56! And that's the mother load right there! 😍 Congrats Helmut 👏 I know how long that's been on your wish list for mate! Glad @CAYENNE-FAHRER sorted you out with a mint set and at a great price. What a lad👍
  4. OMG I love this! Where is it from please @CAYENNE-FAHRER? I've had a look on amazon.de but couldn't see it. I have the new best buy 4K steelbook on pre-order but may have to pick this up also. So I take it there are 3 media books available if this is cover C?
  5. No ones drowning on my watch! 🚨 📣 👀 I'll send you my best girl! 🏊‍♀️ .
  6. Those poor ladies sure had to do a lot of running! 🏃‍♀️
  7. Morning mate... Flash back to the 90's right there! With every young school boys 1st major crush 😍
  8. Good morning everyone Roll on 4pm....
  9. I'm in the UK and can confirm that the boxset (as well as edition 2) is delayed until 15th November. That applies to everybody and not just US purchases. Hopefully it will be worth the wait👍
  10. That feeling, when you manage to blag your way back into the predator film....
  11. @Noir21 GoldenNextAlaskankleekai-mobile.mp4

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