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  1. Happy stuff your face with beer and chocolate day fellow Psychos !!!! 🍫 🍺 🍫 🍺
  2. I didn't know about that issue with the previous one click boxes. That’s not good to hear. I have left mine sealed for the time being but that’s beside the point. Hopefully each motherbox we receive will arrive unscathed and maybe just we should recommend for shelf display only with minimal use is the only way to maintain is prestene condition. I truly hope everyone’s box arrives in mint condition and we can use it to a certain extent without and wear or tears.
  3. I understand your concern @Morph . I too have seen damaged mother boxes turning up. Also I have even heard from a reliable source that you must be careful with the lid hinge as it’s not quite strong enough if not used gently. All I can say is I have ordered my motherbox through Media Psycho’s group buy and I’m sure if there are any problems MP will be straight on it and get it sorted. Have faith people were nearly there!
  4. Good job you’ve ordered about 6 of them then isn’t it @Robertm89 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Odds are one will turn up ok 👌
  5. Hello everyone- I’m late to the party and playing catch up here so please bear with me.... I’m a UK member - some of you may know me but for those that don’t I’m a 80s kid so love the usual classics that I was raised on. Anything Arnold Schwarzenegger, Aliens etc. Being a 80’s kid I not a snowflake and love a bit of banter. I like Marvel but don’t love it (please no hate) , I like gangster/criminal stuff - Scorsese films. What I really do like is people’s life story’s, peoples battles and triumphs. People who’s survived against the odds or changed the world or right it’s wrongs. I may not be up to date with current films due to work and kids, I’m usually the last to see a film most times due to waiting to get a premium copy of it. Not exactly what you wanna hear on a film physical media forum so hows this, I am a Ford Master Technician and maybe can answer any car related issues you may have in exchange for your film review😁😂 My personal grail is Public Enemies Future Shop steel - yes it’s got a blue banner but don’t laugh kids that’s where it all started 😂 Most looking forward to the 4K release of Hdzeta Gladiator and my OC order of First man from Manta Lab Right that’s me up to speed, thank you @Robertm89 for bringing me here. Now let’s continue the debate on physical media over digital, but let’s not get too serious..... let’s get this English room up and going with the help of our worldly members chipping in please 😁 Riley
  6. If this is what a top of the line 4K OLED does to you I’ll be going back to VHS!!!!
  7. Happy Belated Birthday MP V2 After reading all the great comments it’s hard to find something to add! How can you top that amazing cake? Fantastic job @bilbon 👏👏👍 It it is great to see such passion from so many members who love this forum. Who all appreciate everything that all the admins have done for us. The way I see it Media Psychos is a game changer for collectors. You have opened so many doors for us. Never has it been so easy for us to get access to the premium releases that we crave, at a fraction of the price of the dark days of eBay. Your hard work and personal time you put in is grately appreciated. The second best thing about MP is the people in it. The members who all share the same passion and help each other out. The love I’ve received from the French room is amazing (I don’t need to tag them, you know who are) Also my new Bessie mate @Robertm89 who I chat too more than my wife apparently (her words not mine)😂 Now here’s to the future, a ever growing and expanding MP. I’m so glad to have been a part of what soon in a few years have been the early days.😁 So here’s to meeting lots of new people and filling our shelves with our favourite premiums - cheers guys and gals
  8. That maniacs box is a thing of beauty my friend.👍 Money is just a number in the bank! Also water and baguettes you can live off !!! 😁😂
  9. Wow @45Caliber that looks amazing, incredible, beautiful!!!! The Hdzeta Dark Knight Trilogy looks good too!!! I need that coin!!!! I want, I want, I want! 😂👍
  10. Hodor hodor @forenhase (Happy Birthday from myself and Hodor) 😁 Have a a great day my friend 🍺👍

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