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  1. We had a massive debate over it 😆 Took us longer than usual to decide which edition we were gonna go for once the BS were released! I think Full slip A will still look 🔥
  2. You went Full Slip A mate! High five who’s down for a lenti baby yeeeeerrrrr! 🙌🏼 😁
  3. That is a amazing set @Luxury Bluray 👍👍👍
  4. Aww nice - proper job @Pbsw23👍😂🤣😂...... When I was at Stockport collage, a lad on our coarse painted his Ford Escort black with a couple of tins of Dulux and a 5inch paint brush! Looked absolutely shocking- you could see all the paint brush strokes a mile off🤣 Would love to see any car pics mate. Wether it’s a old classic or ya new ride👍 Think I’ll get up my loft this weekend and see what I can dig out...... things improved after the Nova! 😁 Any one else in the English room wanna post their first car? Love to see where people started out or what people are driving now👍
  5. Very nice that mate! Did you get your spirit level out to line those up?🤣 Surprised you could bring yourself to touch them with ya filthy d**k beaters! Or did you have your special gloves on?
  6. We played some great football yesterday and the way of play went against us!!! To be honest we thoroughly deserved to win!!!!
  7. Yer I don’t need reminding thank you - I saw us get our pants pulled down live 🤣🤣🤣 You team deserved it tho mate, we were piss poor! Bad times for us, fans cheering “Ole out”! 🙁 Much better chances created by Newcastle, and what a debut by Longstaff! 👏👏👏
  8. Thank you @Pbsw23 , this really did make me laugh out loud 😂 (and after today’s Footie result I needed it)..... Not a word @Robertm89 That is a thing of beauty mate!!! Those steel wheels with centre plastic hub caps👌, electric folding Ariel, no rear seatbelts?? And that sun roof 😲 😱👌👌👌 Bet a few lucky girls got finger blasted in the back of there? 🤣😆😂 These Vauxhall Nova’s had a common fault of the horn stick on randomly when you switched the ignition on! Just out of interest did yours ever do it?
  9. Here’s my entry for the Hdzeta treasure hunter award! I have acquired 70% of my Hdzeta collection through MP so thank you 👍😁
  10. Many thanks to all involved at MP! Special thanks to my boii Carl, aka @blu.steel33 at 🇬🇧 Hub 👍 Enjoying it while it lasts, so thank you! #24 😁😁😁
  11. Amazing reception pic @Robertm89 Knew you were a baller when I first got chatting to you with your “A Quiet Place” OC blind buy 😂 I also know you’ve made some sacrifices to make this happen, so congratulations buddy 😁👍 P.s I’m posting my reception pic later tonight even if it looks wank compared to yours!!!! 🤣😂🤣😂

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