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  1. People that are new to the English room be like... thank you @Hollywood E Rock Puts a smile on everyone's face like.... Everyone's got a favourite... So pull out ya stick... give em a hosing down like... Until... Thank you @Hollywood E Rock @
  2. Happy birthday @mjk Sorry @mjk, nothing rude gonna be shown...... We like to keep the English room clean around 'ere don't we @Hollywood E Rock mate!?!?! 🤔🤔🤔
  3. Good morning French room.... Hope you have a awesome Sunday... Also like to wish a Happy birthday to my good friend @bearlol All the best mate...
  4. Hope you have a awesome birthday @bearlol my friend. All the best mate! 🎈🥳🎉
  5. Beautiful steelbook @BobaFett1974 Don't believe us..... Just ask ol @Veum!!!
  6. Congrats @Squeegie McGee on a great pick up and awesome unboxing photos my friend 😁 Gotta say #89 is a fantastic number as it used to be my platinum hdzeta #!!!! So for that you have my..... 🤜🤛 Once again you show us an amazing haul @bilbon my friend. Makes me feel.... I don't know how you remain so patient and let @Benoit46 hold on to them so long for you 🤣 But as for no# hub master, where are the sweets? 🍫🍦🍩 😏😂
  7. Grandpa Joe approves..... Also, I wonder if those art cards are lickable? Joking apart mate, looks like a really awesome set. Nice artwork on the slip.
  8. Well they do say he who dares..... So tonight Stacy is gonna be f**King...... "SQUEEGIE McGEE"!!!!!!
  9. good luck trying to have a serious conversation in this thread @R1s1ngs0n and @raylight..... 😂 But maybe you'll get a chance now I'm off to do my weekly food shop... @Fortis93, @RAK, @Hollywood E Rock , @Basil

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