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  1. Awesome collection @serg50 So many beautiful editions I'd just love to get my hands on ...
  2. Dammmmnnnnnnn Now I've seen it, I can't unsee it 😡🤬🤬 So now you must all see it too ....🤣
  3. Can we get a drum roll please... For the one and only... Mr @extantsrevenge..... Who just keeps on going.... And likes to show us what he got..... 📷 Well played sir. I still can't believe how many gifs come up when you type squirrel in Google images 😂🤣😅
  4. Wow 12,000 posts... Well done @Veum, you just don't stop .... I dont know how you do it mate 😆😄🤣 Well done Mike lad 👏👏👏
  5. Another great set of photos @LeGonze That is a fantastic edition, I think Blufans nailed it! 👌👌👌 So glad you've open yours and shared on here, now I can keep mine sealed! 😁😁😁😆🤣
  6. All the best Mike lad! 🎈🍺 @Veum
  7. Beautiful edition from FA! Congratulations @LeGonze !!!! Fantastic photos 📷 buddy. Great to see members opening their premiums and showing all the good stuff inside 👍
  8. That Black Barons13 hours look awesome mate. Regret not picking that one up 😬 Allied looks 👌 too Welcome back bud 👍

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