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  1. That medal and case is really stunning @ksosk 😍 All the love and attention to detail you put into these bonus gift items really shows!
  2. What will they call this version? once upon a molar? I love my bone?
  3. I stopped at a nearby Adidas store but they didn’t have them 🙁
  4. This is a tough choice. I like design 1 better but then I will have to get both editions to complete the face! Design 2 is nice, but design 1 Type B really only works if you're buying it as a companion to Type A.
  5. @Michael hillaby Yes, but to explain further this line of Blufans uses regular WWA steelbooks (same ones released elsewhere) and not exclusive WEA steelbooks (for this release only).
  6. Haha, so you jumped in! Wise choice my friend. I'm mainly a DC guy so not a hardcore spidey fan by any means but I still enjoyed the movie a lot. If you own Venom just go to the end of the credits and you can watch 10 minutes of Spider-Verse for free!
  7. I will wait and see on this one. I was hoping for a WEA one click to match the first movie. I think Blufans would certainly do WEA if they could. I guess we'll see.
  8. I love this movie! Saw it twice in Imax 3D. Totally in for this, OAB makes no difference to me.
  9. Nice! This one is my favorite FAC edition for DP2.
  10. Hi @MyNameIsRob SCF protectors can either be shipped directly or combined with a HUB group buy order. I’m going to tag @Masterblaster for assistance here. If you can tell us which SCFs you want and the quantity he can help you with your options.
  11. Hi @Srogue I'll just add to what @Scary Hair said and say that the protection they use for one clicks is good and I haven't had any arrive damaged. I don't know about single editions though as I haven't had any shipped directly.
  12. Hi @AlexMacOl sorry but you can't ask for multiple copies while the group buy is in the "to update" stage. When the editions are known the GB form will be updated and you can select your desired quantity.
  13. The 3d and 4k box sets were limited to 1000 each. I think that's a pretty low print run for a nice set like this. There are a lotta Marvel fans out there.

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