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  1. Yes, it will be added automatically to your invoice. No action required on your part.
  2. Release date is 8 days away. Of course that doesn't mean Nova ships each and every copy exactly on that date. Usually shipping to our HUBs is done in batches over several weeks (or even longer depending on covid restrictions).
  3. This is good news. Since shipping of Joker will be completed soon I think we have a good chance of seeing Goonies next month! 😃
  4. Hey there @Grendel. Yes, if you later on decide you want additional masks just use the green button again to submit the extra amount. So the same as any other GB! 👍 But if a premium member wants say 3 masks right now, they can just submit 1 request and the first one will be free and we'll just invoice for the other two.
  5. MP Group Buy here MP Exclusive COVID 19 Mask Full Color Custom Fitted Cotton Mask with Antimicrobial Additive 1x FREE Mask per Tier Member; Further ones are $1.50 each to help pay for the costs Non-Tier Member price is $2.89 per mask plus shipping. When possible masks will be shipped along with HUB packages. If not, postage will be separate
  6. @WesternBronco Price will probably be the usual retail Gold OC price x3 (plus maybe a bit extra for "inflation") and I expect they will ship separately, so yeah it adds up but I think you can ballpark it.
  7. @Cesar Rivera There are no steelbook stores that I'm aware of that would sell an older release for less than eBay. I suggest using a saved search on eBay with email notification. Be patient and look for a deal. Check what the last few sales have gone for and use that as a guide to make a "best offer" if possible.
  8. @Marty80 Retailers are given a portfolio of "approved" artwork to use by the studio. They would never get approval to use their own art.
  9. For those of you not following the I&Q thread please note the following: Based on the package value of this release , we have decided to make PREMIUM SERVICE mandatory for those located in the USA. MP will step up and cover half the cost for the Premium service, so members will only be paying half This is to protect us as well as your investment as it would be a shame to have you stand empty handed due to your package getting "lost" Please do not write that you are not happy with the decision. We know it is more money , but in the end to have the security it's
  10. Group buy re-opened! We only have 2 copies left, so first come first serve!
  11. @Mac Hadfield Retail price on Inception was a little over $100. Not including GB/PayPal fees & shipping to UK. So this should be in the same ballpark, however x3 since there are 3 of them.
  12. We had it but were waiting for approval from the retailer to release. Unfortunately looks like it got leaked.
  13. @CAYENNE-FAHRER Is there spot gloss on Mortal Engines? I returned my Best Buy copy since it had a spine slash and I'm wondering if this is has the same finish. Best Buy was matte but had some nice spot gloss touches.

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