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  1. You can easily convert it to a full slip with an exacto knife and some patience 😁
  2. We will have GBs for all CM releases, but it's too early to open this one. Don't worry, we'll open it in plenty of time. This will be a 2021 release, not anytime soon.
  3. You're doing the lord's work @Basil
  4. Yes, both. Silver should be first and gold sometime down the road. Of course nothing is guaranteed. Will depend on getting all the approvals.
  5. @Basil @Veum @Caktus26 @Jaksu @Scary Hair Oh wow! Thanks for all the kind posts 😁 I really had no idea ☺️ What a wonderful community we have!
  6. Everyone can take it easy and chill. This one is going to take a while
  7. if you are a member you can request a copy in our MediaMarket and German exclusives Group Buy
  8. Can't browse too much during the day due to work so I just help members in distress 😅 and then catch up at night
  9. Totally agree. @AlexanderTheMan @UnlostHorizon since this title is in high demand I'm sure you'll have no problem moving your extra copy and maybe make a few bucks in the process. Recommend placing a free classified ad here on MP once you have them in hand 😁👍

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