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  1. Hi @Spinich please refer to our group buy rules where this is explained
  2. Ok, I’ve confirmed that these are bonus items provided by UHD Club and they are meant to be there. So all is well! 🙂
  3. @Ryan @FlanInTheFace was anything missing? Or was this just an extra item in your editions? @ksosk please note
  4. @FlanInTheFace Not sure but you can try sending a PM to @ksosk with the Interstellar photos. Maybe he can check for you.
  5. I'm not sure if you mean the separate lenti cards or something else. I don't have mine yet so I'll ask @Benoit46 or @ksosk for their opinion.
  6. Hi @Rivette great introduction! We have something for everyone here and a lot of knowledgeable and helpful members. Also, if you have any questions feel free to reach out to the staff by PM or by tagging us in posts (use the @ sign) like this @deckard99. If you like international films and classics I suggest you check out the group buys still open in our Other Media Group Buys section where you will find retailers like WCL, MLIFE, Diskino, UHD Club and many others. Also check out our discussion rooms when you have time. Always lots going on there. Welcome to MP! 😁👍
  7. The digipack has started shipping, but as with all releases from China lately patience is needed. Shipping from China is still slow and spread out. For sure, as they are received by our HUBs they will be sent out promptly.
  8. FYI - the "spoiler" button (eyeball in the "write message" window) would be good to use when replying to very long posts. Just highlight the photos then click the eyeball before hitting "submit reply".
  9. @B-bone @GuyIncognit0 check out the WCL release thread for the discussion on why. For me, I'll pick up a cheap amaray until a steelbook release comes along.
  10. So exciting! This could finally be their long anticipated move into the silent film era. I've been dying to get some premium Greta Garbo releases! 😍

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