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  1. Correct, 1st invoices have not gone out yet. Lucky my baby gets her formula this week.
  2. Agree totally. I buy very few steels from Best Buy these days because there are often better alternatives. Only recent exception is the BB Birds of Prey steel which is fantastic. For ToC there is no comparison, ToC > BB
  3. I guess you are right. It just seems like an odd decision. It will be really interesting to see some side by side comparisons Best Buy vs. ToC, this one and Wonder Woman.
  4. I’m guessing the title on the Best Buy version is on a pet slip but I could be wrong.
  5. Likely this will be the same steelbook just without the ToC packaging and extras. Best Buy is also doing the same with Wonder Woman. I think these are aimed more at the general market, no collectors who will be more interested in importing the ToC versions.
  6. Right now shipping from China is extremely slow. All I can say is that when these show up at our HUBS you will know by receiving your 2nd invoice.
  7. Probably, but I'm hopeless when it comes to protectors. You can always add one to your request and it will be sent with the A1 as long as we have it in stock. If you decide to do that, just use the green button again and add it.
  8. Weet is just killing it with their full slips. Really top notch stuff. If they released Sh*t on a Stick with some embossing and holofoil I'd get that too! 😁
  9. In my professional opinion If you take a chance and delay you will probably get I think Black Panther was an anomaly. As a massive 4 edition box set the OC and other editions sold out quickly, leaving just the one remaining. Their other MCU releases have also sold extremely well.
  10. @Intentcoin There are a limited amount of memberships available each cycle. Gold members get first chance to upgrade to platinum, then silver (to either gold or platinum). After that whatever is left is open to regular members.
  11. @WesternBronco The GB will be closing in a few days so I wouldn't take too long to decide. Beauty shots are already posted. If you mean live shots of finished product I'm not sure we'll see much more than was already given above.
  12. I never heard of the "minus" thing. It must be a "feature" of the site (i.e., bug). Since staff have unlimited I don't have this problem 😜
  13. Maybe, dunno yet. Information about the next membership cycle should be coming out soon so we will see!

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