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  1. Updated! 😁👍 As a reminder, please tag the staff in charge of the GB in situations like this. If you don’t, your post can easily be missed
  2. @Intentcoin Retail price is not published yet but Aquaman OC was $160 (not including fees & shipping) so I expect this to be similar. Direct or HUB is personal preference. For USA Direct is usually a little cheaper since we don't need to worry about import duties.
  3. I've tried to grow a beard but it won't come in 😭 Too bad, now would be the perfect time!
  4. Frankly, after seeing these photos I’m glad I went for the German mediabook instead. Hopefully one day there will be a better ultimate edition with English subs.
  5. When I was in high school it was kind of like Kelso from That 70's Show 😅
  6. Lots of encouraging messages and emojis are good, so is listening a when good rant is needed!
  7. I get this email option always with Amazon Japan DHL deliveries. I always opt out in case I'm not home when they come. They just leave it at the door which is no problem for me.
  8. Mine arrived at my house today as well. Unfortunately I'm currently in another state. Oh well, it will be waiting for me. Yeah, Amazon Japan kicks-ass!
  9. The full slip will will have embossing on the "HaHaHa" frame, Joker, and maybe some other elements! The back of the lenti will have some embossing as well.
  10. @IMTSK that’s horrible. Did you order direct from the Joker shop? Was it shipped in a box or envelope?
  11. Don’t have one myself but my 20 yr old daughter has a bunch and is super into it. She’s also a junior tattoo artist having done tattoos on some of her friends. So I’d probably have her do something small and tasteful like this.
  12. We'll we waited 3 years for Man of Steel, so if we can survive that then this is a piece of cake!
  13. Please note the full slip will be embossed and tweaked to make the Joker figure larger & more visible! 😍
  14. Easy one for me. I don’t care it moves or not, I want an actual BR spinner!

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