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  1. @R1s1ngs0n is working on a new system where instead of PayPal invoices we will send a helpful team member to your house or work to "collect" payment. It is strongly advisable to have the full amount in cash or jewelry on your person at these times.
  2. Hi @C.C. 95 Send a PM to @Masterblaster to see if your copy has arrived at our USA HUB yet.
  3. MP Group Buy Here Info & Questions Topic here A Chinese Odyssey (Two Film Collection) (UHD CLUB Exclusive DP #10) (Digipak Hardbox) (Blu-ray) [China] Release Date: 2021 Price: TBA Limited: 248 copies only Note: Media Psychos will be the only official groupbuy for this release!
  4. Happy Birthday! @goose_3387 😁😁
  5. Wow, at first glance I though Darth Vader was life sized! 🤣🤣
  6. Blu Collection, and also Kimchi sold under their label as well. It's a stunning edition and was priced quite reasonably at the time (if you can find one).
  7. @WannaBURN86 take a look at some past HDZ silver label beauty shots to get an idea. Silver label uses WWA steelbooks (same that are typically available at major retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, and Zavvi). Also silvers tend to be either a single edition or a 2 edition box. Gold has WEA steelbooks and the OC box is bigger as it usually hold 2 editions and a "special pack" of goodies that's the same size as an edition.
  8. I have one of those big boxes, but I forget which one. Probably the 75th anniversary. Yeah, what a massive print run! 🤣🤣

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