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  1. I'll ask @DodgyDave or @extantsrevenge to weigh in since they usually handle Blufans
  2. Not certain, but I'm pretty sure we're waiting on confirmation from Blufans.
  3. There are a lot of unknowns right now. All we know for sure is that OAB will use WWA steelbooks (like Weet, for example) and the exclusive release (BE) will use a new WEA steelbook with exclusive artwork. This is assuming both are actually released of course.
  4. I think a deal is likely, Sony has increased it's offer significantly from it's starting position and they aren't that far apart now.
  5. That's weird. Maybe try another browser? Also, there is an identical set that's a bit cheaper if you want to go for it.It's got everything except the bonus disc at the top right of the beauty shot
  6. Hi @DarkSphere00 above sounds good. As far as E1 vs. E2 it really all comes down to personal preference. Edition 1 is a FullSlip with a separate lenticular 3D magnet, while Edition 2 is a double lenticular (lenti on both the front and back of the slip). You can look at images from past Filmarena and Black Baron releases to get a better idea of what these are. Also, it's smart to have a budget and stick to it. Especially in the beginning when you're still learning. I'm sending you a PM with some new member resources I hope will be helpful.
  7. Hi @DarkSphere00 I will butt in here with some opinions. 1. Do you think I stand a reasonable chance at getting a copy, with all these people already in the list? - for most Group Buys we can get all the quantity we need, but Blufans OAB can have small print runs and tend to be tough to get. I think you have a much better chance at getting the Black Barons release. 2. Which would be a better edition, in your opinion, between this and the Black Barons one? - Impossible to say since the beauty shots have not yet been released for Blufans and only partially for Black Barons. Also, keep in mind that in Black Barons the steelbooks are WEA (world exclusive art) meaning they can only be found in this release. Blufans OAB will use WWA (worldwide art) meaning the same steelbooks you can buy in other places (Amazon, Best Buy, etc.) WEA is usually the more desired and sought after. Another factor to consider is time. Black Barons will likely come much sooner than Blufans (IMO). China currently has licensing issues with Disney/Fox which have not been resolved yet. Keep in mind that I would only buy one edition - yeah, I used to tell myself that too! 🤣 Just wait, once you get hooked it's not easy to pass on these fabulous editions!
  8. Hi @mgurau In the classifieds section, go into "steelbooks", then "sell". You should see a green button at the top of the page saying "Submit an advert". Fill out that form and at the bottom of the page click "save advert". That's it! 👍
  9. Please post a free "for sale" ad in our classifieds section. Thanks

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