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  1. Here's a tip: Add a $15 Best Buy gift card when ordering a steelbook and get free shipping. Save up a few of them and then get yourself something nice 😁
  2. I liked the movie a lot. No complaints about the steel either but I'm hoping SM Life will do it, considering how great Black Widow turned out.
  3. Nothing wrong with it, but I had to make some budget cuts. Too many one clicks 😬
  4. My mistake, sorry. But I think The Sting would ship first before Rear Window.
  5. I know we are still waiting on some to arrive a very long time. Not sure if it's BR or BR2049 or both. I am optimistic that they will arrive eventually. I wouldn't lose hope! Last week I received a package from China that was mailed in April. Shipping out of China is still a mess.
  6. This is a really question that should be asked in the I&Q thread. @DodgyDave gave an update 2 days ago in the Sting & Rear Window I&Qs saying they hadn't shipped yet.
  7. Same here. I skipped the Zavvi release as well. I've been pretty pleased with recent cx media editions like Nobody and The Thing, so I hopefully this will be nice too 🤞
  8. @Mz90 You'll have to be a little more patient I'm afraid. This was only released 12 days ago and I'm not even sure we've received them in Asia yet. Once we do they need to be boxed up and sent out to our HUBs, who then will get them to our members. As far as invoicing, I'm not sure when they'll be sent.
  9. @Demike Moved to the correct thread. No, the box is still being worked on. When beauty shots become available we’ll post them here in this thread.
  10. @Reagh I have a region free 4k/3d/2d player and I love it. You could certainly buy a region B player if you're sure that covers all your needs, but I really love just being able to buy any disc from any part of the world and not even thinking or caring what region it is. It's very liberating 😁
  11. Sorry, but I'm free to express my viewpoint just like any other member. I actually know a lot more than I'm allowed to say here, but in general some of the criticism has certainly been fair and some has not. My focus is the group buys we run here on MP, where I believe they run very smoothly. If you want to read non-stop slagging of CM there are other places for that 😉🤣 -Ken
  12. I don’t know exactly. It depends on what other stuff we need to invoice. But I imagine it will be fairly soon.
  13. You post probably just got missed, nothing intentional. Anyway, the update is that these are on their way from China to our HUBs. At least some of the boxes should arrive soon. Shipping from China has been very erratic though, so fingers crossed. -Ken
  14. @DarthEd They did both. The digibooks were listed on the Collectong site for a while but it looks like they were removed after they sold out. We had GBs for them here too.

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