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  1. I couldn't agree more! I'm anxiously waiting for Goonies too. Better to not announce dates unless you can meet them.
  2. CM is very slow, no doubt about it. But if you joined a GB here on MP what is the harm? You've only put your name on a list. We don't invoice until the editions are ready. Still, I understand the frustration. CM is working on Joker right now and some of the Mediabook releases. They do seem to be increasing their output a bit lately. I'll see if I can get some more info on Goonies.
  3. We're talking about MP members, right? 😂 Hey, anyone want a $30 or $5 reward? Hello? Anyone?
  4. Interesting idea if we can come up with the right item(s) at a reasonable price. One problem I see is that if each MP award has it's own physical award even stickers would get expensive real fast. Still food for thought for our award master @extantsrevenge
  5. I held off until now hoping we’d get some copies for MP. I’m really liking these CM Mediabooks! So OC for me! 😁
  6. I like LOTR more but my ocd won’t permit having the 3 gold LOTR boxes without the 3 Hobbit boxes next to them on the shelf 😁
  7. Nope. We are waiting for information from Manta like everyone 😞
  8. For some FA releases you can purchase a version with an added 4K disc at additional cost. Not sure if they are still doing this. I haven’t seen it used recently.
  9. No way of knowing I'm afraid. However, as a general rule the sooner you join the better chance you have at getting a copy.
  10. @Caktus26 @Squeegie McGee FYI - GB will start in a few days. Need to iron out some details with CM first.

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